Creative leaders mentor young guns for tomorrow’s Portfolio Night

It is extremely important for an idea to be creative. It should be crazy, noticeable and fresh, advise creative honchos

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Updated: May 21, 2013 7:38 PM
Creative leaders mentor young guns for tomorrow’s Portfolio Night

Leo Burnett’s Portfolio Night in Delhi has created excitement among the young creative lot, along with ad gurus who are eagerly waiting to witness the making of next-generation superstars. Some of the questions that pop up in everyone’s mind are: How does a portfolio look best? How to get noticed in an evening packed with the stars of the ad world?

Creative directors share few tips on making your portfolio shine at the fast-paced evening...

Sainath Saraban, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett said, “Don’t carry too many pieces of work. Only carry a few of them which are very good because it saves a lot of time and helps in judging better. The idea should be powerful as execution can be learnt over time. We are looking at how good one is at thinking out of the box.  A strong idea accompanied by great execution is the call of the hour.”

“It is important to have enthusiasm, confidence and honesty,” added Saraban.

According to him, people put in a lot of effort in craft and concentrate on execution in terms of freebies and photoshop, but if the idea is weak, then the purpose is lost. “Be completely honest,” he advised.

The platform allows the young creative guns to interact with senior creative leaders and industry legends, and get direct feedback on their portfolios. The event will highlight some of the fresh portfolios from junior creatives and help transform their way of thinking.

According to Talha Bin Mohsin, Executive Creative Director at DDB Mudra Group, it is extremely important for an idea to be creative. Young creative talent should not think whether the idea will sell or not. It idea should be crazy, noticeable and fresh. He also advised not to go for quantity but quality. It is important to have brilliant and powerful ideas, he believes.

Priti Nair, Co-Founder, Curry-Nation said, “People should come with big and innovative ideas rather than just clever ones. We want to look at their passion about getting into advertising. The whole world is your playground and you can take any idea, ad or brand from television and have your own spin to it. The way creative people present and defend the idea is also important. Hence, it is crucial to have a great idea accompanied with passion for advertising.”

Portfolio Night in Delhi is expected to give birth to a new breed of creative guns with higher aspirations and hunger for the best.

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