Candyman Crunchy. It’s funbreakable!

The campaign has been crafted and conceptualized by FCB Ulka and is complemented with outdoor media presence and retail branding.

by exchange4media Staff
Published - Mar 21, 2018 5:25 PM Updated: Mar 21, 2018 5:25 PM

ITC Foods has just launched its new campaign for Candyman Crunchy. The peanut flavoured candy is unique in that its bite is unlike anything one has experienced. It is crunchy and brittle, and crumbles in the mouth. The campaign has been crafted and conceptualized by FCB Ulka.

The film takes this aspect of the product, its crunchiness, forward in a hilarious way!

The seriousness of the situation and the way the product experience provokes an extreme reaction in such a situation, is what makes the film so very memorable.

In the film, we see a worried family standing around their fully bandaged up son’s bedside. While the doctor examines the X-Ray and is about to pronounce his diagnosis, the mother bites into the Candyman Crunchy, is taken by surprise at the crunchiness of the candy and starts reacting spontaneously to the experience, much to everyone’s shock and surprise!

This television campaign is complemented with outdoor media presence and retail branding.

Speaking about the campaign, Romit Nair, Creative Head, FCB Ulka -Bangalore, said, “Our latest commercial for Candman Crunchy focuses on the “Fun-breakable” attribute of the candy. We are super excited about this campaign. Sometimes it is important for everything to fall into place for a good piece of creative to take shape. That’s exactly what happened with this project. The production house/director, the FCB Ulka team and the client have worked closely to together to bring this campaign to life.”

Menaka Menon, Vice President, FCB Ulka, Bangalore said – “The entire story here evolves from the product truth. Candyman Crunchy is crunchy and crumbly and unlike the regular candy experience, and therein lies the story. We just needed to find an interesting way to communicate it!”

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