Baggit Wants Women To Put Their Views On The Table With Its New Campaign

The new TVC portrays repressive gender roles and tells us that there is no place for gender-based power games

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Published: Jul 13, 2018 8:51 AM  | 5 min read

Baggit, the women’s bag and accessories brand recently launched their first ever TVC featuring their new brand ambassador Shraddha Kapoor. With the launch of the new campaign, the brand chose not to feature any fashion ad film, but instead to talk about the gender roles prevailing in the professional sphere, where women are reluctant to speak. The campaign aims at women's empowerment and inspires women to put their views on the table without hesitance.The TVC is titled as #PutItOnTheTable.

The brand will be releasing the second TVC soon, they also plan to take up strategic hoardings across metros to add to the campaign. Catchy in-store branding will engage customers on the ground. Apart from the new TVC, the brand has also come up with new stills featuring the product independently.

We spoke to Atul Garg, Head of Marketing, Baggit about the idea of the campaign and he said, “We considered a lot of subjects that we could explore for the campaign, including a pure fashion ad film. However, there was one subject that we were keen to pursue, and that was ‘mansplaining’. The more we explored the subject, the more we realised this was a global concern affecting all women across backgrounds, so we thought, why not talk about it? Our campaign sought to integrate this messaging with the kind of fashion and style Baggit represents. Our TVC therefore stands for this message, talking to consumers about how gender roles are repressive, and that there is no place for gender-based power games. The product integrated well with the common phrase ‘put it on the table’, while also emphasising that everyone should have a right to speak and share opinions.

When asked, why the brand chose to take a progressive stand in the first run, he opined, “At Baggit we have always focused on meaningful products and communication. This campaign is all about freedom of expression. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and deserves to be heard. During our research on the brand and the genre, we found that young audiences are using their accessories to make their presence felt. Based on this, we decided to make this the central thread of thought for the campaign and made Baggit the tool that the consumers will use to make themselves heard. We have chosen to give a new direction to the way this category is represented and change the conversation surrounding it. This is just the first thematic TVC in the series and we will be releasing the second one soon. This topic itself is so thought provoking that it has the potential to build a long-term relationship with women at large”.

Atul is expecting a rise of 25% in sales in the current season. “We don’t want to do something that is a fad or just a new trend. If you look at our Social Media platforms like Instagram, we are developing a lot of content for our consumers in-house. If we do it just to tick boxes off our marketing list, then it is tactical and the consumer can see through it. So, we ensure all our content is meaningful, and the response so far has been very positive. We hope to gain a significant amount of brand loyalty and wide access to the markets through the campaign”.

Currently, the company is investing around 5% in marketing. “As a brand, we always go back to the consumers to see how they are evolving and how their needs are changing. In everything we do across the value chain, from sourcing and designing to our communication and sales, we try to add value to our consumers. This has helped us in gaining a significant amount of brand loyalists. We hope to gain access not only in main cities but in the tier 2, tier 3 segments as well, and we are looking at growing our spends in the coming period, asserted Atul.
We reached out to brand experts to get their views on the newly released ad;

Ronita Mitra, Founder & Chief Strategist, Brand Eagle Consulting believes, “Baggit has leveraged the role that an accessory, especially a bag, plays in a person's grooming. More importantly, 'mansplaining' is a concept that many are becoming aware of globally. Baggit has used this socio cultural aspect to establish and communicate its brand purpose. It's not just about gender equality but also at a larger level, wearing the confidence to express yourself. It's an insight that will find a lot of resonance with women and the youth. Baggit had used both - the statement that a bag can make about you along with a socio cultural context - to communicate it's brand purpose smartly”.

While Nupur Krishna, brand strategy advisor says, “Right from the first shot, it establishes its target audience – strong, independent women who can take charge of any given situation. This is nice contrast to Lavie, which catered to the fun, hip women, and Caprese, which targeted the stylish women. Secondly, it uses a concept that is highly relevant in today’s time of pervasive social media, ‘mansplaining’. The ad expertly uses the concept to showcase the bag with a powerful punch line. I believe, it’s going to become a hit with women.
What doesn't work is the celebrity endorser herself. Shraddha Kapoor is not really seen as a woman with a strong personality and she does not deliver the punch line with the forcefulness it deserved. In a nutshell, the ad works because of the punch line, it doesn't seem forced and delivers the message while making the bag the hero of the story”.

Saurabh Uboweja, CEO, Brands of Desire also shared his thoughts on the commercial and said, “The context is interesting and well thought out! However, the script isn't tight enough and ends up creating ambiguous communication. It may not connect with what they set out to accomplish in the first place. The punchline "Put it on the table" doesn't make it obvious who it is representing. Shraddha Kapoor who owns the Baggit bag or the woman who isn't allowed to speak for herself. It leaves the viewer confused in the end.”

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