ASCI upheld complaints against 114 out of 144 advertisements in April 2015

Out of 114 advertisements against which complaints were upheld, 60 belonged to the Personal and Healthcare category, followed by 30 advertisements in the Education category, eight advertisements in Food and Beverage category and 16 advertisements from other categories

ASCI upheld complaints against 114 out of 144 advertisements in April 2015

In April 2015, ASCI’s Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) upheld complaints against 114 out of 144 advertisements. Out of 114 advertisements against which complaints were upheld,60 belonged to the Personal and Healthcare category, followed by 30 advertisements in the Education category, eight advertisements in Food and Beverage category and 16 advertisements from other categories.


The CCC found the following claims in health and personal care product or service advertisements of 60 advertisers to be either misleading or false or not adequately/scientifically substantiated and hence violating ASCI’s Code. Some of the health care products or services advertisements also contravened provisions of the Drug & Magic Remedies Act and Chapter 1.1 and III.4 of the ASCI Code. Complaints against the following advertisements were UPHELD.

1. Women Perfect Enlargement Oil: The advertisement claims Women Perfect Breast Enlargement Oil contains some medicinal ayurvedic properties which enhances the breasts and make women feel perfect, confident and beautiful. 

2. Sandhi Plus: The advertisement of Sandhi Plus + claimsthat the product will give the person freedom from pain in one’s muscle and bones.

3. Ban Labs Limited (Sesa Range of Product): The advertisement claims “Trusted by millions of Doctors”, “Unbreakable trust of crores of people from various countries” were not substantiated. In addition, the advertisement claims, “Clinically approved on international stage by world famous Dr.Bhadlika”, “Supported by Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical research”, “Holds a place in the International Journal of Phytomedicines”, were found misleading by ambiguity.

4. Ban Labs Limited  (Sesa Range of Product): The advertisement claims “Quality, trustworthiness  and trust of millions have helped SESA attain the valuable title of “Indian Power Brand”, “Unbreakable trust of crores of people from various countries” and “Result of 49 years of research in Ayurveda”, was not  supported with adequate evidence.

5. Lotus Herbals Limited (Lotus White Glow Serum + Moisturiser): The advertisement claims the product to be “India's 1st 2-IN-1 Serum that gives 2X more Glow & Nourishment”. Further the product packaging claims, “Upto 2X Skin Whitening & Brightening Power”, were not substantiated.

6. Torque Pharma (No Scars Face Wash): The advertisement and the product packaging claim, “Aloe Vera extract fills pores and provide instant fairness”, was not substantiated with proof of product efficacy.

7. Sai Siddha VermaVaidyasalai: The advertisement claims that the product provides special treatments for weaknesses in sex. They further claim to provide treatments, “to recover from nerves weakness, fear for marriage, for not having child, deficit of sperms, sex problem in married life, all types of sexual problems and acute asthma, allergy, psoriasis, skin problems”. They also claim to be a 100% Herbal medicine. These claims were not substantiated.

8. Myovatec Surgical Systems Private Limited (M.O.P Multispeciality Clinic): The advertisement claims thatM.O.PMultispeciality Clinic offers a complete solution for body contouring such as body tightening, vascular procedures, cellulite and body shaping. The advertisement further claims that the M.O.Pcentre offers the safest and most effective weight loss options for people.The visuals showing the images of before and after the treatment were misleading.

9. Dharmani Drugs Research Institute (FitfatAyurvedic Capsules): The advertisement claims that the product is useful in increasing one’s appetite, keeps one active throughout the day, brings sound sleep, purifies blood, and makes one healthy.

10. Ornaskin Advance Laser & Hair Care Centre: The advertisement claims,Removesunder eye circle” and “Very Easy to Remove & Safe.

11. NatelNeutratec (INDIA) Private Limited (AnbutaPlus Drops): The advertisement claims,“Why worry about Swine Flu?” They further claim that by the consumption of AnbutaPlusImmuno Drops one’s immunity power will become strong, improves one’s resistance system and fights against the infection in the body. The advertisement also claims that consumption of Anbuta Plus leads to CD8 cells and helps to expel the infection virus.

12. AyuVridhi Herbals (Joheal Range of Products): The advertisement claims that Johealprovides successful treatment of joint pains. They also claim that Joheal oil & capsule has proved very beneficial in pain in muscles, glands due to uric acid, E.S.R., spinal cord, pain in heels and calves, as well as also balances one’s digestive system along with joint pain. The advertisement also claims that the product is the result of years of research on rare herbs in the Himalayas, for the first time in India.

13. Nepali Massage Oil: The advertisement claims,“Nepali Massage Oil - Use it today for energy and passion - Effects from the third day”, were not substantiated. Also, the advertisement claims, read in conjunction with the advertisement’s visual, implies that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure.

14. ZenvistaMeditech Private Limited (Busty Best): The advertisement claims that Busty Bestis beneficial in firming and enhancing breasts. It is an Ayurvedicproprietary cream with 36 herbswhich enhance one’s complete beauty. Also, specific claims implying breast development and theadvertisement visual implying bust enhancement, are in breach of the law.

15. Deemark Health Care Private Limited (DeemarkMusli Pro Capsules): The advertisement of DeemarkMusli Proclaims to be avigour and passion enhancer, an original ingredient of Ayurvedicherbs and awakens the power inside forever. The advertisement also claims that DeemarkMusli Pro is a valuable produce from the lap of nature which is made by keeping in mind your health and body, made by a mixture of 21 qualitative and beneficial herbs which gives you inner strength and complete confidence without any side effects. They further claim “Now weakness will tire but not you so now get healthy and fit body with Musli Pro”. They also claim to be a 100% Safe product. Also, the advertisement claims, read in conjunction with the pack visual, imply that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure, which is in breach of the law.

16. Rushi Enterprises (Laajo Ace+ Soap): The advertisement of Laajo Ace+ Soapclaims that the product is an Anti-Aging & Skin Whitener Soap with a unique formulation which removes spots, makes one fairer and helps one stay young. The advertisement’s   claims.  “Removes aging spots, pimple-pimple spots, wrinkles, pigmentation”, “Cures the damage caused by sun rays and enhances fairness in 1 minute, no need of makeup”, “Makes skin fair, smooth, spotless and keeps you young”, were not substantiated.

17. Singh Clinic: The advertisement claims to provide successful treatment by Ayurvedic medicines to enhance female low sex desire.

18. RigvedAyurvedicSansthan (Lakwa Cure Range of Products): The advertisement claims that the product provides complete 100%Ayurvedic treatment of Paralysis with no side effects and 100% money back guarantee. The advertisement further claims that one should consume it for 15 days regularly to get the benefit of any kind for Lakwa (Paralysis).

19. Athena Life Sciences (D Free Overnight Lotion): The advertisement of D Free Overnight Lotion claims “To have an anti-recurrence formula that works overnight to make scalp dandruff free and hair damage free.”, and the visual shown in the TVCs implying that one-time application of the product gives immediate effect of dandruff free scalp, is misleading by implication.

20. The Body Care Slimming & Beauty Clinic for Men & Women (Slim Laser Therapy): The advertisement claims, “7 Days Fast Track Program”, “Instant fat reduction & Inch loss”, “Lose up to 15-50 cms from abdomen, hips, thighs”, “Slim Lipo Laser”, “Get rid of Baldness!”, “Permanent solution in just 6 weeks by non-surgical Stem cell Therapy”, were not substantiated.Also, the visuals showing the images of before and after the treatment were misleading.

21. The Body Care Slimming & Beauty Clinic for Men & Women: The advertisement claims a one month challenge for fat reduction and inch loss toreduce uptosix to eight centimetres from one’s stomach, hips andthighs. They further claim “*Longlasting” results and “Get up to five kilogramsweight loss”. Also, the visuals showing the images of before and after the treatment were misleading.

22. La Belle BodycarePvt. Ltd: The advertisement of La Bella BodycarePvt., “Lost 30 kg” and “Remove unwanted hair permanently”. Also, the visuals showing the images of before and after the treatment were misleading. 

23. La Belle BodycarePvt. Ltd (Cellu Tucks Treatment): The advertisement claims, “Lose Kilos in minimal time”, “Naya Burn Fat 360 degree-Cellu Tucks Treatment”, “Lose six inches Aasani se’”, and “Ten Kilos + 40-50 centimeterstakwajanghataye”. Also, the visuals showing the images of before and after the treatment were misleading.

24. The Body Care Slimming & Beauty Clinic for Men & Women: The advertisement claims that the clinic provided Infrared cavitation therapy to lose uptofive to eightcentimetres from one area. They further claim “Lose uptotenkilograms + upto 40 to 50 centimeters for Rs.599”.The visuals showing the images of before and after the treatment were misleading.

25. VLCC Health Care Ltd (VLCC Skin care and shape up kit): TheVLCC advertisement claims, “This party, looks uptotwokilograms and two inch. Manchaha kit aurmanchahi fit body VLCC Shape Up se, Gharbaitebaite massage harke fit body paasaktehai”, were not substantiated.

26. Herbal Masti Range of Products: The advertisement claimsthat Herbal Masti Capsule - Spray & Oilprovides successful treatment of inability of organ, premature ejaculation, and impotency, semen in urine, nightfall, energy, nil sperms..Also, the claims related to the treatment of sexual impotency, and the visual implying that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure are in breach of the law.

27. Navjeevan Hospital: The advertisement of Navjeevan Hospital claims to provide, for the first time in Gujarat, permanent freedom from unwanted hair with no side effects and completely Ayurvedic. They further claim “Money back if hair regrows”.

28. Ayur Cure: The advertisement of Ayur Cure Ayurvedic Treatment Centre claims that they have been treating below mentioned 10 incurable diseases since 1995 with 20 years of experience successfully - Ulcerative Colitis, Migraine, Obesity, Eczema, Acidity, Arthritis, Nasal Allergy, Uric Acid, Nasal Allergy, Sleeplessness and Backache, were not substantiated.

29. MaharshiCharakAyurvedBhawan: The advertisement of MaharshiCharakAyurvedBhawan claims to provide 100% treatment of joint pain andobesity. The advertisement claims, “This treatment cures joint pain & obesity from its roots without any slimming machine, without starving, without wrinkles, without loose motion, without imported powder, without imported juice, without exercise and without any side effect. People have got rid of not only obesity & joint pain but have also got rid of its related diseases easily”. They also claim to provide successful treatment for sugar (Diabetes), asthma, all kinds of liver problems, physical weakness of men & women, lack of memory, migraine, etc. Further the advertisement states thatone’s height has increased because of the magical treatment of MaharashiCharakAyurved Centre, were not substantiated.

30. Chetan Herbals (OTC Products): The advertisement claims “Thin-skinny weak develop health”. The advertisement states that if one is not able to build good health even after eating then, as per their advice, order medicines sitting at home to gain hunger, weight, digestion, strength and health, and notice the difference in ten days. They further state that both men and women can consume it without any side effects.

31. Pilock Capsules: The advertisement claims that Pilock Capsules is a successful Ayurvedicmedicine for Piles since 20 years. The advertisement further states that, “By this medicine bleeding due to piles stops and the warts of piles dry up” and “Pilock is capable enough to get rid of a painful disease like piles”.

32. NavjeevanDawakhana: The advertisement claims, “Lifetime successful treatment of chronic epilepsy by ayurvedicbhasmas (Stop shocks from the first intake)”. The advertisement further claims successful treatment of stones without operation, successful treatment of joint pain (Arthritis), sciatica, psoriasis, paralysis, headache, sexual diseases at any age (Benefits start from the first intake) and successful treatment of Piles without operation.

33. AmuthuAyurvedha: The advertisement claims, “To have no eye surgery to remove spectacles”.

34. DaiveeyAnusandhanSansthan (Health Plus): The advertisement claims that Health Plus medicines will cure all diseases and Deepak Mishra being a registered doctor, was not substantiatedand was considered to be misleading.

35. Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd (Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Enamel Repair): The advertisement claims, "Rebuilding of Enamel” and “Rebuilds Enamel for lasting sensitivity relief". These claims were not substantiated.

36. Vineeta Healthcare Private Limited (S Go Range of Products): The product packaging claims, “Now say no to Appendicitis”, and the advertisement of S Go Ayurvedic Capsule & Syrupclaims to be beneficial to remove kidney stones. The advertisement also claims “Research based formulation of S Go Syrup is helpful in removing all other stones except bile bag stone by diluting it. Like whether it is in kidney or masane, be it big or small, be it sticky or sharp, one or more than one”. The advertisement states that by consumption of S Go Syrup stone eventually starts dissolving and becomes small and gets removed while urinating and the product should be consumed till the stone gets completely dissolved. The advertisement further claims that “after consuming 3 bottles of it must be checked by doing ultra sound how much has the stone dissolved or whether it is removed, and after the removal also atleast 2 bottles of S Go should be consumed so that it does not form again” and “S Go Syrup also gets rid of all problems related to inflammation in urine”.

37. Natural Healthcare: The advertisement of Natural Healthcareclaims to grow natural hair with complete ayurvedic treatment with 100% Guarantee.

38. JeevanSpeciality Hospital & Tube Baby Centre: The advertisement claims “Successful treatment of infertility in women and impotency in males”.

39. Safe Cure Yunani Super Speciality and Hijama Clinic: The advertisement claims, “Permanent treatment of all incurable diseases” and “Benefits in seven to 15 days”.

40. SignoRina (SignoRina Hair Remover): The advertisement claims, “Prevents Darkening: Fortified with Vitamin B complex”.

41. International Marketing Corporation Private Limited (IMC Range of Products): The advertisement of Shree Tulsi - Ayurvedicsureshotclaims that the treatment provides protection from Swine Flu. They further claim to be a mixture of 5 types of Tulsi arkand a certified herbal product from WHO and Indian Ayurvedic Department. The advertisement also claims the product to be an all disease killer and immunity booster as it protects from flu, swine flu, dengue, fever, cough, cold, allergy etc. They also state “Sugar Away Kit - Controls the level of sugar in blood and urine. Within 3-6 months it ends the dependence on all allopathic medicines and all side effects”.

42. AyuVridhi Herbals (Wonder Doze): The advertisement claims, “Wonder Doze - Say bye-bye to all kinds of masculine weakness”. The advertisement further claims that Wonder Doze is a result of many years of research made from the herbs of Himalaya Wonder Doze oil, churna  and doze for the first time in India, as it cures physical weakness and is capable in keeping the  body youthful.

43. MaaChamundaAyurvedic (Power Grow Range of Products): The advertisement claims, “Power Grow Ayurvedic Capsule & Powder - Increases appetite, increases health”.

44. Takatwala Health Clinic: The advertisement of Takatwala Health Clinicclaims100% complete Ayurvedicand World class treatment forpre mature ejaculation, infertility, male leucorrhoea, impotency, wet dreams, shingles, arthritis, the knot, gynaecology, stomach disease. Also, the claims related to treatment of Infertility, sexual impotency, and the visual implying enhancement of sexual pleasure are in breach of the law.

45. Dr.Batra’s Positive Health Clinic (Dr.Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum): The advertisement claimsDr.Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serumtohelp reduce hair fall, helps stimulate hair growth. The advertisement further claims “Dr.Batra's Asia's Most Promising Brand (2013)*” and “World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC) 2013.

46. Shathayu Ayurveda: The advertisement of Shathayu Ayurvedaclaims, “W.H.O says 80% population uses alternative & complementary medicines for their primary health care” and “Treated over 800,000 customers over 80% results”.

47. Styrus Aromas & Organic Sciences (Tuff Body Toner Kit): The advertisement claimsTuff Body Toner Kitto be World's No.1 Brand since 17 years. Also, the visual in the advertisement, implying bust enhancement, is in breach of the law.

48. Hair Toner Range of Products:The advertisement claims that with the use of the product we can get rid of the complex problems like pre-mature hair greying problem, baldness.  The visuals showing the images of before and after the treatment were misleading.

49. Sharp India Limited (Sharp Air Purifiers): The advertisement of Sharp Air Purifiersclaims to be  able to kill Swine Flu and most viruses including H1N1 H5N1, destroy bacteria, reduce Asthma triggers, neutralize PM 2.5 (Particular Matter), eliminate odour  and toxins, stops fungal growth and is trusted by W.H.O.

50. AmbicAyurved (Hopeliv Ds Sugar Free Range of Products): The advertisement claims that Hopeliv DS Sugar Free Syrup & Tabletis 100% Ayurvedic with fivebenefits,stops the ill effects of alcohol, increases the efficiency of liver, increases appetite, improves digestion, useful for diabetic people and increases immunity power.

51. Jyoti Herbs (Fair Lady Daily Facial): The advertisement claims, “Massage for just two minutes and get facial like glowing skin”, “Get rid of dark circles, pimples and spots on face”, “100% Aloe Vera base Herbal Products with No Side Effect”.

52. Aswini Group (Aswini Hair Oil): The advertisement claims that there is no competition for Aswini Hair Oilto stop hair fall as it provides no hair fall, no dandruff, stops hair fall and is the best solution. They further claim to be “Technically this is the best oil”.

53. AmbicAyurved India Private Limited (Navroop DS Range of Products): The advertisement of Navroop D.S Sugar Free Syrup & Tablet claims to be the solution to all the health related problems of women, Leucorrhoea, swelling in duct, pain in pelvis, mental stimulation, scarcity of blood, hormonal imbalance and waist pain. The advertisement also claims other benefits of Navroop D.S Syrup that it helps to cure acne, pimples and marks,helps to cure freckles and dark circles, helps to clear the colour of skin, helps to stop hair fall, helps remove excess fat and helps to remove the roughness and looseness of the skin.

54. Bharat AyurvedicAushadhalay (Split Stone Range of Products): The advertisement claims that Split Stone Syrup & Capsuleis an AyurvedicAushadhithathas helpedlacs of people to rid of kidney stones. The advertisement further claims that Split stone syrup & capsule removes stone from the kidney  and the urinary tract slowly and gradually, reduces the inflammations in urine and is made by ayurvedic elements which is beneficial for removing stones.

55. Ratan Global Incorporation (Daily Fit Karela Powder Concentrate): The advertisement claims that Daily Fit Vegetable Powder Concentrate is made from the fresh bitter gourds from the farms and plays an important role to reduce the level of sugar. They further state that with Daily fit, an Ayurvedicproprietary medicine, one can get the best results in controlling diabetes.

56. Laborate Pharmaceuticals India Limited (PathriNashak Range of Products): The advertisement claims that PathriNashak Range of Products is made of Ayurvedic Herbs which is helpful in problems of all kinds of stones, dissolving stone by making  then small and by which the stones gets removed  through the urinary tract, helps in stopping the formation of stones and increases the functioning of kidney, beneficial in curing all types of urine disorders, inflammations in urine etc. and helps in increasing the flow of urine.

57. Bliss LifecarePvt. Ltd. (LifeCare Health Centre): The advertisement of LifeCare Health Centre claims, “Monthly income of Rs.30,000 /-” is false as the claim is misleading by omission in the absence of a disclaimer qualifying the terms and conditions of the offer.  The advertisement also claims, “Connected with Ayurveda field since 61 years and honoured with National Health Award and BhartiyaUdyogratna Award”, which was found to be misleading.

58. Natural Care: The advertisement claims, “See the magical effect of herbs on different diseases / disorders. Herbal medicines can cure most of the diseases and disorders said to be incurable in other branches of medicine, in the safest way and many a times act much faster than the conventional medicines if used under the guidance of an expert practitioner.” The advertisement further claims that people across the globe (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia) have been benefited by their treatment, a lot being VIPs and more than 95% people have reported positive results in very short span of time. They also state that their patient list includes family members of an Ex Chief of Army of India, Senior officers of Indian Armed forces and their families, family members of a High Court Judge, family members of a DIG of Police, DC, many high profile bureaucrats and senior most doctors of some of the most reputed hospitals of India and their family members. The advertisement also claims, “These herbal medicines come from the medicinal plants, are non-toxic and leave no residue in the body after its usage. It does its assigned task heals the organ for which it was meant and comes out of the human extractory system. They are nonpoisonous, produce no side effects and do not lead to drug dependency”. These claims were not substantiated with technical and clinical evidence.

59. Prithvi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (The Earth Healing Centre): The advertisement of The Earth Healing Centreclaims, “Are you waiting to get pregnant since long? Your wait is over. Get the God’s most precious gift at our fertility centre”. The advertisement further claims that Healing Earth has the best in class fertility centre, provides top notch treatment to their “want to expect” parents at an affordable cost and offers the best possible chance of having a baby. They further claim that their highly experienced fertility specialist team and ancient proven techniques of Ayurveda will help in getting one pregnant.

60. Macrobiotic Herbals (Number A): The advertisement claims, “Number an Extra power for him”,  “Fast Acting Formula”,  “100% Natural and Herbal Product”, “No Side Effects”, “Enhances Pleasure and Performance”,  “Potency and Fertility Enhancement”. Also, the advertisement claims, read in conjunction with the advertisement visual, imply that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure, and specific to the claims related to potency and fertility enhancement. Thus,  theadvertisement is in breach of the law.



The CCC found following claims in the advertisements by 30 advertisers were not substantiated and, thus, violated ASCI Guidelines for Advertising of Educational Institutions. Hence complaints against these advertisements were UPHELD.

1. Liberty Career Academy:The advertisements claims “100% success”.

2. Rachna Academy of Career Education: The advertisements claims “Get Admission in Guarantee Batch and if you fail in the written examination, you will get back 100%* of the fees.”

3. Pearson India Education Services Private Limited (Pearson ETENIAS): The advertisement of Pearson ETENIAS claims to be India's trusted and India’s No. 1 IAS Coaching Centre.

4. EduNova Educational Research and Training: The advertisement claims, “Join us for Sure Success Program (SSP) with the guarantee of selection in IITs & Medical or get full fees refund”.

5. Minerva Educational & Charitable Trust (Mangalore Institute of Fire & Safety Engineering): The advertisement claims, “MIFSE, India's No. 1 Safety Institution & the winner of Indian Education Excellence Award- 2014”.

6. Ambition Career Institute: The advertisement claims “100% Success” and “Get full refund of fees if not selected”.

7. Gems Education (Gems Akademia International School): The advertisement claims that Gems Akademia International School is ranked # 1 in Kolkata and ranked # 5 in West Bengal.

8. Vignan Institute of Technology & Science: The advertisement of the Institute claims to provide 95% of their graduates secure placements.

9. CLAT Possible: The advertisement claims, “After 12th Boards”, “A great law school”, “Guaranteed placements after college”, “Successful career for life” and “So much in just 40 days with us”.

10. Academy of Commerce: The advertisement claimsAcademy of Commerce to be the most trusted brand in Commerce education with highest selections and success rate for past 34 years.

11. The Punctual Institute: The advertisement claims, “Government job in your hands* within 6 months”.

12. LawPrep Tutorial: The advertisement claimsLawPrep Tutorials to be a Leader of Law Entrance from 14 Years.

13. M M Competitive Point: The advertisement claims, “Banking (P.O. & Clerical) Railway (Tech. & Non. Tech) SSC (Gl& Ml), MBA [(O)  JEE & MAT], Sail (SOT,  JOT & MT), HAL, BHEL, NTPC, LIC, CDS, KVPY, Postal, GATE,  PSUS etc., online-offline test series” and “100% Guarantee for Success in English”.

14. New Delhi Institute of Management: The advertisement claims the Institute to provide 100% Finest Placements for 19 years. The advertisement further claims “PGDM awarded equivalence to MBA since 2008, globally accredited by ASIC, U.K.”.

15. Triveni Academy +2 Science College: The advertisement claims the Institue to be awarded as the best + 2 Science College by CEF in 2012.

16. Livewires (The Media Institute): The advertisement claims that The Media Institue is India’s Most Successful Institute.

17. Grey Matters: The advertisement claims, “I.E.L.T.S All India Topper”, “India’s No.1 I.E.L.T.S Institute with maximum 9 bands”.

18. AJK College of Science and Arts: The advertisement claims, “1 College 1052 Appointment Orders”, was not substantiated and found misleading.

Complaints against advertisements of all educational institutes listed below mostly are UPHELD because of unsubstantiated claims that they ‘provide 100% placement/AND/OR they claim to be the No.1 in their respective fields’.

Northern Ship Maritime Academy, The George Telegraph Group (The George Telegraph Institute of Automobile Engineering), Career Power, Arrow Valley Institute of Unique, Institute of Advance Network Technology, Syadwad Institute of Higher Education & Research, Power House Gym (Powerhouse Fitness Academy), Research Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Dr.Bhalla’s Corporate Training & Development, Institute of Teacher Training Programme (ITTP), Best Accounts Education and G Media.



1. Ruchi Soya Industries (Mahakosh Refined Soyabean Oil): The advertisement claims that New Mahakosh Refined Soyabean Oilcontains Omega 3 and 6 that fight cholesterol and Vitamin A, D, E that strengthen the bones, keep the eyes healthy and increase immunity.

2. Miraj Products Private Limited (MirajNamkeen): The advertisement of MirajNamkeen claims to be a balanced diet.

3. Bihar State Milk Co-operative Federation Limited (Sudha Milk): The advertisement claimsSudha Milk to be No. 1 dairy brand in Bihar and Jharkhand.

4. Vitromed Healthcare (Vitro Naturals): The advertisement claims, “Why chemicals based products? Which can cause Cancer, Disease of liver, kidney etc.”, is misleading by exaggeration and unfairly denigrating other products.

5. Kellogg India Pvt. Ltd. (Kellogg’s Chocos): The advertisement of Kellogg’s Chocos claims to have “Roti jaise kai gunn”.

6. Eastern Condiments Pvt. Ltd. (Eastern brand of Masalas): The advertisement claims, Eastern Condiments is “India’s No. 1 Spice company”.

7. Pernod Ricard India P. Ltd (Seagram): The advertisement is for a direct promotion of an alcohol brand – Seagram.  The advertisement contravened Chapter III.6 (b) of the Code (“Makes direct or indirect reference to the prohibited or restricted products.”).

8. Coca-Cola Inc. India (Coca Cola Zero): The supers in the advertisement were not clearly legible and did not meet the Super Guidelines criteria of pixel size.  The TVC contravened the ASCI Guidelines on Supers.




1. Akbar Shah Ji JyotishKaryalay:The advertising claims  related to astrology were false, misleading by exaggeration, and the Advertisement poster exploits consumers’ lack of knowledge and is likely to lead to grave or widespread disappointment in the minds of consumers.

2. Vodafone Essar Ltd. (Vodafone): The TVC of Vodafone claims, “Share photos 43% faster” and“The fastest 3G network”. In addition the website claims, “Experience internet like never before with the fastest 3G network”,“That’s why we offer you the fastest 3G network, which lets you surf, share photos and download videos quicker than ever before.”,“Upload and Share photos 43% faster.”, “Download videos 22% faster.” and“Load web pages 23% faster.” These claims were not adequately substantiated.

3. Idea Cellular Ltd (Idea Internet Network): The advertisement shows a girl stating that her mother had to give up her studies due to marriage. Then the lady enrols for a law course on IIN! The ad shows something called IIN, which sounds similar to IIM. They show the housewife continuing her studies, as if IIN is a university or institute offering formal courses. But it doesn't appear as if this IIN is any institute. Thus, it was found that the advertisement is misleading by implication that Idea Internet Network (IIN) is an institution which conducts educational courses.  The claim of “Admission” being provided to law course via INN was not substantiated.

4. Idea Cellular Ltd (Idea Internet Network): The advertisements claims, “Idea Internet Network (IIN) – the greatest place to learn” were found misleading by implication that IIN is some kind of an institution which offers educational courses that are comparable to school / college / university education whereas it is only an internet service provider like any other service provider. In this context the claim of “the greatest place to learn” was not substantiated.

5. Zee Media Corporation Limited (Zee Business):The advertisement claims that Zee Business is “India's No. 1 Business News Channel”, is misleading. This claim quoting TAM source violated the TAM Guidelines.  The period of comparison is too short and thereby confers an artificial advantage upon the advertiser.

6. Multi-Screen Media Private Limited (Sony Six): The advertisement claims, “Sony Network is the second biggest contributor to the sports genre with 33.6% share.”is misleading by ambiguity. The advertisement has quoted the TAM figures without following TAM rules.  Also, the graphical representation is misleading.

7. Rupa& Co Ltd (Macrowomen):The advertisement focuses on the display of innerwear by the models shown in the TVC. This was found indecent and likely to cause grave or widespread offence.

8. Bajaj Auto Ltd (New Pulsar RS 200):The advertisement shows driving on normal road conditions and when read in conjunction with the text in the headline or body copy, “Leave Track racing to amateurs”, and the additional Tag line: “Every green light as a flag off, every road as a new lap and each ride is a race. So gear up, twist the throttle, and leave the rest in your trail.” implies bike racing on normal roads and encourages dangerous practices.

9. Galaxy S5: The advertisement shows a poor quality phone which is using a big brand name as Galaxy S5 and stating that its price is Rs. 12000 but being sold at a very low price.The advertisement thus distorts facts and is misleading.

10. Xerion Pvt Ltd Retail ( advertisement shows a visual of “a man and a woman on a bike without a helmet” and promotes an unsafe practice.

11. ChehraPahachaano: The modus operandi of this advertisement is to identify the face, call on the given number. After few months a call will be received by the participant, informing on winning the contest. As prize, winner is asked to take vehicle or cheque. If they opt for the vehicle, they have to give some amount of money for documentation. And if they opt for cheque then they have to pay 1% cash of the total prize amount. After taking money they disappear. Thus it was concluded that the advertisement is misleading and contravened Chapters I.4 and I.5 (f) of the Code (“Advertiser shall state clearly all material conditions as to enable the consumer to obtain a true and fair view of their prospects in such activities.  Advertiser shall publicize the main results in the media used to announce the competition as far as is practicable, and advise the individual winners by post.”).

12. Times Internet Limited ( The advertisement claims to be India’s No.1 Property Site, providing maximum optionsand best advice and information, were not substantiated.

13. Odisha Television Ltd (Tarang TV): TheTarang TV advertisement claims, “Tarang is the No. 1 Odiya channel” was found misleading.

14. BhartiAirtel Ltd: The advertisement claims, “Stream videos 26% faster” and “Battery lasts 8% longer on Airtel”, were misleading by omission.

15. LAVA International Ltd (Lava Iris 8):The advertisement of Lava Iris 8shows the use of a mobile phone in an aircraft. Thus the advertisement shows a dangerous practice without justifiable reason, manifests a disregard for safety, and encourages negligence.

16. Samruddham Stock Trading: The advertisement claims, “Total Risk Free Stock Trading”, “Stock trading with “Total Risk Free” advanced technology” and “Guaranteed profit paid tips service”, were not substantiated.

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