Advertisers are switching from traditional online process to an AI-driven one: CEO, ADOHM

Kuldeep Chaudhary on how they are helping brands enhance their marketing and advertising strategies

by Neethu Mohan
Published - Oct 1, 2018 8:56 AM Updated: Oct 1, 2018 8:56 AM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the current buzzword. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit report, 46 per cent of executives anticipate that AI will displace humans from certain roles within the next five years. Bangalore- based ADOHM Adtech is an AI assistant that delivers personalised communication across multiple channels and devices. The platform is designed to consolidate advertising campaigns.

In an interaction with exchange4media, Kuldeep Chaudhary, CEO, ADOHM, spoke about the uniqueness of the platform and how they are helping brands enhance their marketing and advertising strategies. Excerpts:

Tell us more about ADOHM

ADOHM is an AI assistant that run and optimizes online advertising campaigns with minimum human interference. It is a tool for small enterprises who want to take their businesses online and don't know where to start. The AI assistant identifies the advertising platforms (e.g. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, programmatic etc) for the businesses and shows the advertisement to the right audience at the right time. We are able to execute seamlessly across different paid channels including mobile, social, video, and display.

What makes ADOHM unique?

The ease of working with ADOHM is very unique, advertisers needn’t have prior digital marketing knowledge to use the platform. It is a platform for beginners as well as advanced digital marketers. It's an enterprise-level product.

How is it going to help brands enhance their advertising and marketing strategies?

ADOHM AI algorithm works on real-time data and makes a profile of the customers of the brand on multiple platforms and serves the right advertisements to the right audience at the right time. This help brands to focus more on increasing the value proposition. Analysing the audience and optimisation is taken care of by ADOHM.

According to you, what is the future of online advertising with Artificial Intelligence?

The next big leap towards the future of online advertising is in the application of Artificial Intelligence. Advertisers have started to make a switch from traditional online advertising process to an AI-propelled one. The benefits AI provides to the advertisers and digital marketers include better data analysis and personalised advertisements. AI helps with automating the advertisement process 24x7.

What are the key marketing and advertising strategies followed by ADOHM?

We focus on SEO and inbound leads generated across the globe. The response from different markets are huge.

What are the key focus areas of ADOHM for the next five years?

We are heavily focusing on taking the brand to a global level. We are also focusing on our premium partner programme development apart from onboarding new clients.

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