Ad2c sets up shop in India; acquires mobile marketers MobiMasta

Ad2c has started its India operations; the announcement coincides with the company’s acquisition of MobiMasta, a mobile marketing agency

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Updated: Apr 2, 2012 6:21 AM
Ad2c sets up shop in India; acquires mobile marketers MobiMasta

That mobile advertising is all set to take a leap ahead was apparent at the occasion when ad2c announced it has set up shop in India. The announcement coincided with the company’s acquisition of MobiMasta, the first mobile marketing agency established in India in 2009.

Opportunities are immense
The opportunity for mobile marketing and advertising in India is huge with over 800 million mobile phone users already in existence.

Entrepreneur Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder and Chairman, ad2c, observed that India has a bright future as a mobile marketing destination because of the insatiable consumer appetite for mobile content, games, news, music, video, applications, rich media and so on. He explained how this venture is backed by partners that have dominated the mobile advertising business with over 10,000 campaigns delivered in Japan and Asia. ad2c’s entry in India will “fulfill the need of an experienced and a competent partner to fuel innovations in mobile advertising and communications industry”.

Sohum painted the Indian scenario. The mobile advertising market in India is very small, just about USD 25-30 million. “This number is poised to grow to USD 200 million in the next five years and we want to gain 50 percent market-share in the next few years," he said. He also pointed out the advantages of this medium such as 24/7 availability, cost effectiveness and massive reach. “A major advantage of the mobile phone as a medium is that it moves from just exposure to the brand to engagement with the consumers and then action," Soham said.

ad2c is a full service marketing and advertising agency dedicated to the delivering innovations on the mobile platform. Established as a result of collaboration between D2 Communications, Japan and Affle Group of Companies, Singapore, ad2c will provide complete mobile marketing engagement solutions to brand owners and marketers across Asia.

Hoping to bring to the table the wealth of experience, Takayuki Hoshuyama, CEO, D2 Communications, pointed out that they posses a deep understanding of the mobile platform and the existing formats that can be adapted to the Indian marketplace. “In our view there is an interesting similarity between India and Japan; both markets have seen the advent of typical smartphones in the last couple of years. We will drive ad2c’s success in the Indian market in a similar way we did in Japan,” he observed.

With a team that is already working with some of the most exciting brands in the market from FMCG to sports to mobile handset space, Madan Sanglikar, CEO, ad2c, observed that they are looking forward to creating exciting and engaging innovations for Indian companies.

Not ‘push’ but ‘pull’
Adding on to the discussion was Rohit Ohri, Executive Chairman, Dentsu India Group, who was delighted with the extension of the Dentsu family in India. D2Communications is a subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO in a JV with Dentsu. He felt that ad2c will certainly add to Dentsu India Group’s capabilities in providing latest and coolest mobile innovations to clients. He observed that the lines are disappearing in integrated communications and that they don’t expect to ‘push’ ads, but would try to ‘pull’ them through content base and by engaging consumers.

“In India, there is exposure-led matrix, and the challenge is to relocate the matrix from ‘exposure’ to ‘engagement’. Ad agencies need to be creative to provide unique content for mobile and not just translate the TVC to the mobile medium,” he added.

Wake-up call for advertisers
Commenting on the launch was CVL Srinivas, Chairman, SMG India and Managing Director, LiquidThread, APAC. He revealed that globally USD 3.3 billion has been spent till date and this figure will go up USD 20 billion by 2015. With over 771 million mobile phone users in India, many small and big brands are seeing mobile marketing as a potent extension to the existing modes of advertising and connecting with consumers.

ad2c, has set up offices in Delhi and Mumbai and is looking at opening another one in Bangalore. The plan is to go to Indonesia as well at a later stage, revealed Sohum.

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