Ad Review: Being out & about with Samsung laptops

Samsung has gone to town with a new campaign for its laptops. But does the ‘take me out’ proposition sound compelling enough? We find out…

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Updated: Feb 20, 2012 9:41 AM
Ad Review: Being out & about with Samsung laptops

The urge to be connected all the time on the go has led technology companies to invest hugely in devices small in size, but heavy in experience. Today, smart phones, tablets, palmtops are all competing with laptops, but when it comes to heavy duty computing experience, there is no denying the fact that laptops still rule.

The limitation, however, is that people still do not consider laptop as an anytime, anywhere experience device. In a bid to create a difference, Samsung has launched its latest series of laptops with a new communication campaign, where the laptop itself is saying ‘Take me out,’ owing to its screen experience, spill proof keyboard and a very long battery life – three challenges that usually stop people from keeping their laptops handy.

The Brief:

Sharing the brief from Samsung, Alok Agrawal, Chief Operating Officer, Cheil Worldwide SW Asia, the agency that has created the new campaign, explained, “Samsung wanted to establish three benefits of the product – bright screen, spill proof keypad and long battery life. The key task was to make people use their laptops on the move and not just leave them on their desks. The competition in this category has always focused on product features, but nobody talked about the main benefit of the laptop, which is its portability. People are reluctant to take their laptops away from their desks because most laptops are poor travellers and we decided to address this limitation.”

Sharing the creative strategy behind the communication, Shobhit Mathur, Executive Creative Director, Cheil Worldwide SW Asia, elaborated, “We know that laptops are meant to be portable by design. But how many of us actually carry our work out? So, when we were discussing Samsung laptops, we realised that these machines host all those features that can help us break the clutches of our desks. And hence, we positioned these laptops as complete machines that are not scared of the bright outdoors, accidental spills or short battery life. In short, we now have a laptop that is quite truly built to travel. Thus, ‘Take me out’ came into being. In this commercial, the laptop speaks to you as if it was your friend - someone who loves to work hard and party harder, who can keep up with today’s youth and never tire out. We are obviously speaking to the new-age thinkers, who are not bound by constraints and like to live life uninterruptedly.”

The Execution:

So, it’s the laptop doing the straight talk in the TVC. “I just love the sun, I like your friends, I go everywhere, I am the beat maker, soul shaker, I put the groove in your moves, all day all night long, I am the Samsung Laptop, ready for you to take me out,” says the Samsung laptop in the voice over enticing one to take it out everywhere one goes.

The television campaign is accompanied by an augmented reality supported digital campaign on Facebook, where in order to highlight the portability and good looks, users are asked to take the laptop out virtually to distant places. The places and attire have been selected using the augmented reality, giving it a close to real feel. The campaign has got an overwhelming response with over 1.5 lakh likes to the Samsung India fan page in just 45 days. The winners take home exciting gifts like Samsung Galaxy phones, tablets and top of the line Samsung Series 9 laptops.

Expert’s Opinion:

Laptop is a highly competitive category with competition not only from other brands in the domain, but also different products that give one a ‘laptop’ like experience. Does the ad do wonders to get the consumers’ attention? We ask industry experts what they have to say on the ‘take me out’ proposition:

“The ad is a nice product demo at best... nothing clutter-breaking about it,” felt Sambit Mohanty, Executive Creative Director, Bates. He added, “It tells me everything that a Samsung laptop is capable of - bright screen, spill-resistant, the works - but it doesn't make me want it, and therein lies the rub.”

Mohanty’s rating for the TVC: 2 out of 5

Having worked extensively on laptops, Anindya Banerjee, Executive Creative Director, Scarecrow Communications, liked the idea, but execution took away the magic for him. He elaborated, “I think the writer had an interesting idea to begin with – the fact that most laptops are not great travellers and then speaking from the POV of the laptop. But then it all goes downhill from there. The visuals look like the planner’s brief was religiously followed instead of taking a creative leap. The verbal barrage makes you shudder and switch the channel. Laptops are a highly competitive category. It’s a category where companies like Apple and Dell are thought leaders. This ad, sadly, doesn’t stack up to competition at all.”

Banerjee’s rating for the TVC: 1.5 out of 5

Our Opinion:
Samsung has communicated the long battery life, spill resistant keyboard feature and bright LED display in its commercials earlier as well, so the consumer is not really being exposed to any new feature of the machine. However, the whole POV of ‘take me out’ is interesting as despite all the mobility features, people are resistant to taking their laptops and that’s where the message may register in a consumer’s mind. The proposition of the laptop doing its own talking is interesting and the message, ‘take me out’, registers in one’s mind. However, the visual execution is average and the commercial loses out on that front. We give it a rating of 2 out of 5.


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