Youth Quotient: It's a constant adrenaline rush: Sheetal Goel

My field of social media is an exciting one. It is the most dynamic field of marketing by far & also the closest to the final audience which makes it stimulating, says the Director - Social Media Strategy, GroupM

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Updated: Mar 25, 2014 9:13 AM
Youth Quotient: It's a constant adrenaline rush: Sheetal Goel

Sheetal Goel, Director - Social Media Strategy, GroupM is involved in conceptualising digital strategies and social media campaigns for the various clients serviced by the GroupM agencies. She translates concepts into deliverables and ensures quality delivery.

In conversation with exchange4media, Goel speaks about her daily work, how she landed in a media agency and brands that she loves. 

How does your work day look like?
Typically, the day starts with catching up on reading about the latest news and updates in the digital space. Morning time is also the solid block of time where I can plan my day, get work done as the rest of the day gets busy with meetings, internal discussions, brain storming sessions and other operational duties. I end the day again with catching up on examples and cases where digital media has been used in extraordinary ways and sharing ideas and possibilities with the larger team.

What are your likes and dislike at work?
It’s a constant adrenaline rush – there is so much to do, learn and think of. Working at GroupM, I get the freedom to think as ‘big’ as I wish to and also, as outrageous as I want. The canvas of possibilities is so vast. I also am not limited by medium or platform, as we dream integrated – with options to amplify and include mobile, display, search, creative, activation, and more.

My field of social media is an exciting one. It is the most dynamic field of marketing by far and also, the closest to the final audience which makes it stimulating as well as a pain to keep up with.

What is that one thing that you love to do apart from your daily work?
Away from work, I love frivolous entertainment – driving is a pleasure and road trips according to me are pure bliss.

Which is that one project you are proud to have associated with?
GroupM has given me the opportunity to work with many iconic brands and on some epic campaigns. One of the earliest ones I worked on was the Sachin Anthem for Boost (GSK), which won multiple awards – Emvies and Abbys. It was one of the first branded video content marketing campaigns that worked well in India. Another one is the recent Mountain Dew campaign – where the association with ‘Dhoom 3’ was converted into a game and promoted on social platforms. Wildly successful for the client, the campaign received a lot of positive reviews from individual publications.

What made you land in media agency?
It wasn’t a conscious decision to join a media agency. I was part of Quasar, a creative media agency, which got taken over by GroupM and this was I believe one of the best things that happened to me. The opportunities given to me now are more than what I would have ever received in a smaller company.

Do you believe in working towards awards or creating an award winning project?
Who does not wish to win accolades for the work that they do. If we can win award for the clients, make them look great and at the same time get them a larger, more engaged customer base, I see no harm in that at all. While not every campaign can be award winning, the effort put in is not different. Everything we do should be worthy of an award. There is no scope of doing substandard work. In my opinion, the audience is doing every brand a favor by giving them every second of their time, and it becomes a duty for the brand (hence, the agency) to provide the best content possible to read, consume, and react to. That in itself is an award.

Who is that one person whom you look up to?
Professionally I have met a number of people who are specialists and ‘gurus’ in their fields. I look up to each one of them. I also look up to even the fresher’s, junior-most member of my team – she inspires me to think and look at things with fresh eyes. Personally, I have always looked up to my father. He was a person not unknown to faults but the drive he had for always doing the best and always be present for those around him, I want to live my life like that.

Brand that you love the most and would like to be a part of …
I already work with some iconic brands like Absolut, Pepsi, Honda, Google, Microsoft, and more.

If you wouldn’t have been where you are, what would you think you would be doing?
I would have been a researcher in the field of microbiology or genetics.

Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
As is in my field, five years is too long a time period. I think there is still a lot to learn and experience. Once, I have had my fill, maybe then I shall plan for the future. Till then, I am a student.

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