The teams have developed MarTech solutions to reach out to potential consumers with DAN Sync

exchange4media Staff 30 minutes ago

The teams will be working in tandem to track and analyse Kotak Securities’ online presence to synchronize the customer service loop thereby, quickening the customer-query resolution process

exchange4media Staff 10-December-2018

An event hosted by Landor and chaired by Nick Foley, Regional President of Landor SEAPJ, shed light on the role that brands can play in weeding out gender stereotypes

exchange4media Staff 03-December-2018

Free Intraday Trading is Kotak Securities’ innovation-led ambitious organic growth charter to double its customer base from 1.6 million to 3.2 million in 18 months.

exchange4media Staff 29-May-2018

Kotak Securities has launched #AgarMagarSeAageBadho, which is a digitally-led integrated campaign with over 40 films; aimed at helping traders move beyond their investment-centred barriers and invest with confidence

exchange4media Staff 29-October-2015

For advertisers, a system that allows you to buy only ads that have been proven to be seen could be a better alternative to buying in bulk through CPM, though admittedly

Abhinn Shreshtha 19-December-2014

Key players are channeling a fair share of their budgets towards creating innovative digital properties that connect with their consumers

Abhinn Shreshtha 19-November-2014

With Facebook reducing the organic reach of brand posts, exchange4media spoke with some brand managers to get their take on the matter. Here is what they had to say

Abhinna Shreshtha 18-April-2014

Wins include brands like Tetley, Tuffware, Pepperfry,The Mobile Store, and Reseller Club

exchange4media Staff 16-April-2014

Every year-end survey has pegged mobile ad spends to outgrow all other media through 2014 and beyond. exchange4media speaks to some advertisers to know what the potential of this medium actually is

Abhinna Shreshtha 05-February-2014

After months of Internet chatter, Facebook has finally announced that it is testing auto-playing video ads. Though Indian brands seem excited, is it going to shift the balance of power in the digital

Abhinna Shreshtha 23-December-2013

During the second quarter, the domestic consumer business of Hindustan Unilever grew 10%, ahead of market, driven by 5% underlying volume growth

Priyanka Mehra 28-October-2013

Jaimit Doshi, Head - Marketing, Kotak Securities shares some salient points about ad analysis from a marketing head’s point of view

Jaimit Doshi 08-February-2012

Business Standard Ltd has announced the launch of a comprehensive website. SmartInvestor.in is a stock market portal offering in-depth information and insight in a user-friendly format. The portal also enjoys the newspaper's incisive analysis and editorial inputs and gives visitors an unbiased view of corporate performance.

exchange4media Staff 20-January-2010