Blaise Fernandes, President & CEO, Indian Music Industry, talks about royalty for recorded music industry from radio players, and more

exchange4media Staff Sep 14, 2020 3:55 PM


Smaller labels face existential threat due to film releases being stalled and public performance revenues drying up

exchange4media Staff Mar 24, 2020 12:26 PM


The study, released by IMI and IFPI, is bullish about the growth of digital music industry in India

exchange4media Staff Oct 1, 2019 10:58 AM


Blaise Fernandes on how IMI plans to sustain the recent revenue growth of music streaming services and their game-plan to eradicate piracy in a multi-prolonged manner

Misbaah Mansuri May 7, 2018 8:55 AM


The position was previously occupied by Vijay Lazarus who was with Indian Music Industry for over a decade

exchange4media Staff Jul 11, 2017 7:57 AM