The only shortcut is hard work: Vineet Handa, Kaizzen Founder & CEO

At the e4m PR 30 under 30 summit, Handa delivered a thought-provoking speech to young professionals from the industry

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Published: Jul 4, 2022 3:15 PM  | 4 min read
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Vineet Handa, Founder and CEO of Kaizzen, was a keynote speaker at the e4m PR 30 under 30 virtual summit held on July 2. While addressing the young professionals from the PR industry, he shared his knowledge and experience of being in the industry for 22 years.

Handa said that the know-how of the PR industry is to discard shortcuts to success. “Shortcuts are short-lived,” said Vineet Handa. In this fast-paced world, where everyone is striving to climb the ladder of success, this topic remains extremely relevant. Delving into what success looks like for him, Handa said, “I’ve gone through this phase many times, where you’d want to put in the least effort and get the best results. That’s a great objective to have before you plan, but in that, we always take shortcuts. And I think that’s something which does not work.” 

In the discourse of PR professionalism, Vineet Handa talked about three main pillars that make or break the industry. He said, “There are three important pillars for anybody in the PR industry. Pillar one is relationships. We cannot take out relationships from public relations, right? It’s all about relationships. The second important pillar is knowledge. And the third most important pillar is attitude.” 

Elaborating on what each of the pillars represents, he added, “Relationship which is the pillar of our industry takes years to build and there is no shortcut to it. So what we actually do is put in the efforts, the right efforts time and time again to build that relationship.”  Talking about client relationship building, Handa said, “Clients aren’t companies, they are people and you build relationships with people and that is the most important thing to understand, how to build a relationship with a client.” He strongly implied that client relationships aren't built in 2 mins, 2 days or 2 months. It is built over years. He further added, “I strongly feel that relationships cannot be built overnight. There is no one-night-stand relationship in PR. We have to work hard, we have to work honestly with the people, all stakeholders and that’s the core of relationships.” Handa stressed on the importance of building trust through relationships in order to gain clients for life. 

“Knowledge is a very important part of a relationship. If you bring knowledge, you bring value to the platform, and all your stakeholders will value you and take you seriously and that will help you to build relationships. Now, getting knowledge is not easy. Research is very important for a PR professional. If you have to be successful, research on industry, research on competition, research on people. All of that helps you to build relationships. All of that helps you to create your personality, a personality which is backed by knowledge, which is backed by information. Knowledge is make it or break it for anybody in the PR industry.” He also said that the third pillar is that of having the right attitude to lead the team and walk alongside the team in order to be successful.

Handa said, “The 30 under 30 winners, we see them as leaders for tomorrow. When you win, when you grow, when you’re doing well, you should always have your feet on the ground and head on your shoulder. Feet on ground means being grounded but it also means bringing experience, going places, meeting people, doing on your own. That’s what feet on ground means to me. Head on your shoulders means any growth, victory or success should not get into your head. You are still a doer and that’s what will help you to grow and learn. Learning is a very important part of our attitude. Unlearning is an attitude. You cannot learn, unless and until you unlearn and I think that’s very important. Being a team player is an attitude. Leading a team is an attitude and I see that is another very important part of anybody’s success in life.”

He concluded the session with, “Relationship is a two-way street and on that street, you have to take the first step. That’s the core of a relationship. Work consciously on three pillars and then take it forward. The only shortcut is hard work.” 

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