Success is the product of daily habits: Nitin Thakur, OYO

Thakur, Head of Communications, OYO, delivered the keynote address at e4m PR & Corp Comm 30 Under 30 Summit

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Published: Jul 4, 2022 12:38 PM  | 3 min read
Nitin Thakur

The 2nd edition of the exchange4media 30 Under 30 Summit saw the participation of top leaders of the PR and Corp Comm fraternity deliberating on ‘hacks for gravity-defying communication careers’.

Thakur kick-started the session with a question - How do you defy the personal organizational and cultural gravity to constantly keep moving to higher orbits? “Firstly you should try and be the Chief Clarity Officer. Now, some of you may already be commanding small teams or some of you may have larger teams and so on. One of the things that almost everybody in the team looks at and needs to perform to their potential is that very often they don't get a clear sense of direction of what is most important for the team or the organization and why. And I’m not necessarily talking about which is the next big launch or big announcement for your organization. 

It’s more on the lines of clarity that Comms can deliver, which would be most invaluable to the company. And what are the parameters that you actually need to put in place to shift to that. How does this clarity come to you as a leader? It comes from a little bit of introspection and hustle is really important. It's highly rated. But hustle also comes with the downside of not stepping back enough. So my advice to you is while you hustle, please find for yourself sometime, think through, get clarity, and then provide clarity to your teams.”

Thakur asked young communication professionals not to follow their passions but to find things at which they can be good. “The second piece of advice is don't follow your passion. And that is one of the worst pieces of advice that people give. The reason being is that very few of us know what passion truly means. It also assumes that you have only one or two passions in life which will remain constant throughout but that's not true. And the biggest flaw is the assumption that you're good at your passion. For instance, most youngsters today want to become Instagram or YouTube sensations, and that's the passion when you talk to them. Do not follow your passion. Find the things that you are good at doing and what energizes you on things that you get positive feedback from and when you find those excellent zones, then you start gravitating towards it.”

Sharing another piece of advice, he suggested that finding unresolved problems is extremely important. “And lastly, I want to talk about a principle that I have followed intuitively and it's been captured well through some of the books lately, like ‘The Power of Atomic Habits’ and ‘Power of Habit’. Now, what does this principle essentially say? It just says that a good routine, which is small and easy to do, can become the source of incredible power and success in your life. It almost works like compound interest goes up bit by bit. So a small change can accumulate into habits and over a long period brings systematic change. So I think it's aptly said and I'm paraphrasing. If you want better results, then forget about setting goals and focus on your system. Success is the product of daily habits and not once in a lifetime transforming.”

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