Consistent, integrated and engaging message has a greater chance of breakthrough today

Guest Column: Neha Bajaj, Founder & Managing Director, Scroll Mantra, writes about the virtues of consistent communication for brands

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Published: May 27, 2021 1:45 PM  | 5 min read
Neha Bajaj

Reaching out to your target audience has become even more important to ensure that the business stays afloat in these uncertain times. Marketing Communication – is an incredible tool to ensure that your end audience is aware of your brand/ product. Pandemic has clearly taught us that online presence for all businesses is imperative, be it in form of a website or presence across social media channels. Public Relations continues to be a relevant and important tool for businesses however it surely has evolved considering the digital consumption of news is on a rise. Integrated Communications is simply ensuring that you have covered all touchpoints and are speaking the same language and across platforms be it in print media, online channels, social media etc. 

Consistent communication from a brand is the key to ensure that the target audience understands the core brand key messages. A brand must keep its audience updated with engaging activities through multiple marketing channels. A basic yet intriguing concept that incorporates all modes of messaging and networking to increase the idea's effect on the general public. 

Over the last couple of decades, brand communications have evolved completely and the focus of brand communication has also changed. From a single component focus to integrated communication, while keeping all the marketing campaigns in mind and giving priority to specific goals at the same time, brand communication has evolved.  The use of traditional marketing and company expansion strategies is a thing of the past. According to research, Integrated Communication is used by 78.5 percent of businesses while providing 3X higher efficiency rates as compared with companies using non-integrated communication to promote their brands and campaigns. For day-to-day activities, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Technology has become a part of people's everyday routine is still one of the most highly evolving industry, it is thus understandable the communications also evolve with the changing times. 

The convergence of technology and creative thinking creates the most brilliant ideas, which then enter the public's consciousness, resulting in conversion. One of the best integrated communications campaigns includes “AnyWare,” a campaign by Domino’s, where this pizza restaurant chain offered more convenient ways to people for delivering food by allowing customers to order their pizza with a text, tweet, ford Sync, smart watches as well as smart televisions. This campaign resulted in more than 500,000 website visits, 10.5 percent year-over-year sales growth as well as generated 2 billion earning of media impressions, including segments on platforms like Ellen and the Today Show.

A consistent, integrated, and engaging message has a greater chance of break through among its target audience in the present times. Consequently, spreading your message through a variety of communication platforms provides more opportunities to consumers for being aware of your brand while eventually, making a purchase. It is critical for businesses to effectively promote their brands between end-users to not only outperform rivals but also to succeed in the long run. Integrated Marketing Communication is used for getting in contact across the spectrum having a variety of marketing tactics to be constructive while promoting brands and reaching out to the general public by raising product and service awareness.

Knowing your audience is one of the primary steps. Everything depends on this process itself. You can't plan anything until you know what areas to concentrate on. The population is segmented into different categories based on demographics, gender, and age, it becomes much easier to find leads and prepare accordingly once you have this aligned. 

To communicate further with the mass audience, an organization needs to develop a situation analysis. An effective marketing relations plan is to examine the brand's current marketing situation. Essentially, it's a method that provides an analysis of both internal as well as external advantages and disadvantages that could have an impact on the brand. Since, determining marketing and communication objectives is the key, you must be specific about your intend to accomplish with your Integrated Marketing Communication campaign or plan. It depends on what a business needs to encourage, such as new product releases or BTL events. 

It is simpler to develop a marketing communication strategy, but far more challenging to bring the plan into implementation and desired effects. The price can vary depending on the scope of work and needs of the client. The budget varies depending mostly on services provided by an organization as well as the agencies. Resource management is important if you want to know where to put your money and where not to allocate it. 

Integrated communication mechanism has become the most-awaited and commonly used medium for promoting a company's brand or product. To achieve the business objectives of the client, a marketing company must follow some of the most essential as well as critical integrated communication measures. Once the target audience, objective, strategy is defined one can then draft a plan which can be an integrated communication approach comprising of Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Designing, Digital Communications and so on. While it seems like integrated marketing communication necessitates a considerable amount of effort, it also offers multiple benefits. 

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