'Generational integration needs to be seamless'

Panellists Amit Nanchahal, Iknoor Kaur & Manisha Singh shared how millennial and Gen Z workforce is driving the new age PR on technology bandwagon at e4m PR and Corp Comm 30 under 30 Summit

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Updated: May 4, 2021 9:34 AM
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In the past, we all used to hear a lot about the changes that technology would bring into our lives. Today, we are all witnessing all those myriad changes that technology is bringing and bridging the gap between aspirations and reality. As the world continues to fight against the second wave of the Coronavirus, keeping the ship afloat is technology. Every industry is hard-hit due to the ongoing global pandemic and communications industry is no different. Taking the baton forward are the generation Z and millennials who have been the key drivers of change in the industry through their fresh ideas and tech-savvy attitude.

Convening at a virtual platform to discuss ‘How millennials are driving the new-age PR on the technology bandwagon’ at the first edition of e4m PR and Corp Comm 30 under 30 Summit. A young and energetic panel including Amit Nanchahal, Associate Director of Corporate Communications, Pepsico; Iknoor Kaur, Corporate Communications and Brand Marketing Lead, SPAG; and Manisha Singh, Manager, Business Development, Media Mantra, was moderated by Nafisa Shaheen, Correspondent, Exchange4media Group. 

Shaheen commenced the session with a discussion on the modifications that the communications industry has gone through over the years and how have millennials helped in the revamp of the industry. Nanchahal initiated, “Digital media has now taken up most of the industry. The news across the world is now making headlines. Social media has brought a paradigm shift in the PR industry”.

“The new reality is that the landscape is changing, more and more new technologies are coming up in the PR industry. Social media and digitisation are the new game changer”, he added. 

Adding to the point, Kaur said, “The millennial workforce is dominating, Gen-Z is also stepping in. Social media has brought them to the forefront. The new generation is constantly experimenting and evolving”.

Stressing on the need for amalgamation of both the old and young generations in PR, Iknoor remarked, “PR veterans must integrate into a millennial approach. Generational integration needs to be seamless. The thought process of millennials must be brought in a seamless manner for effective communication”.

Singh too imparted her views on the same. According to her, millennials and Gen-Z have more clarity, awareness, and empathy. “It is important for us to mirror their beliefs. Engaging with them and understanding their psyche and their core beliefs is essential”, explained Singh.

Talking about improving the digital and technological abilities of the communication professionals, Singh believes that utilising AI solutions for content curation will help enhance content capabilities and clients must be given a detailed insight into the kind of narrative agencies build for them.

Highlighting about technological exhaustion, Kaur said, “PR agencies must have a tech-savvy approach. We must learn how to use technology to our advantage and not create technological exhaustion. Agencies must be innovative and be able to strategically explain to get the client to step out of their traditional comfort zone”.

Agreeing with Kaur, Nanchahal too said that being ahead of the curve and leveraging technology in brand campaigns is essential.

The moderator then moved the conversation towards influencers and influencer marketing in the age of millennial PR. Nanchahal prompted to add, “The definition of influencers in today's world has changed. Today everyone is an influencer on social media with their engagement capabilities and reach. Using data insights and algorithms to tap influencers and their reach has been possible through the use of technology, which has made influencer marketing a big part of the marketing pie of brands”.

Moving towards the end of the virtual panel discussion, the panelists deliberated on the changed pattern of communication in the new age PR and the need to innovate and explore.

Kaur shared, “Brands are realising the importance of communication strategies over mere advertising. Driving that engagement by agencies is essential. Creating a two-way channel of communication is what consumers want today. They want to be involved and feel like they are a part of the brand.”

“Targeting a mix of national and regional media helps build the right visibility in the market,” highlighted Singh.

Nanchahal concluded the conversation by imparting the idea of extensive exploration and innovation with integration. “This is key in the communication industry”, he said.

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