Our contribution to OOH is more than 20% of our spends: MVS Murthy, Tata Asset Management

Murthy, Head of Digital & Marketing, Tata Asset Management, tells us why OOH is a great medium for their brand and the kind of ROI they are expecting from their OOH campaigns

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Updated: Dec 10, 2019 9:24 AM
MVS Murthy

In October this year, TATA Mutual Funds launched the campaign 'Meri Aazadi' that encourages people to set aside funds regularly and plan a worry-free retirement life. A more recent multi-media campaign launched in November by the brand is the TATA Focused Equity Fund NFO campaign. For this campaign, they not only wanted to tap into the seasoned investors or folks in the metros but also first-time investors and those in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Whilst promoting their brand highly on Digital with the help of the agency Social Beat, TATA Mutual Fund trusts the OOH medium to amplify their brand as well.

The brand believes that concurrent promotions using a mix of OOH publicity across India in B30 cities will garner awareness about their financial services. They also shared that they contribute more than 20% of their media spends on OOH.

We spoke to MVS Murthy, Head of Digital & Marketing, Tata Asset Management on why they see OOH as a great medium to promote the brand, media spends on OOH and the ROI they are expecting from OOH.

Brief of the latest campaigns

The objective of the ‘Meri Aazadi' campaign was to own the retirement space and to make retirement synonymous with Tata Mutual. ‘Think Retirement, Think Tata Mutual Funds’ was the message we wanted to bring about.

With Tata Retirement Savings Fund, our aim is to make sure your aazadi remains secure ‘even at 60’ and if you have not thought of it, we are here to remind you of its significant importance. So, here’s to enjoying, letting go and staying Aazad even after retirement with TMF.

For the Tata India Tax Savings Fund campaign, TATA Mutual Funds looked to Social Beat to highlight this common factor by presenting the ELSS scheme in a completely different way.
The objective behind the campaign was to make the ELSS scheme more relatable to audiences. The one factor that our entire audience has in common is that no one likes their income reduced because of tax – i.e. How people feel when they don’t get what they deserve.

How much is the Media spends that goes into OOH?

Our contribution to OOH is more than 20% of our spends.

Why does the brand see OOH as a great medium to promote their brand and this campaign?

As a fund house, we are focused on being relevant to new customers and across all the emerging markets – B30 cities, as per industry parlance. B30 is the city beyond the Top 30 cities. These are locations that have shown double-digit growth. Concurrent promotions using a mix of OOH publicity across India in B30 cities will prove an important means to propel our efforts in educating and bringing awareness about financial investments among existing and new customers.

What is the kind of ROI the brand is expecting from the OOH campaigns?

Our OOH campaigns will take the brand closer to investors of all kinds that are those living in metros v/s those in the B30 cities. English speaking v/s regional language speakers, men, and women both of whom are keen on being prudent and investing regularly for better living. The OOH campaigns are also expected to help us increase our market share across specific markets we are focused on. The needle has definitely moved from the time we launched the campaigns and we are on route to doubling it by the end of the financial year.

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