Nokia Lumia takes wings with Jet Airways

Nokia took the innovative path to get visibility for its Lumia phones by branding a Jet Airways aircraft. The campaign was executed by Lintas Initiative

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Updated: Jan 11, 2012 7:54 AM
Nokia Lumia takes wings with Jet Airways

The branding of a Jet Airways Boeing 737-800 aircraft with Nokia Lumia as part of the company’s ‘Amazing Everyday’ campaign is not only an interesting and innovative example of OOH advertising, but also an instance of unprecedented level of branding designed over the body of an aircraft.

The body of the jet aircraft sports the tile interface of the new Nokia smart phone on its windows as well as inside the aircraft. The aircraft’s branding also acknowledges the names of the Nokia employees responsible for this mammoth initiative.

The entire campaign, which has been conceptualized and executed by Lintas Initiative, is a first in the history of airline advertising; the aircraft wrap acts as a flying billboard. An eye catching advertising campaign of this scale like this can grab eyeballs of the entire airport population during takeoff and landing.

As Hemanth Shah, MD, Lintas Initiative, said, “The background was that a change was on the anvil for Nokia with the migration onto the Windows platform for their smart phones, thus the Lumia campaign was to be nothing like any other done earlier. The aircraft branding was conceived to be not only part of a larger campaign, but also to be its crowning glory, heralding the positioning of ‘Amazing Everyday’. What drove us to attempt such an innovation was the great fit with the TG and the novelty of creating a stunner. We believed that people who would sight it would go wow and would spark an ‘amazing’ conversation! That was at the core of what we wanted to achieve.”

Reminiscing further about the challenges with this campaign, Hemath said, “We had to learn everything from scratch with due care to ensure brand Nokia derived the maximum out of this branding. Jet airways also had to be satisfied about the safety aspects and we engaged competent professionals, who could print, paste and finish the job within agreed timelines. We were cognizant of the value of time and the concerns on security right from the planning stage and had to really juggle a lot of schedules around Christmas holidays to manage it.”

This marketing initiative, which started from Jan 1st, goes on until Jan 31st. The initiative seems to have created a new benchmark in creating consumer engagement and it is already in talks with a few brands for a similar activity.

This sentiment is echoed by Hemanth who said, “The Nokia’S Lumia-Jet Aircraft is a fabulous return on investment for Nokia. Not only is the quantity of target group that is reached important, but also the quality impact of that connect. That is where Nokia’s Lumia would score high, very high.”

It remains to be seen if taking brands to the skies help in imprinting brands in the minds of consumers who are already overfed with a clutter of advertisements on multiple platforms in immeasurable forms every nano second.

Besides working on the main part of the campaign, an adjunct part of this campaign is also introduced which is ‘Spot the Lumia’ competition that kick-started on January 10th, wherein consumers spot a Nokia Lumia phone on the plane, outdoor, at a Nokia retail or on TV and upload the picture on Facebook. 50 consumers with the most innovative pictures will be part of a two- hour extravaganza, ‘Sky Party’ on board with Nokia’s Lumia – Jet Airways Flight, on January 20th.

Besides this, the launch of Lumia’s ‘Amazing Everyday’ campaign has added other marketing elements like the Lumia Taxi, flash mobs at Blue Frog and Candy’s in Mumbai, flash cricket and luxury helicopter rides in various cities across India.

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