"Marketers should focus on what they want & don't want to do in OOH biz"

Industry experts feel that right time and the right strategy are key to build assets in the OOH business. They further say that one cannot create a benchmark without consulting the designers and professionals

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Updated: Mar 26, 2014 9:09 AM  | 3 min read
"Marketers should focus on what they want & don't want to do in OOH biz"

Last month Pitch Madison reveal that OOH medium will grow by 8.2 per cent and bring in total ad spends of about Rs 2138 crore.

This medium has lot of potential and witnessed growth in last two years. Different companies invested a lot and the medium is booming every financial year.

Sharing about the backbone behind this entire asset of OOH, Pramod Bhandula, Managing Director, JCDecaux said, we don’t have much experience but we know what to create and we create it very specifically.

He shared every city is different and we never use one same format for all the cities because One thing or design can’t be implemented in all the cities.

Bhandula shared creating asset for OOH is serious business and you cannot create a benchmark without consulting your designers and professionals. It’s a different business altogether.

Consumers are exposed to various assets of OOH in different forms and brands are using this medium prominently to connect with the customers.

Highlighting the other aspect of OOH in smaller cities apart from metros, those who don’t have access to latest technology and are not updated yet. Alok Jalan, Managing Director, Laqshya Media Group said, "We also look them as cities that is capable of area of opportunity. We are building assets in smaller cities such as bus shelters, public toilets and other stuff.”

Jalan highlighted we look at the kind of requirement that a city needs. What kind of capability can be there and we think India needs a huge investment in smaller areas too.  We analyse the bandwidth and try to come out with something which is viable and served the public purpose.

The time has changed and so is the demand of the customer and supply from the creator. When it comes to creating assets over any medium brand owners need to catch hold of consumer nerves.

Meru Cabs is thinking out of the box and planning to execute it with their service. Siddhatha Pahwa, CEO, Meru Cabs shared 17 per cent of disposable income of a household income goes to transportation. We use to talk about 360 degree promotion 15 years back when the consumers did not have much to choose and now there are various things in customers mind. There is a lot on their minds such as Facebook status, Twitter and other things.

He added, we need to deliver services and engage the customers in different manner. We need to advertise in such a manner that not distract the customers, and the timing should be good.

Sharing an example Pahwa said, “The customer who is going to catch a flight at 6 am in the morning definitely he’ll not have breakfast at his home, why can’t we introduce a breakfast cab service.

Despite a normal growth from last two years the industry has also seen a bad phase. There were challenges four years and now it’s coming back on track.

Sharing about strategy and proposition, Sunder Hemrajani, MD, Times OOH said, We should be very  clear about the strategy and that is what you want to do and what you don’t want to do.”

He added, “In the business that we are in, we have to be focussed and we knew that we have to make an impact. Innovation is needed in different formats.We were aware that privatisation is coming, metros are running and that’s where we need to place our ads.”

The above speakers were sharing their opinions on the topic Investing in OOH media assets as the fourth edition of OOH conference 2014

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