ABP News sets up newsroom on the busy streets of the Capital

BusQ shelters were turned into newsrooms wherein the 'aam janta' could express their opinions, which were then broadcasted on the news channel

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Updated: Jun 25, 2013 9:19 AM
ABP News sets up newsroom on the busy streets of the Capital

Ever imagined a newsroom on the streets on Delhi? Yes, that’s right. ABP News, along with it OOH agency Milestone Brandcom rolled out an extremely innovative campaign to establish brand identity. The campaign, a mix of outdoor and experiential marketing, became the talk of the town and also the debate show of the channel ‘Maha-Behas’. The highlight of the campaign was BusQ shelters being turned into newsrooms wherein the ‘aam janta’ could express their opinions, which were then broadcasted on the news channel.

The agency used 675 plus outdoor touch-points across 40 cities, along with innovations in Agra, Delhi, Noida, Lukhnow and Kanpur for this month long campaign.

The big idea
With rampant commoditisation of news, it imperative for TV news channels to present a strong differentiator and highlight their brand identity. Considering this, ABP News, which underwent a revamp recently, felt a need to reinstate its identity with a high voltage communication strategy. 

Commenting on the outdoor marketing campaign, Vikas Singh, Marketing Manager, ABP Group said, “The idea was to build the channel equity. If we say we are the fastest or first, these are very generic points. Our whole channel promise is that we keep the viewers ahead and we empower them to take better decisions. In India, we all are very good speakers, but nobody wants to listen. We all want to give our opinions. Therefore, we came up with whole idea of the line ‘ABP dekhne walo ki sab sunte hai’. Hence, we are trying to differentiate ourselves from other channels.”

The entire campaign was designed considering the theme line and the on-going television campaign. The creative showcased the conversation amongst a group of people, which was highlighted with 3D podiums and real microphones on billboards at DND flyover.

On the execution of the campaign, Prashant Mishra, Regional Head (North) – OOH, Milestone Brandcom said, “The campaign is about making people aware that everyone listens to those who watch ABP News channel. We had to create the whole idea of the campaign around a single theme line of the channel. Therefore, to depict speaking and the knowledge sharing idea, we created the whole campaign. Also, to build connect with the theme, we installed different elements like podium and microphones on OOH formats.”

The outdoor campaign was accompanied with activation executed across Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur and Agra. BusQ shelters were utilised to organise the activity. A mammoth hand holding a mike was placed next to BusQ shelters along with the podium where audience could speak and share their views live. In order to make the activation more prominent, the activation was linked to one of their popular debate shows ‘Maha-Behas’ where the views were broadcast in between the show. Along with this, Radio City also included the view points in its radio show.

“The activation was organised to make the local audience participate and to listen to their points of view. The idea was to empower them and give them a feel of being listened to by the rest of the audience. The activation was taken to another level and connected with live ABP TV show ‘Maha-Behas’,” added Mishra.

The media choices
The channel recently had a full-fledged TV campaign across its network. In order to break the clutter, the channel came up with three renditions.

“TV is one rendition but you have different strata of the society and different TGs like youngsters, office-goers, SEC A. We needed to target all of them and show that ABP appeals to all of them, which we were unable to do through TV alone. We are also doing innovations where we are giving opportunities to viewers to air their opinions on a topic, which is in line with brand promise that ‘ABP sunne walo ki sab sunte hai’,” said Singh.

Singh also pointed that at some states such as Uttar Pradesh, where there is a huge electricity problem, TV campaigns wouldn’t have been worked well. That was the primary reason why radio and static outdoor mediums were used as alternatives.

The media planning parameters were designed very strategically considering the touch-points related to the channel and its audience. The cities were primarily selected on the basis of Hindi news channels listeners.

Talking about the media choices Singh said, “OOH is a very cost effective and unique medium; therefore it has lot of clutter. The idea was to select those places which are less cluttered. We didn’t go for hoardings in Mumbai because they are very expensive and also the brand would get lost there unless we have adequate money to pump in there.”

Here’s a look at the strategic choice of touch-points and formats:
DND area: The DND area was acquired to tap the audience who travel from Delhi to Noida and vice-versa. The bull nose was synced with microphone to give an additional factor.

Railway announcements: The announcements were organised before every update at several city stations in Uttar Pradesh. The announcements were interestingly connected with the theme line so that nobody could miss it and it was ensured that it did not get mixed up with the with railway announcements.

Hoardings: Conventional media was also utilised with the help of different elements such as real microphones and 3D podiums.

The campaign challenges
Ideating, executing and then maintaining the OOH activations at different places definitely seem to be a challenging task in this campaign.

“The challenge was more of managing the crowd during the activation as everybody wants to say something and share their view points. We had to filter the best bytes in a short duration. Managing the whole activation and meeting the deadlines were also big tasks. Besides we had to make sure traffic didn’t get hampered. Added to it was the heat of the scorching summer. Last but not the least, was to ensure the safety of the show anchor, given the huge crowds,” added Mishra.

To view the campaign, watch the video

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