We have not cut marketing budget for Big Boss: Sapangeet Rajwant, Viacom18

The channel has released ‘Ab Paltega Scene Kyuki Bigg Boss Dega 2020 Ko Jawaab' campaign for the show that starts on October 3

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Updated: Sep 21, 2020 9:40 AM
Bigg bOss

Keeping the core communication around the major events that happened in 2020, Colors launched three promo campaigns for its upcoming reality show Bigg Boss, saying ‘Ab Paltega Scene Kyuki Bigg Boss Dega 2020 Ko Jawaab'.

Conceptualized by advertising agency Leo Burnett, the campaign highlights how this year robbed us of our freedom, limited our entertainment avenues, and forced us to live in a confined environment without actually being able to enjoy the normal aspects of life. But the new season of Bigg Boss will serve as an antidote to the viewers’ humdrum and fuel their lives with unlimited entertainment, drama, and emotions, claimed Colors.

“2020 has been an unprecedented year for all of us. The year has put a lot of questions on our entertainment, freedom, disrupted everyone's lives, and snatched all sense of normalcy from us. Entertainment is one thing which makes the audience feel that everything is coming back to normal. We thought Bigg Boss is that one opportunity where we can evoke that emotion and give a befitting response to 2020 – Ab Paltega Scene,” said Sapangeet Rajwant, Head - Marketing and Digital – Hindi Mass Entertainment & Head of Brand Solutions - Viacom 18, while speaking about the idea behind the campaign. 

She further added, “With Bigg Boss, viewers will get a chance to witness everything they were deprived of this year. Be it a spa or a theatre or a mall, viewers will see the normal inside the house. Bigg Boss will bring you a double dose of entertainment and drama, and we will give you a sense of normalcy coming back to your life. Therefore we are saying ‘Ab Paltega Scene, Bigg Boss Dega 2020 Ko Jawab’.” 

The channel has released three promos, where we can see host Salman Khan doing different kinds of stuff. For instance, the first promo showcased Salman Khan mopping the floor, resonating with everyone’s sentiment of being bound by the household chores. In the next film, he is seen sitting in a theatre relishing popcorn while watching a movie signifying that 2020 might have put a brake on our entertainment outings but Bigg Boss will give it a befitting response by bringing ‘manoranjan’ back into our lives. In the recent promo, he is seen depicting that Bigg Boss will break the chain of monotony and boredom and set the ball of entertainment rolling once again.

“We have released the teaser and the promos. We wanted to set the theme of the campaign this year and we have shown Salman Khan doing various chores that we have all been doing at our homes during the lockdown and showcased the luxuries that we have all been deprived of. Once the show is launched, we will get into more details and highlight the other zones of Bigg Boss house. Very soon we will start introducing what are the format changes that we are bringing to the show and that will be showcased in the promos as well. This is just a precursor,” shared Rajwant. 

The current situation, where most of the people are still at home, has led marketers to re-strategize the mode of communication and marketing strategy for the launch of any new product or show. 

Speaking on the change that COVID-19 has brought in the marketing this year, Rajwant shared, “The pandemic has changed the way we consume media. People are still confined to their homes, social life has moved online, and entertainment consumption is happening on TV, Digital, OTT or gaming.”

She further added, “We had to customize our marketing plans according to the mediums that are being consumed today.  We also need to keep in mind that the consumer behaviour is rapidly evolving and the world is adjusting to a new normal. The consumption of two mediums- television and online- has increased and so has our focus on them as marketeers. OTT and Digital have come up in a big way during the lockdown. We are going to use these mediums as we know the ROI there is great. For instance, TV viewership didn’t go down, it has only increased during the lockdown period. TV is a stay-at-home medium and has the biggest reach among all other mediums and it also allows us to measure conversion and effectiveness of any campaign. For Bigg Boss this year, our focus will be on TV primarily. Apart from that we will be using digital innovatively.”

On the target audience, she further added, “In the earlier years, the audience for Bigg Boss was largely male-centric. But fortunately, we have seen a lot of family viewing happening in Bigg Boss in the last two years. Bigg Boss has 48% male viewership and 52% female viewership. So it is a good mix of male and female viewership. The last season witnessed huge family viewing and this season should be no different because we are bringing a full dose of entertainment for the entire family.”
If we compare with previous years, where marketers could use five different mediums including OOH, print and radio, this year, for most, the focus has been on TV and digital primarily. Rajwant shared that in the first half of the year, there was an impact on the budgets of marketing but the second half of the year will not see any cost cutting. She shared that there will be no reduction in marketing budgets of Bigg Boss this year.   

“On Bigg Boss, we have not made budget cuts for our marketing, but we are focusing on optimizing it. For the new season, we will be restricting the use of mediums but we will channelize our energies into planning creative engagement ideas. Rather than reaching out to five different mediums, we will probably stick to only one or two mediums, but you will see heavier buzz and bigger innovation. We don’t want to compromise on the reach and frequency and that remains our focus,” she said.

Speaking further about the marketing plans, Rajwant said, “In our TV mix, we always look at our network and a lot of non-network channels. We reach out to genres like Movies, News, Regionals and Music. We use channels which give us good conversion and reach. Having said that, our network channels convert the best for us.  The theme of the campaign is ‘ Ab Paltega Scene Bigg Boss dega 2020 ko jawab’ . We are going to do a lot of integrations and innovations within different genres. We are going to do multiple innovations for Bigg Boss even on digital mediums like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.” 

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