Pudhu Yugam will depict the heritage & culture of Tamil Nadu: RBU Shyam Kumar

The CEO of New Generation Corporation Media talks about the new channel's content strategy, competition in the Tamil GEC space, 10+2 ad cap and more...

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Updated: Nov 21, 2013 8:36 AM
Pudhu Yugam will depict the heritage & culture of Tamil Nadu: RBU Shyam Kumar

With mushrooming of new channels every day, there are several questions cropping up. Are existing channels able to reach their target audiences? Are the newly launched channels able to create a mark in the minds of the viewers?

Against the backdrop of the launch of new channel Pudhu Yugam, we chat with RBU Shyam Kumar, CEO, New Generation Corporation Media about the channel’s content strategy, competition in the Tamil GEC space, 10+2 ad cap and more...


What does Pudhu Yugam aim to achieve?
Pudhu Yugam’s aim is to engage the audience and present a new meaning to entertainment keeping the values of Tamil culture high.

With the mushrooming of new channels every day, how is Pudhu Yugam going to find a place in the Tamil GEC segment? How have you differentiated your content?
Yes, there are a lot of channels coming up, but Pudhu Yugam will definitely find a place because there is a lot of expectation from it coming from the Puthiya Thalaimurai Group. PT as a brand is already registered in the minds of the people and a GEC from that Group has created a mind space already amongst the viewers.

We have ensured that all content is progressive and positive. There is a lot of feel-good factor that we would like to give at the end of every show. Above all, we are attempting sincerely to position the product as a channel entertaining and depicting Tamil Nadu – the land of heritage. So, our entire attempt is to depict the heritage and enrich the audience on our culture. Nayanmargal is one of the best examples of the same.

According to you, which are the kind of shows that will be a hit in the Tamil GEC space? What are the shows that the brand offers in that respect?
We would like to present a bouquet than a flower to our audience. However, the initial reflections indicate that actress Sneha’s Melam Kottu Thali Kattu quiz show meant for engaged women has taken a lead. The other shows that has received positive feedback are Samudrakani’s Kayitham, Sonial Agarwal’s Malli, Simran’s Agni Paravai, Abirami’s Rishi Moolam and Nayanmargal.

What are the challenges for that the channel faces?
Producing 100 hours of content every week with our own studio floor is a big challenge.

Bandwidth availability in DTH platform is another challenge that we are facing.

How important is digital and mobile for a newly launched channel like Pudhu Yugam?
Digital and mobile is going to be tomorrow’s market. These two platforms are going to turn into another distribution platform very soon. We are already present in these media and are doing our best to give the audience their choice of viewing.

How has the 10+2 ad cap impacted the TV business in Tamil Nadu?
It is going to be tough when fully implemented.

What kind of growth do you foresee in the next two years?
We are very positive and confident that we will see good growth.

What are your plans in terms of overseas distribution?
We are already present in Singapore and are signing up for the Malaysian market. We should be getting into other markets soon.

After the success of Puthiya Thalaimurai, now Pudhu Yugam is on the growth curve. How have you achieved this?
It’s all due to exemplary team work. We aim to expand and create a new space in the market rather than competing in a limited space. When we look at the competition we become reactive. But we would like to be proactive. All things are created twice – first is in your mind and second is the physical creation. The mental picture is the vision, and if the vision is clear, then the journey towards the set vision succeeds. Dr Sathyanarayanan, our President, has a clear vision for the group and we execute his vision, that’s our mission. 

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