Print will not lose out to TV in the long run: Pravin Kulkarni

Pravin Kulkarni, GM, Marketing, Parle Products on the role of print in FMCG marketing

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Updated: Mar 19, 2015 8:44 AM
Print will not lose out to TV in the long run: Pravin Kulkarni

Pravin Kulkarni, GM – Marketing, Parle Products speaks of the marketing spends on TV, Print, and Digital in 2015, and the role of print for FMCG advertising. 

What is your outlook on ad spends on marketing in 2015?

It is good news that the total ad spend is going to grow by almost 10%. In television as there are so many channels coming now and there is a limitation on the promotion time of 12 min cap,  that is going to result in a lot of channels launching new products and that will lead to increase in spends by advertisers. Secondly, events like the World Cup and IPL they are bound to result in higher spends by advertisers. Another good news is print also is growing and it is growing faster than television. Because everyone was thinking that it is ultimately going to lose out to television in the long run. I think that is not going to happen. A good part is a lot of FMCG clients have recognized the value of print media and they started spending a lot of money now. I think FMCG is the largest spender on both print and television, so there is definitely a lot of recognition of print media. There is a specific role given to print in their media plan. The third observation was digital media is growing much faster and it is almost the third largest medium in the ad pie. There a lot of advertisers from the FMCG space spending more and more on digital as they are recognizing the value of this medium and their target consumers are on digital media.  It is going to be a learning curve for many advertisers as far as digital media is concerned. As they go up on the learning curve they will realize what other aspects of digital media are working for their brands and how to find the best ROI for this medium. Radio and outdoor are not doing so well till today, but with this third phase of radio coming in, radio media should do better.

Why have FMCG companies started to spend more on print recently?

Lot of FMCG companies have started launching premium brands. For creating awareness about premium brands print is one of the best mediums. Because the consumers from SEC A, B, etc, are consuming print and this is one of the best mediums to create that awareness.

With Indian team’s performance improving are marketers looking at the World Cup more favorably?

With India winning the interest has been renewed in the World Cup. More advertisers might come onboard for the World Cup.

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