Partho Dasgupta of BARC India proves that TV is a tough medium to beat

At TV First conference, Dasgupta, CEO, Broadcast Audience Research Council India said people spend 3 hours and 48 minutes watching TV every day including the youth demographic

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Updated: Feb 1, 2019 8:37 AM

In an environment that is besotted with digital, Partho Dasgupta, CEO, Broadcast Audience Research Council India, proved through hard facts and statistics that television is a tough medium to beat at the first exchange4media TV sector conference - TV First. 

“The roots of television are very strong in India. There are about 826 million people who watch TV everyday in India, in comparison to 450 people have access to internet,” he said. Dasgupta also pointed out that while internet penetration may be high download speeds are a huge barrier to online content consumption.

Dasgupta’s talk showed that the chatter about cord-cutting is still a distant reality in India. According to BARC data, people watch as much as 3 hours and 48 minutes watching TV every day. He added that the youth demographic which is expected to be cutting the cord also watched television. He showed that about 30% of the TV viewing universe is comprised of youth. Demonstrating the reach of the television medium, Dasgupta informed the audience that a whopping 32 million people watch 'Naagin 3', a single screening of 'Baahubali' garnered 43 million views and the Prime Minister's Independence Day speech was viewed by 123 million people.

He said that both Print and Socia Media pale in comparison to television. "The total daily readership of Print is 173 million, the number of active social media users is around 250 million, while television has 613 million tune-ins everyday!" Data, as per BARC, shows that of all the trillion man minutes of content watched on television every week 18 per cent is advertising content. Given that TV is an effective reach and frequency medium, Dasgupta said that a month's worth of advertising campaign is watched by over 750 million people. 

He said that the lack of a unified measurement metric along with the challenges of brand safety and viewability are hampering the growth of digital media. Recognising that content viewing is screen agnostic he said, "In an era of collaboration and co-existence, the focus will be on content rather than the screen or medium." He concluded by saying that BARC will measure whatever people watch.

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