Morning time band is like a ‘filler’ for GECs, say media experts

The morning time band probably contributes the least amount of audience to a GEC. Media planners point out that this time band is more like a ‘filler’ time band for GECs right now, although it has the potential to garner more audience if the channels innovate with the content.

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Updated: Nov 12, 2010 7:06 AM
Morning time band is like a ‘filler’ for GECs, say media experts

The primetime band is the most important time band for a GEC, especially in today’s scenario when there are a few hundred channels vying for viewers. On the other hand, the morning time band is probably the time band where a channel witnesses the least amount of collective viewership.

The programming of the morning time band (8-11 am) also rarely sees any original content and most of them are repeats of the primetime shows.

The last four week data, as per TAM (C&S 4+, HSM), shows that the morning time band viewership varies from channel to channel.


There is also a possibility that the morning viewership in a GEC might be affected by other genres such as news or music.

Talking about the audience in the morning time band, Anamika Mehta, COO, Lodestar UM, noted that in this time band, male viewers would probably watch more news while the youth would tune in to music channels and hence, there was a probability that there would be a higher percentage of female viewers in this time band.

She further said that while this time band would not get more viewership than the afternoon or primetime time bands, channels could experiment with the content to increase their viewership from this time band. “This time band has not really been explored and if done innovatively, it can help the channel get more audience from this time band,” she remarked.

Similarly, Sanjoy Chakrabarty, CEO, Dentsu Media, pointed out that this was a filler time band for a channel, which had a floating set of audience. “There is no appointment viewing for this time band, and hence, the total viewership in this time band is quite limited,” he concluded.

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