ITF can help invite the world to our doorstep: Sunil Lulla

ITF will bring people together, bolster their confidence and create a community, says the MD and CEO of Times Television Network

e4m by Synjini Nandi
Updated: Aug 7, 2012 8:07 PM
ITF can help invite the world to our doorstep: Sunil Lulla

IBF (Indian Broadcasting Foundation) is all set to give the Indian television industry the biggest platform dedicated to broadcasters in India in the form of Indian TV Fest, also called ITF.

The event is scheduled to be held at the Baga Grounds, Goa on November 2 and 3, 2012. exchange4media is the exclusive industry partner for ITF 2012.

According to Sunil Lulla, MD and CEO, Times Television Network, there is no platform in India where large number of television executives can go and meet other executives, learn from others and demonstrate what they have done. Therefore, this is a very unique platform that has been created for the people who make TV happen in India.

“The industry has grown by leaps and bounds, often grown through pressure that has driven the market place, through innovation and the connection that the industry has made with the consumers, with the environment,” said Lulla.

Stressing on the importance of the initiative, he stated, “When we want to grow three-fold from approximately a Rs 30,000 crore business to a Rs 100,000 crore business, we need unique thinking and conversation because conversations create new ideas, new network, and new connections. While the person you are dealing with is your biggest competitor, he could also be your biggest collaborator in taking this industry three-fold up.”

Lulla believes that ITF will celebrate these opportunities. ITF will bring together people, bolster their confidence, and create a community. The focus is on learning what the world thinks of TV. “The platform presents an opportunity to invite the world to our doorstep which is why ITF has marked speakers and visionaries from across the world to come and share their vision,” he added.

“You will have people who run companies, who own companies, and people who have started with their careers. I think for many young people it would be a great chance to learn because we normally end up learning from one company we work with, and here there is the presence of the whole industry,” he shared.

ITF wouldn’t be looking at a conventional presentation format but one-on-one arrangement wherein people can share ideas, vision and learnings. A lot of interesting names have been lined up to ensure the event is one which is full of dialogue.

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