Indian team's performance to pump in more ad spends on World Cup?

With World Cup viewership on the rise, ad rates are also likely to rise. Are more marketers looking to fuel in ad spends after India's entry into the quarter final stage?

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Published: Mar 9, 2015 8:46 AM  | 4 min read
Indian team's performance to pump in more ad spends on World Cup?

Prior to the ICC World Cup 2015 many doubts were cast on the Indian team getting past the knockout stage and qualifying for the quarter finals stage. But the Indian team has booked a spot in the quarter finals after winning all the matches played so far. With viewership expected to grow are more marketers giving the World Cup the second thought? Will we see more brands advertise during the quarter final stages?

The answer is yes among many marketers. With India’s strong performance against tough competition like Pakistan, South Africa and West Indies marketers now expect viewership for India matches to rise significantly during the quarter finals. The first match against Pakistan brought in high ratings of 14.8 TVRs (TAM subscriber data M15+ ABC market). The India Pakistan game delivered across town classes led by the top 6 Metros rating 17.2 TVR and 1million+ towns rating 15.5TVR (All TAM data M15+ ABC). The second India match versus South Africa brought in ratings of 12.9 TVR across Star network including DD, with 10.5 TVR on Star network and 2.4 TVR on DD (All TAM data M15+ ABC). In comparison the final of the 2011 World Cup between India and Sri Lanka had brought in ratings 13.7 TVR according to ratings agency Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd. (aMap) and was regarded as the highest viewership for the event till then. With ratings already crossing this viewership during the initial few India matches it is expected to rise significantly higher if India gets past the quarter finals.

Kulpreet Kaur, Co-Founder, says, “Many established and startup brands are taking advantage of participating in the World Cup as there is opportunity to enhance the consumer/viewer/fan experience and it gives broader platform for brands to connect to consumers and convert sales.  Four games and four wins for the defending champions at this World Cup has certainly raised the interest from brands. Brands will certainly try to get the top slot on awareness rating and subsequently hope to get the ROI they need in sale.”    
Partha Sarthi Guha Patra, Co-founder and Director, said, “The size and participation of the audience is expected to go up significantly post India joining moving into quarter finals. This would be extremely tempting for brands and hence their interest to take part in the same.”

Sameer Parwani, CEO & Founder, said, “The Indian team has been in good form till date and have been consistent in their performance. They are expected to make it at least till the semi finals. The marketers are going with this positive sentiment and will be investing in advertising post quarter finals in the World Cup.”

“Indian team's performance in their first three matches in the World Cup will definitely make marketers more assured of India's prospects. This combined with the format of the tournament has virtually assured India a place in the semis at least. India's presence in the knockout will push viewership even for non-India knockout matches thus making all knockout matches critical for advertisers,” says Ashish Virmani, AVP, Marketing at FreeCharge.

According to Shachin Bharadwaj, CEO & Founder at, the performance of the Indian team has definitely brought about interest from marketers. “The ads are really popular right now and everyone wants to be during the India matches as most of them are coming on holidays. Obviously the good performance wants everyone to be part of the viewership and that really helps. So whenever India performs well the marketing always picks up for all companies,” he said.

Ad rates expected to rise 

With interest and viewership expected to increase, ad rates are also expected to increase during the final stages. Despite this many marketers feel that in case of many brands that are looking for eyeballs will definitely look to get on board.

Vikram Raichura, Managing Director, VivaConnect said, “With India’s stunning performance against the tough competition so far, the rates for the ad spots on television are definitely going to rise up the exponential curve with each match. The match between India and Pakistan got a viewership of more than 288 million across the globe, which broke the record for any sports event. The ad rates have already gone over Rs.20 lakhs for 10 second spot. More viewers are bound to be glued to their televisions in the upcoming matches and marketers' eyes are set on the same.”

Sanjay Tripathy, SVP, Head – Marketing, Product, Digital and E-commerce, HDFC Life, “When the World Cup started, there was little hope of Indian team doing well. The last three victories reignited interest in India's fortunes at the World Cup. Increased interest is being reflected in the ad rates being quoted for the post quarter final stage of the World Cup. Now it is very much a cost vs. marketing objective call for brands and depending on the objectives, some brands will definitely be present in the World Cup post the Quarter Final stage.”

Similarly, Pravin Kulkarni, GM – Marketing, Parle Products said that interest has been building among marketers with the viewership picking after India’s good performance. “Earlier marketers were hesitating to get on board but now I think they will start coming on board and this will definitely be seen towards the quarter finals and semi-finals,” he said. He further added, “When you come later on board the rates will be higher but if they want to take advantage some of them won’t mind paying that kind of price. It happened in the past, it will happen this year too.”

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