Bindass co-authors ‘Generation Einstein’ – book for brand managers

Generation Einstein, a book on marketing case studies of Indian brands, has been written by Jereon Boschma and co-authored by UTV Bindass; the book to help brand managers

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Updated: Apr 2, 2012 8:47 AM
Bindass co-authors ‘Generation Einstein’ – book for brand managers

Generation Einstein, a marketing book for brand managers, has been written by Jereon Boschma and co-authored by UTV Bindass. The book, with case studies of Indian brands, aims to decode the current generation and help marketers reach out to them.

Already published in the international market, the version co-authored by Bindass, will be specific to the Indian market and will speak about the emergence of a global generation in India, their likes, dislikes, lifestyle and what sets them apart from the others.

“India-specific case studies of companies such as Virgin Mobile, Tata Docomo, Bindass, Pepsi, etc. are in the book. Having studied over 100 cases in the original version, Jereon studied a similar amount of Indian cases and used his theory of ‘Generation Einstein’ to tell what the brands could have done better. It also provides solutions to these companies. This book is very relevant to brand managers in India,” said Keith Alphonso, Business Head, UTV Bindass.

The book also throws light on new-age communication strategies such as ‘Increation’ which is a more effective method of communicating with a youth segment. This new methodology of research involves putting many ideas to test, then trying to use reactions to narrow down the ideas.

Sharing his views on the rationale behind choosing the Indian market for this book, Boschma, the author of the book, said, “I believe that the Indian market is very dynamic and has many brands that can be studied. My case studies can be beneficial to the marketers here.”

There are two aspects to the book. One aspect talks about the brands that have positioned themselves to be youth-oriented and the other is about brands that plan to reach out to the Indian youth. This book will help such brands better its approach, said Alphonso.

The marketing strategy of the book is still in the planning stage. UTV Bindass plans to take it to B Schools of India. “We would like MBA courses to make this book a part of the syllabus,” added Alphonso.

The book describes a new generation that was born during the last decade of the previous century. The youth and young adults of today, aged 12 to their early or mid 20’s, represent a new generation with positive characteristics and values which are shared amongst young people all over the world and therefore the first real global generation. The book stresses upon the significance of the youth as an important part of the market. It’s about a faster and more social generation that understands the world better than anyone else.

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