Radio Mango launches second installment of its ‘Song-Distance’ campaign

For the campaign hoardings all over town approximated distances to the number of songs you could listen to before reaching a destination

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Updated: Mar 6, 2019 8:50 AM
Radio Mango Song Distance Campaign

Time is only as quick or slow as your state of mind. Stuck in traffic, surrounded by the impatient honks of a hundred cars and the terror-inducing antics of two-wheelers in a hurry, the two minutes to the next green light may seem like an eternity. But if you are humming along to a timeless classic, the same two minutes may vanish like two seconds! Radio Mango speaks the language of music.

It is this promise they made in their tagline ‘Nattilengum Pattayi’, which, based on the context can mean ‘Music everywhere’ or ‘talk of the town.’ These two ideas were married when they launched their much lauded ‘song-distance campaign’ a few years ago.

Hoardings all over town approximated distances to the number of songs you could listen to before you got to your destination. “Our listeners – and just about anyone out on the roads – had a fun time calculating the number of songs it actually took and would often call us to tell us we were right or that the traffic had made our calculation horribly wrong. It achieved both our purposes – at least for a while, people forgot the tedium of traffic and just focused on the music. It became the talk of the town,” said Ashok KG, Head Marcom & Activation.

In 2019 ‘Song-Distance’ campaign 2.0 was launched. “We couldn’t just repeat what we had done before, despite its huge success. This time we took the help of technology to make it even more interesting. Hoardings that appeared at major junctions didn't just tell you the number of songs it will take for you to get to wherever you need to be – it calculated time-based on the state of traffic, in real time,” said Ashok.  

So, the same hoarding that told you that 2 songs will get you to the nearest mall on your way home from the gym in the morning will tell you that it now takes 5 songs – at peak hours. The traffic data available with Google Maps is used here on the technology front. “This one-of-a-kind use of technology is what we offered our listeners this time around. Effective. Engaging,” added Ashok.

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