Publishers optimistic about OneIndia's future

It has been only six months since leading media houses launched the advertising initiative, and One India is already showing healthy signs of growth, say stakeholders

e4m by Abid Hasan
Updated: Oct 20, 2014 8:04 AM
Publishers optimistic about OneIndia's future

It has been six months since leading print publications Hindustan Times, Hindustan, The Hindu, The Hindu Tamil, The Telegraph and Ananda Bazar Patrika formed the OneIndia group, a platform to facilitate reach to the largest print audience with a single advertisement. According to the stakeholders, the initiative has been a success.

OneIndia, available by invitation to select display advertisers only, offers a single-platform reach comparable and incremental to television, along with the many clear benefits of print, such as immediacy, impact, comprehension, credibility, and a clutter-free environment, to name a few.

The media buzz at that point of time suggested the objective behind creating One India is to overshadow the advertising might of The Times of India. And according to D D Purkayastha, MD & CEO, ABP Group, the numbers are looking good.  “There were clients who were not advertising with us before, but now they are engaging with us. Some of them are Flipkart, OLX, L’oreal, BMW, Toshiba.”

When asked if there has been any significant increase in advertising revenue, Purkayastha replied, “The total number is not large as it is new but it has contributed five-six per cent to our total revenue, which is not bad.  It will be a long running association and we are not thinking of diluting it.”

Rajiv C Lochan, the newly appointed CEO of The Hindu too is of a similar opinion. “In terms of outcomes it is good… the kinds of inputs the kinds of income, collaboration, the kind of process changes that has happened, is excellent.”  While he did not share the numbers, he added, “I would say it is building momentum. At the highest level we already had three rounds of meetings in three months and it reflects the kind of commitment and collaboration that has gone into One India. In the spirit of true partnership, they educated me quite well. It’s not a fair matrix to look at because each of us are big organisations and just now this is an effort to get a partnership going. This collaboration is here to stay.”

Shantanu Bhanja, CMO, HT Media, shared his point of view by saying, “We have expanded our reach to many advertisers, we have gone to advertisers who were not advertising on print and provided them a pan country solution. We have managed to get advertisers significant increase in their budget and if they are choosing one market or another they are coming all of India using this. We absolutely see this happening.”

While the publishers on board are confident and optimistic about the future of One India, they are also of the opinion that it will be some time before maximum RPI is achieved. Given that almost every one is willing to wait and let the collaboration mature, it should be interesting to keep an eye on the deveopmtnets.

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