Latest from HT-TOI war rooms: An animated crybaby and a half-baked cake

Both newspapers quote relevant IRS and ABC figures to claim leadership, both are correct but with different parameters

e4m by Abid Hasan
Updated: Sep 23, 2014 8:01 AM
Latest from HT-TOI war rooms: An animated crybaby and a half-baked cake

The tussle between Hindustan Times and The Times of India does not show any sign of abating. Clearly, with the festive season round the corner, neither publication is ready to concede any ground without a fight.

After the war of words and Morning Challenges, HT launched an animated campaign branding TOI, the “eternal cry baby.” TOI calls HT’s 2 Minutes, a half-baked cake. HT, in turn, is asking their readers if they are missing something. Both publications claim the tussle does not affect the advertisers, though the communication is clearly targeted at them.

Interesting numbers-

The most interesting part of the battle is that the leading dailies are backing their claims with numbers from ABC and IRS. Both of them are correct, with different parameters. 

TOI claimed ‘You may have read some claims and counter claims about readership and circulation of English dailies in Delhi and NCR. But the truth simply is: for the ‘regular’ copies of the TOI and HT (i.e. fully loaded copies that carry supplements and are listed in ABC as single or combo) TOI is 38% ahead of HT.”

While HT replied “With over 18 lakhs readers exclusive readers who don’t read TOI, HT gives you unparalleled reach in Delhi – NCR... What’s more with a daily readership of 23 lakh, HT is 40% ahead of TOI. So when you advertise in HT, your campaign won’t be a hit and a miss! ”

2 min is not enough

TOI says HT’s 2 Minutes offering is like a half-baked cake and that “hurry makes a bad curry. Unfortunately it also bakes bad cakes. If you don’t want your newspaper reading experience to be as disappointing as your cooking, pick one up that promises in depth news, views and analysis. Not a 2 min wannabe of the real thing. Life is too short to waste even 2 minutes...To get a firsthand experience of a real newspaper, we invite you to take the Times of India morning challenge.”

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