The Hindu Revamp: ‘Idea is to make print appealing to those who consume news on digital’

According to the editors of The Hindu and businessline, the objective behind the redesign is to attract younger audience while also provide a smarter and cleaner news-reading experience

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Published: Sep 21, 2022 8:33 AM  | 4 min read

The Hindu group on Tuesday rebranded its flagship brands The Hindu and businessline. The revamp has given the newspapers a complete new look with clearer story packaging, increased visual design and reader-friendly features.

According to The Hindu, while the newspaper's credibility, reporting quality and incisive analysis will stay unchanged, the new design will enhance the reading experience and bring it closer to the readers. The overhaul will have a completely fresh aesthetic.

Talking about the influence of the new look on the content, Suresh Nambath, Editor of The Hindu, shared, "The space has shortened, thus we have to be more exact and direct in presenting the core messages of each story. The objective is to remove the fluff and be more clear in communicating general ideas, to be very specific in our storytelling, and to make every word count."

Nambath also noted that with the new style, The Hindu hopes to appeal to a younger audience. With the rebranding, the group is also looking forward to making seamless transitions from mobile/app/website to print product and from print product to online and app. “We are redesigning our apps and website, it will be a seamless transition from print to digital. The idea is to make print products appealing to those who are consuming news on digital platforms.”

The publication is hopeful that the increased font size, dynamic promo panels, bigger pictures, bolder typefaces, comprehensive story packages, breathable page layouts, story highlighters and gist reads will ensure a seamless reading experience. QR codes and digitally integrated navigation pointers will help readers identify multi-media content such as online stories, interviews, videos and podcasts.

"There is cross-promotion of content. There will be a QR code that readers may use to read more articles online as well as listen to podcasts and other interviews. Both products will complement each other,” said Nambath. 

businessline's new modern logo, meanwhile,  “reflects the essence of our brave, young, and energetic country,” said the group. The redesign draws parallel to the new age of business. Text and visuals are blended to carry out storytelling in the same intuitive way in which we communicate via text messaging.

Says Raghuvir Srinivasan, Editor of businessline, “There is a complete change in the newspaper in terms of design and looks, and not just the masthead.”

While discussing the nuances, Srinivasan mentioned that the masthead is now all lower case, reflecting the readership's youthful nature. He stated that because India is young, they have gone all lowercase to attract young readers. 

"Since we went colour 20 years ago, the businessline has always been blue in colour, so that characteristic blue continues, but it is set against a grey backdrop. At the end of the businessline, there is a concentric circle, or a dot, to express that we may appear young, but we are as authoritative as ever."

Speaking about the idea behind the revamp, Nambath shared that the aim is to make print more engaging and to change the perception that print is “old type of journalism”. The new design is much ahead of the times.

“The current generation will find the features truly engaging. So print is not just some old world charm, but it is also very modern. It's accessible for news consumers in a way they might not have thought was possible. We expect them to move from one platform to the other and find each equally engaging,” said Nambath.

Srinivasan too added that the entire design is done to sync digital into print and to bring a digital reading feel in print paper. “Our design is meant to give the readers an ease of movement between the print and the digital. If you read the print and if you go to the new digital design (app and websites), which we will be launching within the next couple of weeks, readers will find that even the font on both the products match each other. Therefore, they will get digital reading experience in the newspaper itself.” 

Srinivasan stressed that while the group has changed the design, the substance of the paper remains unchanged. “businessline is the hard-nosed business financial and economic daily. Unlike other competitors, we don't publish political, entertainment and sports news. We focus completely on business, finance and the economy and we will continue to do so. We are reinventing ourselves for the digital age.” 


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