Sony Music study decodes Indians based on their music consumption

The Sony Music Segmentation Study introduces a first-of-its-kind consumer segmentation model called ‘FECI’ & reveals insights on the music consumption habits & trends across different consumer segments

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Updated: Jul 19, 2014 10:17 AM
Sony Music study decodes Indians based on their music consumption

Sony Music has unveiled its ‘India Segmentation Study’, the country’s first and largest research undertaken to analyse psychographic and demographic profiling of Indian audiences based on their music consumption patterns. It offers a never seen before insight into the life of a consumer over-layed with their music preferences.

Sony Music Segmentation Study is researched and conceptualised by the International Insight Team at Sony Music UK and India, along with market research giant GMI (Global Market Insite) with the objective of providing audience insight and music trends across different consumer segments.

A nationally representative sample size of 7,500+ consumers aged 13+ across 23 cities were asked a series of question statements and choices, including their hobbies interests and hundreds of artist, brands, retailer and media outlets they regularly interact with.

The study uncovers 28 unique segments of music consumers classified under a model called as FECI – Fanatic, Enthusiast, Casual and Indifferent – based on how central music is to their lives. The trend study also researched the usage and consumption habits, music spends by teenagers in urban cities, music discovery patterns across age groups, music consumed on a daily basis, brands consumers admire and spend on with respect to music and the role it plays in marketing and advertising.

Commenting on the study, Shridhar Subramaniam, President, India & Middle East - Sony Music said, “The consumers of music are a poorly researched and understood segment. Though music is central to most Indians and the music industry in India has grown exponentially very little has been invested into understanding how they discover, behave and interact with music and artists. Sony Music India Segmentation Study is the first in-depth and extensive research that digs deep into the music consumption habits of consumers to understand trends, preferences and lifestyle choices. These insights can be leveraged by artists, marketers and brands to talk to consumers more effectively.”

The classification:

Fanatic: Everything in the Fanatic’s life seems to be tied up with a deep-seated passion for music. Fanatics tend to be the heaviest consumers of music and spend more time and money feeding their habit than any other group.

Enthusiasts: Keenness for music is a key part of life for Enthusiasts, but such interest is rarely obsessive (as it can be with Fanatics). Enthusiasts are keen to discover new music, but rarely venture too far off the beaten path to find it. They often look to Fanatics for recommendations. Enthusiasts usually have a diverse range of interests and like to be plugged into several passion-fields at once, rather than wholly committed to just music.

Casuals: The Casuals represent an important market for music-related products. Although they don’t spend as much on music as Fanatics and Enthusiasts, the large number of music Casuals makes them a valuable market. They use music as a soundtrack or background to driving, working out, studying, or socialising, etc.

Indifferents: The Indifferents are the biggest group of music consumers. In general, the older you are, the more likely you’ll be a member of the Indifferent group. Music doesn’t play a significant role in the lives of the Indifferent.

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