Learn from trends in int'l markets: Nandan Nilekani

Indians are going from being static to being mobile, with various changes taking place in demographics, technology, etc., says Nandan Nilekani

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Updated: Aug 8, 2012 8:07 PM
Learn from trends in int'l markets: Nandan Nilekani

In the world today where there are not just content providers, but also telecom players, OTT players and Walgarden players operating in the same space, it is extremely tough to figure out the interplay between these entities and figure out one’s own space. But the advantage in India is that we can look at the trends elsewhere and see what best measures can be taken to move fast.

Modern India is about mobility. “Indians are going from being static to being mobile,” remarked Nandan M Nilekani, Chairman, Unique Identification Authority of India, Planning Commission, Govt of India. Throwing light on the India of today, he noted that literacy rate in the country is growing, while English is increasingly becoming the inspirational language. More and more children are going to private schools. He saw a large number of people migrating from rural to urban areas in the next 20-30 years.

Nilekani pointed out that there are two different demographic trends existing in the country today – one part of India which is very young and one part which is ageing rapidly.

Technology is playing a big role in bringing about mobility. Nilekani pointed out that the power of technology doubles every 18 months. Giving power to the people is the high mobile penetration in the country. With mobile devices becoming cheaper, more feature rich and having more storage capacity, the way people are communicating and accessing information and various services are changing.

While people are getting news and information from digital media as well, the power of print has not diminished, Nilekani noted, adding that readership is going up. He further said that there is a lesson to be learnt from what is happening to print in the West, where the medium is on the decline with ads shifting to the digital medium. “I think, rather than seeing it as print versus digital, it should be about how do we see ourselves as trusted brands,” he added.

Nandan M Nilekani was expressing his views on the topic ‘Succeeding in a Volatile Environment’ at 6th International News Media Association (INMA) South Asia conference, being held in New Delhi on August 7 and 8, 2012.

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