We’re the highest spender in our category: Chandru Kalro, MD, TTK Prestige

Innovation and connecting with customers in all ways possible is their mantra for successful marketing communication

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Updated: Dec 11, 2017 8:47 AM

With new products being rolled out, the TTK Prestige team plans to stick to their marketing mantra of innovation and being present anywhere their consumers go. Since 20 years, this has helped them to make a mark in the industry. In conversation with Chandru Kalro, Managing Director of TTK Prestige, where he tells us about their marketing plans, signing Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan as brand ambassadors, launching new products and focusing on rural areas. Excerpts:

You earlier had the young Bachchan couple as your brand ambassadors. Why do we not see them endorsing your product any longer?
We had a contract with them for three years. We didn’t renew it because firstly we were going into ‘Clean Home’. Secondly, we wanted to see which way the brand must take a direction. Once we’re very clear, then we’ll see if there’s a need for celebrities and only then go back to celebrities.

Yours is a rather cluttered space, how do you differentiate yourself from others?

What we try and do is actually have a mascot in each of our category. For example, we just brought out the ‘clip-on’ pressure cooker, which is completely unique. If you take our non-stick cooker, we’ll be the only ones giving a five layered non stick coating. We have won a Red Dot on the gas stove that we manufactured with a lot of international technology. And, we are the only kitchen appliance maker in India to ever win a Red Dot. So it’s purely based on differentiation, innovation and then communicating all this.

What sort of marketing mix do you follow?

See, today if you look at our marketing, there is ATL (Above-the-line), BTL (Below-the-line) and digital. In BTL, we work a lot on merchandising, displays, promoters, etc. In ATL, we are available on all the mass channels depending on what product it is and also on the niche channels, news channels and lifestyle channels because we have a lot of products in those lines too. In digital, we’re using a lot of engagement videos. For example, we’ve done over 100 videos with chefs to use our products and do gourmet recipes. We engage with bloggers, again for them to bring out recipes using our products. That’s another engagement that we do. We use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In all, you’ll see digital doing about 10% of our overall, ATL going 70% and BTL going 20%.

You just launched a range of products. What is your marketing plan for these?

This one requires demonstration, the electric mop atleast. The other one (water purifier) would be a mass market. We want to make sure customers use it, feel the comfort of it and only then buy it. So, we’ll be doing a lot of field activities. So more and more events, direct contact and exhibitions is what we are looking at.

Broadly speaking, what has been your marketing strategy at Prestige?

Clearly, innovate and be available wherever the consumer is. For example, look at the number of different channels we are on, whether it is modern format, B2B, departmental stores, rural, or even teleshopping. So wherever the consumer is going, we want to be on it. And that has always worked well for us.

What are your marketing plans going ahead?

Well, the brand is extremely strong. We are very keen to segment urban and rural separately. It doesn’t mean we’re going to give cheap products to rural. Rural aspirations are increasing. Key is to understand the consumers and give them solutions. Brand building is something we’ve been very consistent with. We spend an ‘x’ amount of our revenues consistently regardless of it being a good year or a bad year, it is something we’ve always for the last 20 years. We’re the highest spender in our category, against any competitor. We make sure our top-of-the-mind recall is the highest.

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