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Neil Barman, Chief Growth Officer, Yellow.ai, spoke about CX Revolution at The Maddies Awards 2021

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Updated: Nov 30, 2021 4:16 PM
Neil Baram

The influence of digitization in customer experience reminds Neil Barman, Chief Growth Officer, Yellow.ai, of the term - Digital Darwinism, who spoke about CX Revolution at The Maddies Awards 2021– the seventh edition of the Mobile Marketing Awards, hosted by exchange4media Group. 

Barman highlighted how we have lived through the renaissance experience in the last two and a half years and how it has changed the way we interact, shop, and live today. He added that it has really brought us to the CX revolution or an experience revolution, not only for our brands but for us as well, and has redefined our everyday life. 

He shared, “We are moving in an experience from being reactive to being more proactive and some of the campaigns that I have very closely seen and experienced have been more or less proactive in the outreach. Today we have seen conversation being automated and being consumed across different channels and different languages.”

Barman further shared that it takes years to build an experience and just a tweet to tarnish it. He also shared the famous Rolls Royce story with the audience - where a Maharaja used Roll Royce for sanitization of his palace in Mysore after he was turned down from purchasing one from its showroom in London. The conversation sparked over a tweet about an incident that happened more than 100 years ago. “The bad experience that Rolls Royce at once gave to Maharaja had again come back to haunt with the experience they offer today.” 

He asked the audience, "Which app do you think your target group opens 25 times in a day? Do you know how many times you consciously or unconsciously use a bot today? 

He then said, “To answer this, I'll introduce you to my friend Yellow.ai - a global citizen or global citizen enabler,” he said. “We learned it the hard way when we started powering MCGM. In terms of the volume of conversations and the nature of the conversation that started surfacing on the platform. So automation from a standpoint of care, commerce and support is provided on a singular platform today. Probably the colour of the change that we see in automation has somehow turned to Yellow, and it has been emboldened by almost 1000 plus brands, 4 billion-plus quarterly conversations that we are seeing getting automated, 60% of this automation is actually happening within a timeframe of less than 30 days that shows the agility in our automation or the way we are trying to drive conversation automation among brands. We want everything spontaneous. We are living in an instantaneous economy and probably from a business standpoint also we are looking at doing all our automation within a time span of 30 days or less.” 

He further added that in terms of making that experience more colloquial, more vernacular on a platform of their choice, and spontaneously at a time when customers are looking to interact, whether it be shopping, payment, delivery, or just a general query by them, Yellow makes it happen. 

While sharing another story of BYJU'S, he said, "When we started working with BYJU'S about three years ago, our first target group was a non-adult category and we started getting queries on the bot - How can I achieve the first rank in my class? So it doesn't have to do with only queries which a brand can answer. It has to be about automation along with the use of human intelligence and that's what we offer today. We combine the power of human intelligence and AI, with active learning to deliver on-demand customer experience at scale. We are amplifying a whisper and the way we are doing it is by redesigning the entire experience journey that a brand goes through along with its consumers.”

Further talking about Voice Automation, he said that it has taken over most of our repetitive or daily life activities. Be it a banking task or hospitality, we have seen a tremendous shift, especially during this pandemic or in the era where we shifted towards automation doing most of our work. “We saw Voice taking over most of our queries and solving it for us. Loyalty has been made automated, bringing in a conversational layer on the loyalty applications which sits in the backend, as an enterprise application has given brands the opportunity to give this spontaneous experience to consumers today."

He later ended the presentation on Yellow, talking about the way they amplify campaigns by bringing experience on multiple platforms. “From a phase of discovery to private messaging or even enabling the conversion to happen is what we are today enabling on Instagram. So not only on engagement, the automation we do today goes all the way till conversion and that's how we enable commerce even on the platform.”

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