We are investing in programmatic advertising to drive revenue growth: Director, Amar Ujala

Probal Ghosal of Amar Ujala Publications Ltd says creating a convergence story & innovating interactions are two important factors that differentiate them from competitors

e4m by Apeksha Mishra
Published: Sep 24, 2018 8:55 AM  | 7 min read

With the rising trend of online content consumption in the country, much of digital India today is being driven by the fast growing multilingual Internet user base. Along with rapid penetration of smartphones, video consumption in regional languages has turned out to be a fast-expanding market. Speaking on these lines, in an interview to exchange4media, Probal Ghosal, Director, Amar Ujala Publications Ltd narrated how their online brand focusing more on videos was implementing technology driven measures in their content in order to overcome the challenge of customising content according to the changing needs of the audience.

He also mentioned how the brand was adopting programmatic advertising format that is now shaping the future of digital marketing and online advertising. Ghosal mentioned the brand was looking at boosting the website’s monetisation and further generate faster revenue growth.

Edited Excerpts:

Take us through your core brand values that justify the credibility behind the sole brand name.

Amar Ujala stands for credibility, honesty, integrity and neutrality. Amar Ujala.com, which is an extension of Amar Ujala paper provides its readers with content they can trust. The creative content that we deliver comes with a promise for our readers such that others also rely on us in their quest for authentic content. Fake news being an existential crisis in social media, it is necessary for publishers like us to create brand trust in order to win customer loyalty. We look forward to changing the paradigm where readership isn’t bought by sensationalising news anymore. While we continue to work on placing few editorial checks and balances into practice, we are focused on delivering our promise to the readers be it on website or mobile-app.

What are the differentiating factors that help Amar Ujala stand out from its competitors?

Our attention is on news sustainability while delivering content to the readers. Creating a convergence story and innovating our interaction are two important factors that differentiate us from our competitors. Our stories in the print domain are covered widely on our website and video section as well for today’s digital savvy audience. Through this editorial convergence our aim is to provide our consumers with more content giving them multiple perspectives on a particular story through all mediums online, video and print.

On the other hand, we are also focusing on innovating our engagement with consumers by implementing technology driven measures in our content. Through this we aim to connect the interactivity of our newspaper with digital. The QR code feature in our big stories on print, once scanned leads the user to our website giving him an experience of both reading and visualising the story through online video at the same time.

Engaging with the audience in the right manner is of utmost importance to us.

The target audience for Amar Ujala app is majorly established out of tier-2 and tier-3 cities. What are some of the challenges when it comes to digital marketing?

Today, video content has been found to be more engaging and attractive compared to any other medium. 500 million users today are vernacular users compared to that of 150 million users of English on digital. With video consumption in regional languages being higher in tier 2-3 cities, it provides us with more opportunities in the video business. Also, with the growing mobile market, online video content consumption is growing by the day.

The mind set of users in tier-2 and tier-3 cities is very different from those living in urban areas. The challenge here is to customise the content as per the habits of our readers. Amar Ujala.com’s interactive television feature helps us engage efficiently with our consumers.

We have come up with a feature called ‘City app’ which helps our users stay updated and informed about news as per the city they are located in. As of now, the feature is limited to our footprint serving seven locations and the districts around them. While we are looking at broadening our target market, currently the app is functional in cities including Agra, Kanpur, Varanasi, Lucknow, Allahabad, and Chandigarh. The app supports users to customise their news feed as per the information breaking in that particular city. Besides this, it also provides utility based information such as whereabouts of restaurants, movie halls, medical emergency, blood banks etc.

What is Amar Ujala.com’s content marketing strategy?

Our content marketing is primarily based on two business models. One wherein we create small videos covering different genres be it comedy, entertainment, lifestyle, news, etc. in order to engage with our users. Second, we believe in a user’s collaborative business model, wherein consumers take part in creating video content and thereby drive content through our platform. For example, the launch of Amar Ujala Kavya.com has put together video content in poetry across cultures with the participation of several poets in India. At times, we also invite few selective poets to our studio in order to conduct an interactive session, which is then aired on our website. Users can both engage and participate through this medium.

How will features like audio, localisation and Khush Khabar segment help attract more consumers versus the outreach your competitors have?

We believe that content should speak. The audio feature is quite similar to a moving radio. This audio feature supports users in having the article read out aloud instead of having to read it all by themselves. One can avail the audio option while driving, cooking or making transactions online.

With the ‘Khush Khabar’ section, our positioning here is to bring good news to our readers, thereby creating a happy environment around them while crime rates are soaring high in cities. Stories and videos in this segment can be in the form of a feature idea, a news piece or lifestyle content that unfurls good vibes.

What percentage of Amar Ujala's ad spend is on digital? Name some significant digital spend that has contributed in leveraging the brand's efficiency and has maximised its reach.

Our digital ad spend is growing exponentially, therefore making the website Amar Ujala.com a profit making business. However, it’s time to spend more on technology, new resources, upcoming platforms, engage more in video to be able to cater to the growing interests of our readers. As digital is here to create a difference, the integration of online with our print brand will help us maximise our reach and opportunity, both. We are looking at creating a common audience piece where in consumers can refer to our paper and website both at the same time for more content. Therefore, through our digital presence we aim to make use of metrics and apply cross-media audience measurement measures to evaluate our combined audience viewership. This will further leverage our engagement with brands, advertisers and agencies.

What are some of your key digital strategies for the next five years?

The road map is clear for us. Amar Ujala.com is primarily looking to grow on video, editorial convergence, interactive TV and by localising content. With our focus for the next few years being on revenue maximisation, we are efficiently investing in programmatic advertising, which is certainly the need of the hour. As we connect with brands on digital, it’s crucial for them to be aware of our target audience and the brand positioning of Amar Ujala.com in respective areas. Therefore, with a guaranteed opportunity through programmatic, publishers and brands consuming ads, going ahead we will be able to see more value in our brand name. With such key digital strategies not only will we be able to boost our website monetisation but also drive faster revenue growth for our online brand.

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Market dynamics are in favour of D2C brands: Bhavik Vasa, GetVantage

In this edition of e4m's D2C Revolution series, Vasa, Founder of GetVantage guides entrepreneurs about the different avenues of raising capital and the need to have a financial 'toolkit'

By Sohini Ganguly | Sep 26, 2023 8:50 AM   |   2 min read

e4m D2C Sohini Ganguly Bhavik Vasa

“There could not have been a better time than now, in India, to build a brand,” said Bhavik Vasa, Founder, GetVantage as he engaged in a conversation with exchange4media for its D2C Revolution series.

Vasa shares that in today’s time, a D2C brand in any category can literally be started from the kitchens and garages of homes. “There has been a commoditization around technology, around digital marketing and reach, distribution has become simpler and seamless. It has become a level playing field for an Indian challenger brand, to compete with any global player,” he said.

Market dynamics at the moment are playing in favour of D2C brands, Vasa shared. “I tell the brands under my portfolio that D2C is a channel. It is probably the starting point for emerging brands to get in. The founders need to look at themselves as an insurgent brand, rather than just a D2C brand, which means even if you’re not omnichannel, you at least have to be multichannel,” he added.

Speaking of challenges that the D2C brand founders are facing, Vasa shared that the lack of awareness around raising capital is the one and only challenge facing the founders at the moment.

“The founders need to be aware that there are multiple options to raise capital. They need to have a financial toolkit, which allows them to see that while equity capital may be needed in some cases early on, the growth capital may be raised via different alternatives like revenue-based financing, cash flow-based funding, etc.,” he explained.

Delving deeper into revenue-based financing, Vasa advises that founders need to build a business that is at least revenue-generating. He says that not every business has to be profitable from day 1, but it needs to be able to generate revenue month on month.

Speaking about localisation being a rising trend in the D2C space, Vasa says that there is growth in every direction. “When a brand knows what it stands for, and which segment it is catering to, it will define whether the brand has to go deeper into India, or go on a global level outside India,” he said.

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It’s crucial to live up to the promises your brand makes: Sanjiv Mehta

Mehta, Former CEO & MD of Hindustan Unilever, addressed the winners of IMPACT Top 30 Under 30 2023

By e4m Staff | Sep 26, 2023 8:51 AM   |   4 min read

impact sanjiv mehta

Sanjiv Mehta, Former CEO & MD of Hindustan Unilever, was the Chief Guest at the tenth edition of IMPACT Top 30 Under 30 awards. He gave a special address and answered questions posed by the winners of the coveted list.

Addressing the question of gender diversity in workplaces and the challenges female professionals face due to intangible prejudices, like male group dynamics and token diversity appointments in leadership roles, Mehta shared, “I believe that humanity has done injustice to women. If you go back to the past, women were equal partners. But over the years, there has been injustice. When I took over as the CEO of HUL, we had 18 per cent women in management. When I left, we had 46 per cent. And a clear pathway that in another two years, we will be gender-balanced. When it comes to women, they don't have to be like men to succeed. They have to be absolutely comfortable in their skin. They bring in strengths which men don't have, and they will be able to blossom only when they are able to play to their strengths. Organizations focus on how to help people improve their development needs. But beyond a certain point, that's the wrong way to look at it. We need to ask ourselves how we play to a person's strengths. When you're comfortable in your own skin, you will excel in what you do.”

He further highlighted the importance of gender diversity in the consumer goods industry, emphasizing the strong business case for having women represented in management roles, “I'm from the consumer goods industry. Consider this: 75% of decisions are made by women, and most of our consumers are women. It's crucial to reflect our consumer base in our management team for a strong business case, regardless of social justice concerns. Before India and South Asia, I ran Unilever's business in North Africa and the Middle East. In 2008, there were only two women in our Saudi office. Today, Saudi Arabia, under Mohammed bin Salman, is more progressive. When I left as chair of North Africa Middle East, 48 per cent of the office was comprised of women. We aimed to make Unilever Arabia the best workplace for women, following country laws for separate spaces, though the women we recruited rarely used them due to the comfort we provided. So today the world is at your feet. I don't think, at least in my lifetime, there's been a better opportunity for women to succeed in India and the world at large,” he said.

Mehta discussed the enduring relevance of established brands and the key factors of purpose and performance in branding. “First and foremost, it's crucial to approach business with the perspective that it can be a force for good and that brands, in particular, can also serve this purpose. Many people mistakenly believe that traditional brands are no longer relevant, but it's essential to recognize that brands are here to stay. From a brand perspective, purpose is a key factor, followed by performance. In today's world, driven by technology and personalization, brands must have a clear point of view, one that aligns with the essence of the brand itself. This doesn't mean merely adopting a viewpoint for the sake of it, but rather articulating something that resonates with the brand's identity. Your brand's vision and actions must move in harmony; otherwise, consumers will quickly notice the disconnection,” he shared.

Citing an example of Lifebuoy during the COVID-19 pandemic, he illustrated the significance of aligning brand messaging with its core purpose, he explained, “Consider timeless brands like Lifebuoy, for instance, which centres around the concept of family health. During the first wave of COVID-19, while most of us were at home, essential goods like Lifebuoy continued production. In a virtual factory visit, a blue-collar worker demonstrated the brand's purpose by showing a bar of Lifebuoy soap, emphasizing its role in protection. This exemplifies what purpose-driven branding is all about - when consumers can associate your product with its intended purpose. However, it's crucial to live up to the promises your brand makes. If you are asked to create advertising that deviates from your product's functionality or the essence of your brand, firmly reject it. Staying true to your brand's promise, values, and alignment with product functionality allows for creative marketing that resonates with consumers, ultimately building strong brands that connect with the hearts and minds of your audience. Stick to your values.”

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Reliance Foundation urges fans to wish Indian contingent the very best at the Asian Games

The campaign has been brought to life by Ogilvy India

By e4m Staff | Sep 25, 2023 4:19 PM   |   3 min read

Reliance Foundation

The 19th Asian Games has over 650 Indian athletes, its biggest contingent ever, representing the country at the continent’s showpiece event. Reliance Foundation has launched the #LehraDoTeamIndia campaign to celebrate the Indian athletes and encourage the fans to get behind them with the iconic 'Lehra Do' cry as they aim to seek glory for the nation and make the tricolour fly high in Hangzhou, China.

The campaign features some of India’s most decorated and celebrated athletes as well as athletes who will be appearing at the Asian Games for the first time and have immense promise. Among the stars to feature in the campaign are two-time Olympic medalist PV Sindhu as well as hockey legends PR Sreejesh and Sushila Chanu. It also features veterans Achanta Sharath Kamal (Table Tennis) and Virdhawal Khade (Aquatics), who have represented India at multiple Asian Games. Avinash Sable (Steeplechase) will be looking to add an Asian Games medal to his Commonwealth Games medal from last year, while Tejaswin Shankar (Decathlon) will look to add a decathlon medal to his bronze in high jump from the Commonwealth Games last year. 

The campaign also has an eye on the future by including Shaili Singh (Long Jump), Anupama Upadhyaya (Badminton), Simranjeet Kaur (Archery), Mayuri Lute (Cycling) and Yash Tushir (Wrestling), who will all be making their first appearance at the Asian Games but are already among the brightest talents in the country. Abhinav Bindra, the 1st Indian to win an individual Gold at the Olympics, also headlines the campaign. The campaign has been brought to life by Ogilvy India. 

Reliance Foundation athletes seek glory at Asian Games: Reliance Foundation’s athletes have been in fine form this year, putting in impressive displays at the World Championships in athletics and boxing, the Asian Athletics Championships as well as the World University Games. 

  • A total of 19 athletes from the Reliance Foundation will be competing at the Asian Games this year, including Lovlina Borgohain, Jyothi Yarraji, Amlan Borgohain, Jinson Johnson, Manika Batra, Shiva Thapa, Man Singh, Mohammed Afsal, Gulveer Singh, Kartik Kumar, Dhruv Kapila, Anupama Upadhyaya, Simranjeet Kaur, Vicky, Mrinal Chauhan, Tushar Shelke, Ganemat Sekhon, Palak Gulia and Kishore Kumar Jena. 

Reliance Foundation also runs the largest corporate sports programs for the development of sports across the nation. Reliance Foundation’s Sports for Development initiatives have been helping kids across the nation to help achieve their sports dreams. These sports programs have a mass reach - promoting inclusivity, providing sponsorships, and sports science and nutrition assistance for the elite as well as promising upcoming athletes. 

Reliance Foundation celebrates the spirit of sports – joy, health, grit, determination, winning and losing. And works to ensure that more and more children and youth from all sections of society are able to play sports and, in the process, build a fitter, stronger and more active India. Our initiatives have touched the lives of over 22 million young people since 2013 across the country from 13,000+ schools and colleges, enabling an opportunity for a talented kid anywhere to be able to achieve their dream of a career/glory in sports. We are especially committed to ensuring more presence and success of girl and women athletes in India and design our programmes in a manner that offers them maximum opportunities. At Reliance Foundation, we hope to be the wind beneath the wings of Indian sportspersons and help them reach their true potential. For more information please follow us on  https://www.rfyouthsports.com/

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IMPACT unveils Top 30 under 30 list, 2023

The 30 winners have been selected from 150+ nominations

By e4m Staff | Sep 25, 2023 9:17 PM   |   3 min read

impact 30

IMPACT Top 30 Under 30 has year after year commemorated the most talented young agency professionals in the A&M space. The flagship property of IMPACT Magazine by the exchange4media Group celebrated the future of the industry in a glittering ceremony attended by top industry professionals, as well as some of the most illustrious names who have been on the list over the past decade. In its tenth edition, the emphasis on Digital is even more pronounced when compared to the previous editions, as the industry races forward at lightning speed.

IMPACT Top 30 Under 30 this year brings to the fore professionals, who are under 30 years of age and yet are accomplished entrepreneurs or gifted admen and women. The importance of these young minds lies in the fact that they look at the world through a different lens, a more modern, and updated one. Their version of truth, reality, and society is what actually matters because they will be the champions of the future. It is pertinent that we understand and recognise their talent.

While addressing the listers of 2023, Dr. Annurag Batra, Editor-in-Chief, exchange4media, and Chairman, BW Businessworld, had some words of wisdom. He said, "Keep climbing Mount Everests in your life, but do not forget to help people."

This year the award features young professionals from varied backgrounds. We have listers from five creative agencies, six Digital agencies, two marketing agencies, one long-form content studio, one ad tech, and two content agencies, among others. The even better news is that some of these are young entrepreneurs who have started their own journey, managing to create a strong impact.

Sanjiv Mehta, the former Chairman of HUL, who was also the Chief Guest at the event, answered questions posed by the listers of 2023. While answering a question on balancing ethics and selling products, he said, "You have to come from a perspective that business and brands are a force for good. Many times, people think that the age of brands is over, but they are completely wrong. When you look at it from a brand's perspective, the most important things are purpose, performance, and in today's world, personalisation. Your 'brand say', and 'brand do', have to move in tangent. If you do not, you will be called out."

Among the 30 winners, we have 12 women listers, and 19 men listers, selected from 150+ nominations. This does not add up to 30, because for the first time we have two joint winners, co-founders of a successful Digital consultancy. The scope of work featured this year transcends that of previous years, as it should.

It is safe to say that at IMPACT, we try to oppose Irish writer, George Bernard Shaw’s cynical quote, “youth is wasted on the young.” Presenting IMPACT Top 30 Under 30 2023 list.

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Yuva Kabaddi Series 2023 onboards CARS24 as title sponsor

The series is scheduled from September 24 to October 22

By e4m Staff | Sep 25, 2023 1:33 PM   |   1 min read


Yuva Kabaddi Series has joined hands with CARS24 as its title sponsor for its upcoming monsoon edition, scheduled from September 24 to October 22.

The series will witness the participation of emerging talents from more than sixteen states, providing them with a professional platform to showcase their skills and compete at the national level.

“We are glad to partner with CARS24 whose remarkable global footprint and unwavering market leadership underscore their commitment to advancing innovation and fostering agility. This exciting partnership not only brings us together but also marks the start of an exciting journey where we're ready for rapid growth of the sport and many exciting opportunities ahead. The partnership will play a key role in shaping the future of Indian kabaddi,” commented Suhail Chandhok, Co-Founder, Yuva Kabaddi Series.

"Kabaddi embodies the essence of great teamwork, unwavering determination, boundary-pushing, and a relentless pursuit of powerful performance and excellence. At CARS24, we resonate deeply with these values as we continue to revolutionise the autotech industry. Through our partnership with the Yuva Kabaddi Series, our mission is crystal clear: to inspire the next generation of athletes, empowering them to chase their dreams with the same unwavering determination and fearlessness that defines CARS24. We eagerly anticipate a season filled with exciting matches and a journey marked by the values of collaboration, perseverance, and ultimate triumph!," said Gajendra Jangid, Co Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, CARS24.

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Humans of Bombay copyright row explained

The photoblog platform has filed a lawsuit against People of India over 'copyright infringement'

By e4m Staff | Sep 25, 2023 1:33 PM   |   5 min read


Chaos broke loose on over the weekend when the much-celebrated photoblog Humans of Bombay (HoB) was in the news for filing a lawsuit against People of India (PoI) for copyright infringement.

According to the plaintiff, PoI copied HoB's storytelling format, which showcases human interest stories centred on photographs of ordinary people. The plea also mentioned that PoI lifted films from HoB's Instagram account without seeking permission first.

The Delhi High Court has issued a summons to People of India and has scheduled the hearing for October 11.

Considering HoB is itself inspired by Humans of New York (HoNY), the irony of the situation was not lost on anyone. After news broke of HoB's lawsuit, the internet had a field day trolling HoB and its founder Karishma Mehta.

History of Humans of Bombay

Mehta founded HoB in 2014 as a Facebook page, which was then expanded onto other platforms. The posts are centred on evocative photographs accompanied by compelling stories of the subjects. They often go viral on social media, owing to the nature of the stories, which often have an element of sensationalism.

Eventually, the page was monetised, giving room for brands to cash in on the popularity of the platform. HoB also saw some controversies with some users accusing it of showcasing one-sided stories. The biggest controversy came in 2022, when the page started crowdfunding for a middle-class girl who wished to study at Harvard. Calling the campaign a scam, many netizens also questioned the veracity of the girl's claims and HoB's complicity in them.

Founder Karishma Mehta's viral video where she defended her "self-made" tag also didn't sit well with the netizens. Mehta's claim that she founded HoB with a Rs one lakh "loan" from her father was ridiculed as tone-deaf since many pointed out that she came from a privileged family."

Supposed financial records of HoB shared on social media show that the company made a Profit After Tax of over Rs 3 crore in 2022. However, the authenticity of the records cannot be individually verified

Copyright controversy

On Friday, news broke that HoB filed a lawsuit against PoI for copyright infringement. It didn't take too long for Brandon Stanton, the founder of HoNY, to chime in with a tweet. 

The tweet has been shared close to 8,000 times till now with most of the posts coming in support of Stanton and bashing HoB. "HoB is not an appropriation but actually an insult to your work. It’s embarrassing that it exists and this action of their founder to sue someone else for the same stuff they’re doing reeks of insecurity," wrote one commentator.

Eagle-eyed netizens also noted that HoB has also copied HoNY's bio on Instagram. To add more to the controversy, an old video of Mehta, claiming to have "stumbled" upon the idea of HoB has also gone viral.

After Stanton put HoB on full blast on Twitter, the issue received nationwide and global attention. Social media is also rife with stories of people claiming to be former employees and clients of HoB.

People were particularly irked by HoB's sarcastic rebuttal to Stanton.

The company soon backtracked by following up with a mollified version of the statement, clarifying that PoI was sued for intellectual property theft and not for appropriating the storytelling style.

In the post, HoB expressed gratitude towards Brandon Stanton and HoNY for pioneering the storytelling movement. It also noted that it intended to settle the matter amicably before the matter was taken to court.

Who is Brandon Stanton?

Brandon Stanton is an American author, photographer, and blogger who kickstarted the Humans of New York photoblog. He has authored the book Humans of New York and was named Time magazine's "30 Under 30 People Changing The World" in 2013.

Who is Karishma Mehta?

According to Karishma Mehta's public profile, she is described as a "writer and photographer." Apart from founding HoB, she has also authored a book titled Humans of Bombay much like Stanton, and is a TEDx presenter.

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BC Web Wise wins digital creative mandate for Joy Personal Care

The agency will drive brand love with innovative creatives across digital platforms

By e4m Staff | Sep 25, 2023 11:55 AM   |   1 min read


Joy Personal Care has joined hands with BC Web Wise as its digital marketing agency. The mandate was won after a multi-agency pitch process initiated by Joy Personal Care. The agency will drive brand awareness and consideration across the product portfolio with creative, innovative, relatable content.

Speaking about having a new digital partner, Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer of Joy Personal Care, says, “We believe in the natural beauty of women. We offer products that help maintain, not accentuate their natural beauty. We have ensured that our brand beliefs are at the core of our communication strategy over the years. Our strategy has been a reflection that beauty is not just about products; it’s about crafting experiences that resonate with our audience’s aspirations. With BC Web Wise’s creative brilliance and strategic insights, we are thrilled to embark on this new journey to redefine our connection with our clientele.”

On their appointment as partners, Chaaya Baradhwaaj, founder & MD of BC Web Wise, says, “We are honoured and excited to onboard a brand that has set standards of elegance for generations. Our mission is to amplify Joy Personal Care’s story through innovative storytelling and strategic digital campaigns that resonate with our loyal audience and new admirers.”

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