Watch: Brands need to create content, not communication: Amitabh Pande, IKEA

Strategic Planner, IKEA India on the relevance of content marketing in the success of an organisation and key performance indicators for a content marketing campaign

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Published: Oct 4, 2018 8:53 AM  | 2 min read

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Amitabh Pande, Strategic Planner, IKEA India, speaks to exchange4media about the relevance of content marketing to the success of an organisation and key performance indicators for a content marketing campaign. Pande believes that every brand needs a well thought-out content strategy and needs to bring that to life.

A detailed content marketing strategy is essential for the success of most organisations. Your thoughts?

The simple answer is yes. I think the real question is: what does that strategy means? As brands, we need to move from creating communication to creating content. Communication means speaking to consumers. Content creation, on the other hand, is done for the love of entertainment and engagement, and the brand is a part of it.

The second part in content strategy is the authenticity of what a brand stands for. It needs to reflect in the content. So, it is not about creating content only to sell, but creating content that brings the values to support what the brand stands for. If you call that a strategy, then yes, every brand needs a content strategy. If you look at most of the content that you consume today, you will realise that it is well thought-out and strategised. For example, if you look at the Marvel Avengers series, they have been working on their content strategy for the last 7-8 years. It is very well planned and deliberated. So this kind of a thinking is what you need.

What are the key performance indicators for a content marketing campaign?

From a brand’s point of view, there are two ways to look at it. First is whether the content is watched, loved and shared. Second is whether your brand affinity is growing over a period if you are constantly engaging with consumers through content. But again, the big word is: Not to look at it in a short term, but look at it in a long term over a period of time.


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