Video: Innovation is not one person’s job, but that of the entire organisation: Anuradha Aggarwal

Aggarwal, Category Director-Biscuits at Mondelez India Foods, talks about the importance of innovation in marketing and digital media as a marketing tool

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Published: Feb 12, 2015 8:51 AM  | 3 min read
Video: Innovation is not one person’s job, but that of the entire organisation: Anuradha Aggarwal

In this competitive world, innovation is the key to keep a brand relevant in market. Marketers need to be in regular touch with consumers, which many often forget. Anuradha Aggarwal, Category Director-Biscuits, Mondelez India Food Ltd, talks about the importance of innovation in marketing and the role of digital media in business. She stresses that innovation is not the job of one person, but can come from various sections of an organisation.

How do you keep a brand relevant to consumers in today’s world?

The best way of keeping a brand relevant in today’s world is innovation. Very often, we forget a consumer may change his/ her mind about your product. So, you need to be in touch with consumers to ascertain if they are liking your product or not. It is also keeping your product relevant both in terms of its positioning and packaging -- what you are putting inside it and the product itself. Finally, advertising must talk to consumers in a relevant manner. Today, a lot of people are doing purpose (driven advertising). Purpose has become a way of innovating, not just product. Innovation can come from various fields and not just products.

Is a marketer alone responsible for bringing innovation to a brand?

Innovation is not just one person’s job. It is the job of the entire organisation. The ideas can come from your salesman, consumers, research team, and of course, marketing. The innovator’s or a marketing person’s job is to find these insights, distil them and then give advertising agencies a brief so that they can develop an idea. And that is what is very important for us. It is a really tough one -- it’s not a science but an art. It is sometimes serendipitous, but the fact is that there has to be a discipline process of collecting insights of meeting consumers, making people come together in an innovation process and think about ideas, posing difficult questions for which answers can come through and then finally distilling these ideas through some sort of a funnel, which will take you to a new product or innovation.         

How important is digital as a tool for marketers today in India? 

Technology is the most ever-changing thing and it is not just one aspect to marketing that it’s influencing. It is influencing the way we collect ideas. The fact is that every idea is out there. You can surf the net and get a hundred ideas. There is innovation in marketing too -- the way you can get to people. The fact is that you can make a new ad every day and put it out there and millions of people can tell you whether they like it or don’t. Of course, you can engage with consumers, listen to what they are telling you and it is no longer about telling them about a piece of communication.

Digital technology can work in different ways. Mobile technology ensures that you get in touch with the consumer right away. But we need to learn to use these tools to get to the consumer. We need to learn as a collective, it is too new to know what the right way of doing it is. A lot of experiments are going on and we are going to keep experimenting with technology and make sure we keep doing the right thing.  

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