TV will be the most preferred medium for marketers: Anuj Poddar, Bajaj Electricals

At exchange4media's TV First Conference, Anuj Poddar, Executive Director, Bajaj Electricals and Nawal Ahuja, Co-Founder and Director, exchange4media Group spoke about why 'Television is Timeless'

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Updated: Feb 1, 2019 9:06 AM
Anuj Poddar

In a fireside chat session, at the TV First Conference, part of the 5th edition of the Prime Time Award, Anuj Poddar, Executive Director, Bajaj Electricals spoke about why TV is Timeless and how it remains the best medium for marketers. The session chair was moderated by Nawal Ahuja, Co-Founder and Director, exchange4media Group.

Largely, Poddar focused on why TV is still the preferred medium for marketers, despite digital footprints expanding rapidly. He began the session by explaining that, “Television is clearly the largest reach medium in India, it is the most effective medium in terms of reach, value power, it is the cheapest medium by far. If you compare TV to print, print is almost 25 to 40 times more expensive, depending on the CPT basis. If you compare it to digital, it is 5- 10 times more expensive, than TV as a buy”. TV is the most powerful, has the widest reach and is the best place to build a brand in the cheapest way, he expressed”

When asked, is it possible to have the same impact of ads, which ran only on digital and not on TV? Poddar replied, that according to BARC, TV reaches 836 million people in the country on a cumulative basis. On a daily basis, it reaches 613 million people. Single GEC’s reaches to 300 million people (cumulative basis). “Tell me a digital platform that reaches to so many viewers” he quipped.

Also, In terms of viewability, TV is not as measurable as compared to digital. When asked if this a concern for advertisers, when it comes to TV as a medium, he answered, “I have no belief in data in digital until it is reported by a third party. Television has a transparent 3rd party data, compare it to any other media; they don’t even have the third party data”.

Poddar also emphasized that the most powerful effect of digital advertising is, that you can have a straight click through. “You have digital sellers, who may advertise on digital, the consumer not only consumes the ad but clicks, comes to the website and buys something. The sellers who are interested in click through, are the online companies, Flipkart, Amazon etc”. “They have a very strong reason to advertise on digital only because they can attract a consumer, get them to consume their video, click it and become a subscriber, but where are these guys advertising the maximum. The biggest logical spenders on digital are advertising much more on TV, rather than digital”, he added.

Speaking about a brand’s advertising mix and what has changed and evolved with changing consumer habits, he opined, “Our brand was created through TV. Everybody who is grown up in the country, remember the Bajaj lighting ad. Brands are made on Television. Any brand you take in this country has been made on TV”. “Our mix for the last couple of years for specific reasons, have been BTL. However, the mix keeps changing with time, but in my view, TV will be the primary medium for spending, going forward, he added”.

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