There is lot of contextual advertising happening in the right moment: Zameer Kochar

Kochar, Head of Marketing & Member Engagement, on how JetPrivilege’s recent performance-driven campaign is aligned with the brand’s overall marketing strategy


JetPrivilege, the loyalty and rewards programme and the frequent flyer programme of Jet Airways, recently launched a thematic brand campaign ‘Your Passion can take you places’. 

The campaign has been aimed at accelerating the dreams and aspirations of its members, the central thought being that there are almost as many different passions as there are people and many have more than one.  ‘Your passion can take you places’, is based on the idea of overcoming barriers and debunking misconceptions about people being limited by their professions to pursue their aspirations. 

Zameer Kochar who heads Marketing & Member Engagement, JetPrivilege, chatted with exchange4media on how the performance-driven campaign is aligned with the brand’s overall marketing strategy. Kochar also opened up on the brand’s personalized advertising approach. 

“We, as a company, are very one-on-one, with individual-driven communication approach. We have a lot of data which we harness at a personalized level,” he said, stating that digital remains the lead medium for the brand. 

“We have a digital-first approach to our campaign because we can really narrow-caste, segment and target the relevant people. We’re doing programmatic displays and videos which goes on the mobile formats and is a part of the media mix too,” he added.  

Kochar said the current campaign was picking up momentum and had been envisaged to be a six to eight-week campaign. “The campaign is performance-driven and will assess the customer interest level being generated. Our marketing strategy from a business objective is around driving higher engagement with the existing members and creating awareness about the various new objectives of the brand,” he said. 

“Engaging with consumers is primary. So there is a lot of contextual advertising happening as per the affinity among audiences that we have created. Today consumers don’t follow a linear approach, there are multiple touch-points you have to cater to,” Kochar highlighted.

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