Toshiba is aggressively pursuing the B2B brand identity in India: Abhishek Mehta, Toshiba

Abhishek Mehta, Head of PR & Advertising, Toshiba India Pvt. Ltd, talks about the paradigm shift in the company’s brand identity, its ventures and its new global advertising campaign

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Updated: Mar 6, 2019 9:00 AM

Right from television sets to personal computers & laptops and even the bat of cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar, Toshiba has been a brand to reckon with. Toshiba worldwide is primarily known as a B2C company so people know us because of our televisions, our appliances, laptops, PC’s etc. However, the reality is that Toshiba is like a conglomerate. The brand has redefined its identity and launched a new global advertising campaign to tap the market.

Hoping to re-create the magic, Toshiba has dropped its old tagline ‘Leading Innovations’ and has now donned a new tagline ‘for a new day’ which is based on the newly adopted essence of Toshiba. The Essence of Toshiba is a statement of our unwavering credo as an organization. It has three components. The Basic Commitment of Toshiba Group, Our Purpose, and Our Values.. In an interview with exchange4media, Head of PR & Advertising, Toshiba India Pvt. Ltd, Abhishek Mehta talks about the paradigm shift in the company’s brand identity, its ventures and the new global advertising campaigns.



What is the vision behind the company’s new global brand identity the ‘Essence of Toshiba’?

Worldwide, Toshiba is primarily known as a B2C company. People know us because of our televisions, our appliances, laptops and PCs etc. However, the reality is that Toshiba is like a conglomerate. Now, we are a company which is into the energy and infrastructure sectors.  On the energy side, we are into power generation, power transmission & distribution and manufacturing of industrial batteries. On the infrastructure side, we have businesses such as elevator construction, water treatment and air conditioner manufacturing.

Toshiba has transformed from a B2C company to a B2B company. In 2018, the management decided to reinvent and redefine ourselves. We undertook an exercise wherein we wanted to articulate who we are, where do we stand and what is the essence of Toshiba. It was a global exercise. All our global communication teams were involved and we spent around six months to define ourselves, by way of crafting the Essence of Toshiba,  the cornerstone for rebuilding the Toshiba brand and our future.

Through our technology, which is providing energy to people and giving them infrastructure solutions, we are making life better for the people of the world. We are the ones who are ensuring that people get electricity, we are the ones who are ensuring that air conditioners are there, we are the ones who are giving clean water through our water treatment solutions, and we are giving a lot of transportation solutions.


When will the campaign be rolled out globally and when can we expect to see this campaign in India? Which countries will this campaign cover?

 We wanted to educate our employees first before we launch for the people outside. The internal campaign started around August 2018. In the first phase, we conducted a lot of face-to-face trainings. We created a lot of brand videos and held video conferences. Our managing directors addressed the employees to educate them and to introduce them to the new face of the brand. Then we launched the redefined brand for the outside world through our advertising campaign in the middle of December.

Though this is a global campaign, but our focus countries are Japan, India, China and Southeast Asia nations. The campaign in India rolled out in December-end 2018.


How are you looking to communicate the rebranding and new visual identity in India? How are you reaching out to your target consumers?

 India today is one of the most focused markets for Toshiba globally. It is one of the key markets for us. In fact, we are the ones who are supporting ‘Make in India’ and ‘Export from India’ programme of the government.  We have already set up few factories in India. We are making a huge investment in India.

At the India-level, for the last four years, we were running a campaign called Toshiba ‘For the next India’.


What kind of advertising plan do you have? How much do you plan to spend?

Financials will be difficult to tell, but in the B2B space, our closest competition would be GE, Siemens, Hitachi or Mitsubishi. We would surely be among the top spenders. We would be amongst the top advertisers within our industry. But giving absolute number would be difficult.


What can be expected from Toshiba in India in future?
Our biggest challenge today is to create awareness among the people of India that we are a B2B company. In the past, we have done a lot of advertising promoting our televisions and PCs. So, in India, people know us as a B2C company. There is a very high awareness of the brand. Our surveys show us that there are almost 90-95% awareness levels in India, but incidentally, the awareness is on the B2C side and not too much on the B2B side.

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