Pitch CMO Summit: Pidilite's Chandramouli Venkatesan spoke on Getting Better at Marketing

Venkatesan, CEO - Special Projects, Pidilite Industries delivered the Valedictory Address at the 11th edition of Pitch CMO Summit in Mumbai

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Updated: Mar 8, 2019 8:15 AM
Chandramouli venkatesan

At the 11th edition of Pitch CMO Summit Mumbai, Chandramouli Venkatesan CEO, Special Projects, Pidilite Industries delivered the Valedictory Address on ‘Getting Better at Marketing.’ He emphasised on the ways of getting better at marketing and the role of marketers as a strategist and an ecosystem manager.

Referring to his recent book titled ‘Get Better at Getting Better’, Venkatesan commenced his session by asking, ”What is it that differentiates a successful person from a less successful person?”  He talked about how he observed people and came to a conclusion on what successful people do differently. “Successful people have a place of continuous improvement, getting better on a continuous basis which is far higher than less successful people,” added Venkatesan.

The capability to improve is a continuous phenomenon amongst successful people, believes Venkatesan. Talking extensively about the ways to get better, Venkatesan added, “We learn from our experience, which includes the people we meet or the books we read. Based on that experience, we should be able to extract stuffs and put it in our heads in a manner where it is actionable for the future.” He further said, “Experience is not what we have done but the ability to respond to the future as a consequence of what we have done. It’s the Get Better Model. There are a couple of reasons why the area of not getting better is a blind spot. The first is the notion that if I work hard, I must be getting better. The second reason why we don’t focus enough on getting better is a lack of understanding on how age is impacting our ability to get better.” 

Discussing further on how bulk of our career happens when our learning ability is not at its best and how can we compensate for the deteriorating working ability at work, Vekatesan highlighted, “The first focus strategy for getting better is to be deliberate. The second strategy is to prioritise at getting better.”

He also discussed in detail on ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of getting better. What to get better at includes the methods of finding the answer and the core capabilities. “Great marketers are very good at methods to finding the answers,” added Venkatesan. Talking about the ‘how’ of getting better, he mentioned three key points which were - Get better by yourself, Get better by leveraging others, and Make others better. “Every activity and hour is a get better opportunity. In leveraging other resources, marketers must take help from experiential learning, expert learning as well as training books/ programs. In marketing, success equals effort multiplied by Get Better Model plus the efforts/capabilities of others,” said Venkatesan. 

Concluding his session on the need for marketers to be primarily a strategist and an ecosystem manager, Venkatesan added, “The skills of being a good marketer is not just marketing science and skills, but being good at getting work done by the ecosystem. As a marketer, mindset is crucial and plays a key role in getting better.”

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