Pitch CMO Summit: Duroflex MD Mathew Chandy decodes the power of personalization

Chandy spoke about the rise of Chinese companies and how they challenge already established technology giants such as Google

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Updated: Oct 7, 2019 9:03 AM


Mathew Chandy Duroflex

As a brand, Duroflex has the ability to give our customers the superpower of sleep, said Mathew Chandy, MD, Duroflex, while speaking at Pitch CMO Summit Chennai on Friday. Chandy was delivering the valedictory speech on the topic, The Power of Personalization.

He started his speech with interesting insights and facts about the power of sleep. “Sleep is a superpower which helps us perform better in terms of career and personal life,” Chandy said.

Speaking further on the topic of personalization, Chandy said, “We created a product called Sleepy Heads. Interestingly, it is one mattress that suits everyone, which is absolutely the opposite of personalization.”

“So, instead of choosing from many mattresses, we have this one product. The material used in this product are responsive to your body. We customized the product to suit every body type. The other thing we are working on is a mattress where customers can engage with the product and keep transforming the products on a day to day basis. Comfort is such a personal matter and we are working on collecting data for this particular product. Customers can work on changing the look and feel of the product to get better sleep and use the superpower,” he elaborated.

Chandy further spoke about the rise of Chinese companies and how they challenge the already established technology giants such as Google.

“TikTok is the new company on the block. In India, they got 145 million active monthly users in 10 months. Google’s YouTube have 24-250 million users after 15 years. Companies such as TikTok are that powerful and viable and as marketers we should use and favour these companies,” Chandy said.

“In the last six months, TikTok generated a revenue of $8 billion and they are targeting $15-16 million this year. They are a smaller company than Facebook or WhatsApp but grown much better than them. The reason for the growth of TikTok, what I was told, is that they are more user friendly. Flipkart has jumped on the bandwagon and their Big Billion Sale was marketed on TikTok,” Chandy said.

“The Chinese companies are very different from the Silicon Valley companies such as Amazon, Google etc. because they just don’t do one thing, but they do super acts.”

Chandy elaborated further with an example of China’s multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app WeChat.

“WeChat is an all-in-one app and one speciality of this is that offline transactions can also be done using this app. The company collects data, analyses and personalizes it. They personalize it for the Chinese market and it is 3-5 times more than the data collected by the Silicon Valley companies and hence they are successful. They are using the superpower of technologies like Artificial Intelligence. It goes back to the fact that the Chinese government is not strict about collecting data. They allow to collect it and use it,” Chandy concluded. 

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