Phalada Pure & Sure launches The Clean Food Movement

The campaign has been conceptualised and spearheaded by Origami Creative

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Published: Feb 25, 2020 6:37 PM  | 4 min read
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Around the world, eating food less-travelled is becoming a way of life. Likewise adopting a minimalistic lifestyle, going organic or vegan, people are changing the way they eat. In this direction, Bangalore-based organic food brand, Phalada Pure & Sure has initiated the Clean Food Movement to raise awareness about the food around us and the way it is consumed. The campaign has been conceptualised and spearheaded by Origami Creative, a 19-year-young boutique creative & digital agency based in Bangalore.

Why the Movement?

Speaking about the brand’s challenge, Laeeq Ali, co-founder of Origami Creative, said, “While Pure & Sure organic food products have been favoured by consumers, we felt that there was a need for the brand to play a much bigger and relevant role in their consumers lives. And there is a deeper need to communicate the raison d’etre of the brand that would resonate with people.”

He added, “Our consumer behavior study showed that parents were more inclined to buy organic food when it involved the health of their kids and loved ones. Besides satisfying the basic need of hunger, what drove the purchase was also an innate human emotion to protect their loved ones from any harm rising out of food adulteration.”

The idea of Clean Food Movement stemmed from the simple belief that everybody on this planet deserves food that’s CLEAN – free of chemicals, pollutants, artificial ingredients and harmful additives. Food that you’d feed a child without a moment of hesitation.

The Phalada Group and the brand Pure & Sure clearly supported this vision of clean food with their wide range of products. With produce sourced from their local organic farms and processed at facilities under stringent conditions, the products guarantee purity, without any use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, additives or artificial ingredients. The match was seamless.

The Kids’ Protest

We’ve seen commercials of kids complaining about the taste or the choice of food, but in the Clean Food Movement film, we see a unique protest.  

The film portrays children questioning the ingredients present in their food. Especially those that are not visible to the naked eye. It seems that the young generation is asking the world why are they being fed adulterated food? Why are the adults turning a blind eye to it?

Laeeq Ali says, “When was the last time we looked at the food we’re eating without taking our eyes off our phones? Let alone look at the food pack or ingredients carefully! The film attempts to raise pertinent questions about the quality of food we consume these days. Critical questions that we, as responsible parents, are liable to answer the future generation.”

The message is clear. Are you eating clean? And how aware are you?

The Way Forward

Clean food is not just a need, it is everybody’s right. Besides raising awareness about the quality of food and its sourcing, the Clean Food Movement will drive discussions around on clean eating habits and their outcome. A collective voice is definitely the need of the hour to bring change in the way we consume food.

Speaking about the campaign, Managing Director of Phalada Pure & Sure, Surya Shastry said, “It is perhaps for the first time that a brand is spearheading discussions about clean food and raising awareness about the same. We aim to connect with schools, parents, experts in health as well as nutrition and organisations to take the discussion forward. People must pay attention to the food consumed and make sure that it is ethical, organic, and clean. This is our vision.”

The Community

In the days to come, the Clean Food Movement will bring together like-minded individuals, organisations, restaurants, brands, not-for-profit organisations to build awareness and extend their support to the campaign.

Health professionals, nutritionists, dieticians, fitness enthusiasts, parents, followers of zero-waste lifestyle, and organisations that care about clean food and the environment will join hands in the movement.

“We’re excited to collaborate with people who share our vision. By being part of the community, one can share their knowledge. We invite like-minded people to build awareness on clean food and become flagbearers of the movement.”

The portal is dedicated to raise awareness and share knowledge about clean food, practices and more. The movement will see manifestations in digital, print, outdoors, radio and host of on-ground activities.

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