Our reliance on content marketing grown significantly over past few years: CMO, fbb

Prachi Mohapatra on fbb’s latest campaign, one-year after going omni-channel, and its growing reliance on content marketing

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Updated: Aug 7, 2018 8:54 AM

From being the title sponsor of Miss India beauty pageants to launching an online fashion show fbb, Future Group’s value fashion format, is not leaving any stone unturned to be one of the leading market players. It has reportedly sold about 200 million pieces of garments in the year, till March 2018.
That’s not all. Future Group is planning a massive expansion plan for fbb as it intends to invest Rs 350 crore by opening about 140 exclusive outlets, aiming to double turnover in the next two years, according to media reports.
Constant attempts are also being made in the online space including taking an omni-channel route last year to organising a first-of-its-kind ‘watch now buy now’ online fashion show on video-streaming platform Hotstar and social network Facebook this April where 42,000 people logged in.

Prachi Mohapatra, CMO, fbb, is all for using technology in fashion and even mentioned that they (fbb) employ futuristic technologies which is integrated across domains.

In an interview with e4m, the CMO tells us more about fbb’s latest campaign, one-year of fbb going omnichannel and its growing reliance on content marketing. Excerpts: 

It’s been more than a year that fbb  has gone omni-channel. How has this shift contributed to your overall revenue currently?

fbb’s strategy of employing an omni-channel route has been made with a long-term view. Through fbbonline, desktop, site and app, we have been able to reach a lot more customers than we envisaged. The response from the customers has been growing steadily and is sure to pick up considerable speed in the future. For instance, in the recent Shyla campaign, fbbonline has registered a growth of triple digit week on week for the brand in terms of net sales value. This has been a milestone for us.

What according to you are the key features of a great content strategy? 

It’s mostly as simple as being aware of the trends and become part of the youth culture, thereby creating a lasting effect in the consumer’s mind. You can potentially have a great content strategy when you keep the audience and their interests in mind before you start having a conversation with them. Personalisation is the buzz word. 

How does fbb exploit content marketing to its advantage?

It’s important that a brand considers the need gaps in the consumer’s life and plays the role of an enabler. At fbb, we realise that our audience is hungry for styling solutions and that’s something we make sure to address when we’re speaking of products or a new offering from us. As a clothier to the nation, we take it up as our responsibility to come in and educate/inform/enable our audience to get the best styles, the way they want it and at a cost that delights them.

How are you upping the digital play in your marketing strategy?

Digital plays a key role in building relevance for the fbb brand with the youth. At fbb, we’ve used this medium not only from a social media point of view but also created properties which translate into business at stores. And needless to say, fbbonline.in has been instrumental in our omni strategy.  

State some current challenges that marketers face while creating a sustainable content marketing strategy? 

For most marketers today, the challenge is to stay relevant. With mobile penetration at a rise, the audience is also evolving every single day, with newer interests and things they want to engage with. 
In the case of value fashion retailers like us, the challenge is to constantly reinvent content in the form that a consumer expects instead of a transactional/promotional conversation. 

How have you increased your reliance on content marketing over the years? Roughly, what percent of spends do you allocate to it?

Our reliance on content marketing has been growing significantly over the past couple of years. With our interest in always experimenting with newer content formats and media vehicles, we’re very fluid when it comes to spends on content marketing. 

How has the response been towards the ad campaign of sleepwear brand Shyla? What’s the present share of the Shyla portfolio?

This campaign has been able to make an immediate impact on the sales, and the growth in numbers have been in double digit on like-to-like base. The category that we focused on encompasses sleepwear viz gowns, pyjamas, t-shirts, shorts, capris and pallazos. The category currently contributes in double digit as a portfolio share.  
As a title sponsor of Femina Miss India beauty pageant how has the association worked out over the years? 
The Miss India property has become bigger than ever since the past two years. The focus has been to create fbb as the fashion destination for India and we’ve have very positively been able to do this. The response to the campaigns we did with Miss India, be it '30 days, 30 looks', ‘Woh Miss India Wali Feeling’ and 'Wear What Miss Indias wear' is heartening. 

How has the response been towards your #StyleTheFUp and association with Frappe among others? Can you share some insights from your digital campaign?

The idea to use #StyleTheFUp helped in interacting with college TG in relevant lingo and garnered significant engagement and conversions via social media. Through Frappe, we not only reached college goers but also got organic mentions. An important insight was that speaking to the users in their language and reaching out to them through the right platforms add value to the entire campaign.

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