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Guest Column: Leenet Nair, Digital Strategist with Vibrant Advertising examines if we are getting too euphoric about Influencer Marketing

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Updated: Jun 10, 2019 8:56 AM
Leenet Nair

Influencer Marketing is a common media campaign tactic used by most brands, and yet brand managers are unclear about its implementation strategy and desired result. And this uncertainty only gets compounded with the ever-increasing number of influencers and bloggers.

So, in this clutter, how does one plan for an effective influencer marketing strategy with an apt selection of partners to match with the scale of investment and ensure optimum ROI?

Based on my interaction with brands I manage, here’s how I optimise strategy for influencer marketing, some of whom are leading spenders in this space.

Like any other media, planning for the strategy requires to be broken into simpler parts. You can use an existing technique or create your own method to integrate influencer marketing into the planned campaigns.

The technique I find effective and recommend is to use the HERO| HUB| HELP strategy

The HERO STRATEGY is an effective method to centre stage the main creative, which could be a video or a still amongst the other creatives in the planned campaign.

I use this strategy quite often while planning a mega brand campaign or for a large event such as seasons sale. It is an effective technique to boost the brand recall with a large audience resulting in successful campaign objectives. The best way to do this is roping in a celebrity and piggyback on the established reach she/he offers and boost the campaign performance.

However, the media format selection in a HERO strategy differs from brand to brand. Usually, it depends on the communication and reaches strategy brands wants to deploy. Of course, the budget also plays a vital role in the final selection of the formats.

Hence to conclude, a HERO strategy helps the brand to plan an effective method to drive impact and awareness An Example of HERO Strategy

Campaign LA Tourism Board @DiscoverLA | Featured Celebrities: Sonam Ahuja, Vidya Vox (Popular YouTuber) | Anand Ahuja

1. Sonam and Anand were chosen for their passion for travel, reading, love for vegan food, basketball, and movies.

2. Sonam’s celebrity status and popularity enable LA tourism board to cast a wide net to a large audience following Sonam Kapoor.

3. Vidya Vox of Indian origin is hugely popular in India for her music adds an additional reach. Plus, she fits in perfectly as a Host to Sonam and Anand at LA.

LA Tourism created videos featuring all 3 of them shot at popular locations in LA. The main video creative was the experience at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Hollywood. This was released in March 2019 on Sonam and Anand’s Instagram pages. The campaign received over 8 Mn views.

Source: Instagram

Courtesy: Sonam K Ahuja

The second video was released on 7th May 2019 featuring them tasting food at Salazar. This has already achieved 4Mn views as on 11th May 2019.

Source: Instagram

Courtesy: Sonam K Ahuja

HUB STRATEGY: Through HUB strategy, brands can make use of influencers to create content that provides additional information beyond the main creative format. A brand can present these contents to the relevant audience having interest based on their category of business.

Marketers can also create more content and creatives with the celebrities they partnered for the HERO content. Additionally, the can also rope in Super Influencers from a similar category that could boost viewership.

Source: Instagram

Courtesy: Sonam K Ahuja

HELP STRATEGY: This approach is used to seed content on a periodic basis on the media selection. Brands can collaborate with senior to micro influencers on social media to generate helpful product or services related content. This can be used to address different objectives such as to improve SEO, product awareness and drive engagement. This method usually reaches to people in the lower stage of the marketing funnel and who are actively seeking information about the product/services.

Source: YouTube

Courtesy: Sejal Kumar

Further, industry experts add a celeb as an influencer when it is tactical to a campaign as opposed to a continued brand relationship. Not to confuse brand advocacy with Brand Ambassadorship. In addition to the Hero|Hub|Help method, there are many other methods marketers can use to plan Influencer marketing. Marketing funnel-based approach is one such method. We will discuss this in my next edition.


(The author, Leenet Nair, is a Digital Strategist with Vibrant Advertising, servicing Reliance Jio)


Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of exchange4media.com

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