Narain Karthikeyan's equity in racing apt for Usha Racer: Sandeep Tewari

Tewari, President, Marketing at Usha International, on the brand’s new range of fans and campaign featuring the Formula 1 racer 

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Updated: Aug 14, 2019 1:57 PM
Usha International

Usha International launched Usha Racer fans with India’s first Formula One driver Narain Karthikeyan as the brand ambassador.

Sandeep Tewari, President, Marketing at Usha International, spoke to exchange4media about the brand’s new range of fans and association with Karthikeyan.

“When it comes to fans the first thing which comes to our mind is that you want the speed to increase and want it to be on maximum. Faster the speed, better the cooling,” Tewari said. “This signifies higher speed that is the insight that we picked up. We picked up this as a cue and looked at a possible association with a racer. Who better than Narain Karthikeyan, a Formula 1 Racer?”

About their marketing strategy, Tewari explained, “We have a wider strategy, this campaign is a part of that. The fans are a very large 11,000 crore industry. In this industry, over 6 crore fans are sold every year. Now we are looking forward to this insight of speed taken across the straddle, this is our entry-level. There will be something at a mid-level and premier level. So, we will straddle with this positioning across each of the three touch points.”

Talking at length about their marketing mix, Tewari said, “If we talk about an entry-level, we talk about the possibility of catering to six and a half crore customers. It is very important that we take it to the mass level. Starting from a shop level where a person comes to buy a fan they may not have any aspect in terms of the features.” He added, “We are looking forward to ensuring that we make our presence in the category of fans. We have taken a very easy product name ‘Racer’ so that people across the country can associate with it and it goes well with the category of fans. It will be a 360-degree campaign. It will not only be a shop level BTL (Below The Line Marketing) initiative but will also consist of TV promotions, digital initiatives and every aspect of it to ensure that we are able to touch base with our customer at every touchpoint.”

How will the brand leverage from its association with Karthikeyan?
“For any brand to communicate with a subject across the country it has to be very judiciously taught about how relevant their association will be. Narain brings in great equity when it comes to racing,” he said. “Now, this formula one racer is getting stretched to the product. It is a fan which offers 406 rpm and there are very few fans that are available under 406 rpm. It is a fan with high speed, that attribute brings Narain and a racer fan to marry itself in the offering. We have visualized it this way that the brand USHA, the product, and Narain Karthikeyan integrate with each other seamlessly.”

Regarding ROI of the past campaigns, Tewari said the ROI for any fan-based campaign is an easy subject because it goes into every household. “We don’t have to educate them about the product, we just have to make them think about it. Even in the price spectrum, people are moving up the ladder, they are no longer looking at an entry-level because of what people are buying now. We don’t differentiate between a customer who is buying a Rs 1000-2000 product or buying a fan which is about Rs 50,000 also. That is the beauty of our brand. We take every customer into our fold and serve them with the same vigour, passion and dedication as we would serve a high-end customer we would do the same for an entry-level customer,” he added.

Tewari concluded that this campaign was just one of the building blocks. He said, “The brand has been around for over 85 years. In the journey for the next 15 years as we move towards 100, we have to really refresh the brand and the portfolio. We have to ensure that we are bringing in clutter-breaking, cutting edge technology for the customers to have them say let me have this product for my house.”

The new TVC for the campaign featuring Karthikeyan will be rolled out shortly.


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