iProspect India adds KFC India to its kitty

iProspect India has bagged the SEO, paid media and digital mandate for the e-commerce business of KFC India, and will be handled from the agency’s Delhi office

KFC India iProspect

Digital performance agency from Dentsu Aegis Network, iProspect India, has bagged the SEO, paid media and digital mandate for the e-commerce business of KFC India. The American fast food restaurant chain’s account will be handled from the agency’s Delhi office.

Commenting on the win, Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect India said, “The growth in diversity of the client sectors in our portfolio is always welcomed. We are pleased to partner KFC in their growth journey.”

On the association, Moksh Chopra, CMO, KFC India said, “Our partnership with iProspect comes at an opportune time as we increase our focus on digital performance marketing. We are confident that our brand marketing strategies, coupled with iProspect’s expertise, will yield great results for KFC India. We look forward to a fruitful association with them.”

Founded in 1997, iProspect India is a part of the Dentsu Aegis Network. It offers brands an entire spectrum of result-oriented digital marketing strategies. 

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Star Sports & BCCI tie up for VIVO IPL 2019 Trophy Tour

The tour will have a new feature of an AI-powered training installation developed by Google

ipl trophy

Star Sports and BCCI have tied up for the VIVO IPL 2019 Trophy Tour with an AI powered training installation developed by Google. 
The Trophy Tour that started in New Delhi on Sunday will travel across each franchisee city with Bengaluru on 22nd March, Chennai on 23rd March, Mumbai on 24th March, Kolkata on 30th March, Hyderabad on 31st March, Jaipur on 6th April and finally Chandigarh on 7th April. This will give fans an opportunity to get their hands on the coveted VIVO IPL trophy.
The Trophy Tour began in Delhi where fans experienced a new and evolved platform called the ‘AI Coach’ teaching a range of famous cricket shots and comparing their skills against the pros. 

Fans had the opportunity to attempt Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Helicopter shot, Virat Kohli’s Cover Drive, Rohit Sharma’s Pull shot, and Delhi-boy Rishabh Pant’s Switch hit shot. 

Setting the perfect start to this 8-city long tour, fans were seen attempting practice shots, and then comparing that to a pre-trained video of the cricketer they selected that gave them an accurate score.

Morris Garages India ropes in Benedict Cumberbatch as brand ambassador

Cumberbatch of ‘Sherlock’ fame has a strong resonance among pop culture and youth    

Morris Garages India Benedict Cumberbatch

Morris Garages India has announced British actor Benedict Cumberbatch as its brand ambassador. 

Cumberbatch on the association with MG brand said, “I have grown up seeing and reading about MGB’s and MG Midgets, recognising MG as a classic and iconic brand. I am delighted to be part of the launch of the new MG in India with the MG Hector, which may well be a classic of the future.” 

Rajeev Chaba, Managing Director and CEO, MG India, said, “As one of the most recognised and beloved cultural icons from the UK, Benedict has a lot in common with Morris Garages. He has, throughout his career, experimented with various types of roles across stage productions, TV shows and movies to push the bar ever higher, something which resonates with MG’s commitment to technological innovation. His social and philanthropic work, as well as his support for inclusivity beyond gender is also in sync with our core brand ideology of nurturing diversity. We are glad to have Benedict Cumberbatch as our brand ambassador to represent MG.”

Cumberbatch of ‘Sherlock’ fame follows a strong resonance among pop culture and youth. The association further underlines MG’s unique British heritage and its focus on enabling the future with the core pillars of innovation, diversity and technology. 

Disney closes 21st Century Fox deal at $71.3 billion

Disney will now get control of 21st Century Fox movie and TV studios, cable networks like FX and National Geographic, and Star Network. 


Walt Disney Company has completed its purchase of 21st Century Fox at $71.3 billion, as per media reports. 

Disney will now get control of 21st Century Fox movie and TV studios, cable networks like FX and National Geographic, and Star Network. 

21st Century Fox on Tuesday created stand-alone company Fox Corp with Fox broadcast network, Fox News, Fox Business Network and Fox Sports. 

Disney chairman and CEO Robert Iger issued a statement saying, “This is an extraordinary and historic moment for us—one that will create significant long-term value for our company and our shareholders.” 

“Combining Disney’s and 21st Century Fox’s wealth of creative content and proven talent creates the preeminent global entertainment company, well positioned to lead in an incredibly dynamic and transformative era,” Iger was quoted in media reports.

According to media reports, Peter Rice, president of 21st Century Fox and chairman and CEO of Fox Networks Group, is now chairman of Walt Disney Television and co-chair of Disney Media Networks. 

He will be taking over from Ben Sherwood. Rita Ferro, president of Disney advertising sales, will oversee all Disney media properties.

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How the hashtag changed the way we communicate: Shrenik Gandhi, White Rivers Media

Guest Column: Shrenik Gandhi, Co-Founder & CEO, White Rivers Media explains how the hashtag has changed the way we communicate in the digital age and how it can be effectively used

Shrenik Gandhi

The pound sign or hashtag was first used as a metadata label by the Internet Relay Chat in 1988. Since then, the hashtag has had a consistent purpose — to categorise messages and online content. 

19 years later (August 2007), blogger Stowe Boyd officially coined the term ‘hashtag’ in his blog. Chris Messina, a social technology expert, is credited to have created and used the very first hashtag on Twitter. He posted the hashtag #barcamp in August 2007.

Soon after that, any word or phrase preceded by the pound symbol became hyperlinked on Twitter. Users have since been able to search Twitter for a hashtag, to find and navigate through tweets that employed said tag.

Today, the use of hashtags has expanded beyond Twitter, to Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook, Tumblr, and now YouTube.

The modernisation of hashtags

Apart from numerous social media platforms, unique hashtags are used for almost every TV show, movie campaign, celebrity & influencer campaign, political campaign, sporting event, breaking news, etc. You cannot go anywhere anymore, without seeing a hashtag that promotes something. You can individually promote these hashtags to interact with your audience, form a group, raise anticipation, and view related news connected to a product or an event.

Do you know how to use hashtags accurately for better-targeted marketing campaigns?

When used strategically, hashtags give you a ton of benefits. They get your content a bigger audience, raise awareness about your brand, boost your SEO, and use hot trends & topics to your advantage, among other things.

What does a Hashtag do that nothing else can?

A hashtag is the most significant clickable search tool that helps a user search and follow content from a particular category or source. It helps in increasing brand awareness, reach and visibility. It makes tracking and quantifying content a simpler process, increase followers/ engagement and aids as an excellent promotional tool.

To get more out of hashtags and build better marketing campaigns, one should do the following:

1. Boost the organic reach of your posts

Ever since Instagram has implemented its latest algorithm, it is now tougher for brands to expand the organic reach of their posts. In order to help Instagram, categorise your content, and place it in front of your intended audience, hashtags emerge as the best weapon in your arsenal!

2. Create branded hashtags

This is probably the most crucial thing you can do for your campaign. Branded hashtags, as the name indicates, contain the name of your brand. They might also contain your company’s slogan, the name of a specific product, or one of your campaigns.

3. Join trending topics

Trending topics can benefit your marketing efforts to a significant extent since they engage many readers. The top hashtags for a trending topic can get your product, service, and brand in front of a fresh audience outside your core digital community.

When put into perspective, endless factors play a role in making a perfect hashtag campaign. Learning from the campaigns of the past, we at White Rivers Media had created a customised checklist that helps brand avoid past mistakes and ups your hashtag game. It comprises everything a marketer like you should know about hashtags.

Link: http://whiteriversmedia.com/eBook


(The author Shrenik Gandhi is Co-Founder & CEO, White Rivers Media, a full-service digital agency)


Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of exchange4media.com

How OPPO Mobile India urged people to #SeizeTheNight during the holiday season

OPPOMobile India’s #SeizeTheNight Twitter campaign enabled users to virtually experience the holiday season in different destinations whilst keeping the product – OPPO R17 Pro- in focus

Oppo Seize The Night

With the #OPPOR17Pro being launched in early December 2018, OPPO Mobile India (@oppomobileindia) engaged with people by leveraging the holiday season to create interest around their new smartphone. Based on the understanding that Twitter timelines light up with festive cheer during the last year of the month, OPPO Mobile India came up with their own innovative interpretation of driving engagement around the key feature of the #OPPOR17Pro: the Camera. The campaign took place from 22nd December 2018 to 31st December 2018.

The main objectives of this campaign using Twitter:

  • Create awareness and drive engagement around the newly launched #OPPOR17Pro.
  • Position #OPPOR17Pro as the smartphone with the best camera capabilities by associating it with festive celebrations around the world.

The main strategy of OPPOMobile India’s #SeizeTheNight campaign enabled people to virtually experience the holiday season in different destinations across the world whilst keeping the product – OPPO R17 Pro- in focus.

The campaign used a Conversational Card to invite people to choose the destination they would like to #SeizeTheNight in during the holiday season, with the promise of the most engaging Tweet winning an #OPPOR17Pro. People could pick one of the four options: Barcelona, Milan, Singapore, and Malaysia. On Tweeting their destination choice, people were in for a surprise as they received a response from @oppomobileindia, featuring images of their chosen destination decked up for the festive season, clicked on #OPPOR17Pro mobile phones.

The personalised experience was crucial to the approach taken for the campaign as people who tweeted using the country/city specific hashtags had an opportunity to engage with the content clicked by OPPO R17 Pro. People who engaged with the Tweet, received an auto-response Tweet from the brand handle consisting of country/city specific pictures for OPPO Mobile India phones, thereby giving OPPO an opportunity to not only to engage with their target audience but also showcasing R17’s power camera.

Best Practices:

  • Clear and actionable call out: Use of a Conversational Card to prompt people to engage with the Tweet by choosing one of the four options led to high engagement due to a clear Call to Action.
  • Personalisation is the key: Personalised experience for the people on engaging with the Tweet helped establish a deeper relationship with fans. “People come to Twitter with a discovery mindset and are very receptive to targeted brand messages. Through their #SeizeTheNight campaign, OPPO Mobiles India succeeded in being a part of the festive conversations by developing a campaign in sync with the holiday season. By providing personalized responses to fans who interacted with the Conversational card, the OPPO R17 Pro #SeizeTheNight campaign took the engagement level to a new high while creating an exciting and immersive user experience which is possible only on Twitter.” said Kanika Mittal, Business Head, LCS, North and East, Twitter India.

Consumers don’t want obvious in-your-face advertising: Michael Pargal Lyngdoh, Tripoto

Lyngdoh, Co-Founder, Tripoto says their plan is to expand their supplier base, and deepen partnerships with brands to strengthen Tripoto travel community

Michael Pargal Lyngdoh

Travel community Tripoto has partnered with British automaker MG Motor, now owned by the Chinese- state-owned automotive company SAIC, to boost awareness and sustain interest about the brand before their official launch in India. 

Talking about the collaboration, Michael Pargal Lyngdoh, Co- founder, Tripoto said, “The brand is present across the world and before their launch in India, they wanted to let communities experience the local culture of countries they have been a part of. The goal for us during this campaign has been to bring the MG community feel to the Indian audience through storytelling so they can understand and identify with the brand. Through World of MG: An Indian Abroad, we aim to build a connection for Morris Garages (MG) India amongst our strong and active community of more than 25 million+ travellers.”

He explains that many brands are leveraging community-based platforms to reach out to their target audience, an interesting way to reach the consumers, but opines the lines between marketing and social media platforms is diminishing. “The brands leveraging community-based platforms are ahead of the curve in setting marketing trends. A lot of our brand partners fall under this category. The lines between marketing and social media platforms are now blurred. Consumers no longer want obvious in-your-face advertising. The digital renaissance in our country has triggered the youth to turn to the internet for alternative and shareable content. They want to be told a story, feel a connection and part of a community while choosing a brand. This is the future of marketing,” he said. 

When asked at a time when travel has taken an upsurge in Indian market and many travel communities are coming into the business, how Tripoto is different from others, Lyngdoh said, “Ninety per cent of our content is user-generated; these are real travel stories written by people who want to share their stories, to inspire and connect, with others within and beyond their social network. Users love our interface and the organic reach of our platform makes Tripoto distinctive.”

Believing in the power of influencers, Lyngdoh shares, “We rely on influencers and advocate to grow organically. This way we know that we are bringing kindred spirits excited about travel and adventure into our tribe.”

When asked, it’s been six years since the launch of the brand and still no engagement at the marketing front, he replied, “You will see more brand partnerships in the future but our users will continue to be our strongest evangelists.”

Throwing light on the future plans, he elaborated, “We started as a platform for travellers to share their stories. As we’ve grown, our community wants to be able to convert inspiration from reading travel stories into a bespoke holiday at the click of a button. This is why we started building the flight, hotel and holiday marketplace last year. This year, the plan is to expand our supplier base so that there is something for everyone. Our other priority is to forge deeper partnerships with brands to strengthen our community.”

The competition is intense in the travel space, so what's the strategy to deal with the competitors, Lyngdoh answered, “The competition has always been intense and there is only one strategy, to keep innovating and evolving our product to suit the needs of our users and clients. For instance, we have entered the non-fiction travel video space and are creating multiple web series which currently no other travel platform is doing.”

Tripoto has come up with a web series featuring Amol Parashar in various countries before culminating in India before the national launch of MG India. The series will capture Parashar’s unparalleled adventure and culinary experiences across seven countries.

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Hotstar disrupts online video subscriptions with new service Hotstar VIP 

Starting 20th March, Hotstar VIP will give audiences access to exclusive new shows, serials before TV and live sports at Rs 365 a year


Hotstar has launched ‘Hotstar VIP’ - a subscription that offers audiences the best of content at just Rs 365 per year. The new subscription plan gives audiences the choice to watch exclusive new content under the Hotstar Specials label, their

Star network serials before television at 6am, and the best of live sporting action, including VIVO IPL, ICC Cricket World Cup, Premier League and much more. 
Speaking about the launch of ‘Hotstar VIP’, Varun Narang, Chief Product Officer, Hotstar, said: “It is our endeavour at

Hotstar to delight customers with content that they resonate with, at the same time give them the power of choice at an affordable cost. Hotstar VIP is aimed at providing users accessibility – be it with the introductory price or the ability to watch exclusive new shows in multiple regional languages. It is a value proposition built with the Indian audience at the heart of it.” 

A key feature of the Hotstar VIP service is ‘Hotstar Specials’ – a label that will bring bold and authentic stories made by the biggest storytellers of India to crores of consumers across India. The launch of Hotstar VIP coincides with the release of the first Hotstar Special ‘Roar of the Lion’, a story on Chennai Super Kings amazing comeback under the leadership of MS Dhoni. 

This show will be followed by Criminal Justice, City of Dreams, Hostages and many more shows under the Hotstar Specials label. For the first time ever, an OTT platform will allow customers to have a ‘pay by cash’ option. 

This is being done as a test initially, where users can subscribe to enjoy the Hotstar VIP benefits immediately with cash to be collected from their doorstep in the next 48-72 hours. Adding another layer of convenience for customers, the platform will now allow phone number logins. Existing subscribers of Hotstar All Annual Sports plan will automatically be upgraded to Hotstar VIP, on a complimentary basis with no additional charge, and can also enjoy access to Hotstar Specials and Star serials before TV. 

Hotstar Premium subscribers can avail of the benefits under Hotstar VIP along with the latest American shows, blockbuster Hollywood movies and award-winning content from International studios. 

Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform with more than 100,000 hours of drama and movies in 18 languages, and coverage of every major global sporting event. 

Launched in early 2015, it is one of India’s most downloaded apps and has attracted more than 350 million followers on the back of a highly evolved video streaming technology and high attention to the quality of experience across devices and platforms. 

Hotstar has appropriated top spots on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store, consistently named among the most popular apps on both platforms since its launch. 

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Radio City in association with Unicef India completes ‘Dilli vs Crime’ Season 2

In the two-week long campaign, Radio City’s RJs Ginnie, Divya, Yuvi, Aadi and Manav discussed cases of cybercrime and human trafficking with experts and Delhi officials

radio city

Radio City has completed another season of ‘Dilli vs Crime’, a campaign which aims to create awareness amongst Delhiites about the rising crimes in the city. 

After a great response to the first season, Season 2 took up issues of cybercrime and human trafficking, which have been plaguing the capital city for quite some time. UNICEF India provided technical support to the campaign. The association is in line with UNICEF India’s #ENDViolence campaign, which creates awareness on of violence against children. 

In the two-week long campaign, Radio City’s RJs Ginnie, Divya, Yuvi, Aadi and Manav discussed  cases of cybercrime and human trafficking  with experts and Delhi authorities. They made the listeners aware about the modus operandi of criminals and how to prevent falling into the trap, and steps one should take in case they feel they have fallen prey. 

Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City, said, “As per the report released by the Delhi Police, the crime rate in Delhi witnessed an upsurge of 6.01 per cent by the end of 2018 as compared to 2017. To combat the increasing rate of crime in the city, Radio City with this initiative, ‘Dilli Vs Crime’ Season 2 is proud to be a catalyst of change to free the society from various horrendous issues like human trafficking and cybercrime. Associating with an influential body like the UNICEF India undoubtedly took our initiative a notch higher, yet again making it a successful campaign for two years.”

Radio City’s RJ Ginnie said, “While India is turning digital, there is a surge in the cases of cybercrime. Season 2 of ‘Dilli vs Crime’ offered Radio City’s listeners solutions and precautions to tackle this problem. From understanding how frauds are done, how we can stay protected and the banks liability against these crimes – our experts went through the whole spectrum on-air. We also spoke about information being hacked on social media, phones, laptops, etc. and actually had hackers discussing this on-air. Simultaneously, we also dealt with revenge porn, blackmail and picture morphing to generate awareness and precaution for our listeners with real life case stories and expert opinions.”

The RJs and experts took up the issues of three prominent types of cybercrime, including net banking frauds with elderly, revenge crimes with women, and cybercrime against children in the first week of the campaign. They also talked about the do’s and don’ts on social media. In the second week, issues pertaining to human trafficking were brought to the fore by featuring nerve-wracking case studies, survivor stories and taking an account of increasing human trafficking cases in the city. Trafficking is a violation of children’s rights and poverty alone does not lead to the same but also factors like social marginalization, dysfunctional family background, neglect, abuse and domestic violence combined with economic strife make children particularly vulnerable to trafficking. 

As part of the digital plan, various awareness generating videos were amplified across Radio City’s social media handle. A video with popular ethical hacker, Sanket Modi and RJ Ginnie, showcasing how a phone can be hacked in just 20 seconds, garnered an overwhelming response. 

Radio City has always been a forerunner in ensuring the safety of its city and citizens. Dilli vs Crime, first season won many accolades at the Golden Mikes and New York Radio Festival awards 2018. With campaigns like Dilli vs Crime, Radio City will continue to leverage the power of radio to address issues and bring about a positive change in the society.

Amazon India launches new campaign ‘Kitne Mein Mila?’

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the campaign includes TVCs and digital content for customers across India


Amazon India has unveiled its first campaign of the year “Kitne Mein Mila?” The campaign revolves around leveraging value for money as a key factor to engage with customers. 

The campaign features quirky insights and went live on Tuesday. Each scenario showcases various situations of customers who have purchased quality goods in their budget, provoking family and friends to ask ‘Kitne Mein Mila’. The series of TVCs visually narrates the surprise and disbelief of people looking at high quality products when they ask this question. The intent behind the campaign is to highlight products across categories, including mobile phones, consumer electronics, appliances and fashion products, available at an affordable price along with Amazon’s quality assurance. 

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the ‘Kitne Mein Mila’ campaign dovetails perfectly with Amazon India’s intent of making customers aware about the vast selection on Amazon.in at an unbelievable price with fast and reliable delivery. The campaign includes TVCs and digital content for customers across India.

Ravi Desai, Director Mass and Brand Marketing, Amazon India said, “As customers, we all seek value for our hard earned money. We all operate within a fixed budget and seek quality products within it. Keeping in mind this insight, the ‘Kitne Mein Mila’ campaign showcases how Amazon.in understands this customer need and offers a wide selection of quality products making shopping more affordable, accessible and within the reach of everyone’s budget.”

Kiran Ramamurthy, Manager Partner, Ogilvy South said, “‘Kitne mein mila’ is the ubiquitous phrase that captures two quintessential things about a product that has just been bought – its quality and its price. It is the first inevitable question that is asked when you see a friend or acquaintance with a new product that appeals to you. So, when Amazon wanted to convey that a wide selection of products was available at great prices, there was no better phrase than ‘kitne mein mila’ to anchor the thought of fantastic value that customers get on Amazon. The essence of this campaign is the genuine surprise that is evoked in people when they discover that the product that they thought was expensive is available at jaw dropping prices on Amazon.”

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ABBY Awards 2019 announces Master Jury for Creative ABBY’s

The Master Jury will consist of 12 esteemed creative legends and innovators who have been game changers in the category  


The gold standard in advertising awards - ABBY Awards 2019 - that celebrates creative excellence in the category has announced an illustrious master jury for the upcoming edition.  

Introduced last year at the ABBY’s, the master jury is reposed with the responsibility of judging pioneering work that deserves the ABBY. The Master Jury boasts of 12 esteemed creative legends and innovators who have been game changers in the category.


Speaking about the Master Jury for the upcoming edition of the ABBY’s, Shashi Sinha, Chair of the Awards Governing Council, ABBY Awards 2019 said, “We have always believed that awards are as credible as the jury. We have hence curated a master jury constituting of the best creative minds and thought leaders from the industry, each of who have been icons in their area of work. The versatile and visionary jury will ensure that only the most deserving, ground breaking and effective campaigns emerge victorious. With such veterans at the jury panel, we are all set for an inspiring and ingenious edition of the ABBY Awards 2019.”

The Master Jury will be judging all the creative entries received across 7 verticals and 8 categories across two rounds. Round I of the judging process will be held online followed by a combined deliberation in Round II.     

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