Interbrand’s Ashish Mishra on the agency completing five successful years

Mishra, MD of Interbrand shared insights on how the agency grew in India to become one of the leading brand consulting agencies

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Updated: Feb 11, 2019 9:07 AM

Brand-consulting agency - Interbrand definitely has worked with some iconic brands. They have been instrumental in scripting their transformational journey in such a short span. The brand consulting agency recently celebrated five years of success, growth and impact. 

Ashish Mishra, Managing Director of Interbrand shared insights on how Interbrand grew in India and has become one of the leading brand consulting agencies. 

The story of Interbrand 

“Our story and our journey’s success has been contributed by the brands present at this celebratory event. We are partnered with an amazing assortment of colleagues, partner’s, mentors and juniors. Some of us have been working with each other for a long time whereas some have joined hands with us recently. It is our story and it is a brave story,” shared a proud Mishra. 

The Birth of Interbrand

Looking back at the journey, he said, “We began five years back. At the initial stage, our office consisted of just five people. It began at this building (Mudra House). Initially, we were stepping into a new world that we ventured into and in this new world of the advertising industry we looked at the volatility of the customer expectations and the volatility of channels. We believed that a new narrative had to be created. Not a superficial narrative but a narrative that had the vision to bring about a change. We wanted to create something that was larger and impactful than all of it. We wanted to make a difference with the brands we were partnering with. We figured our business of branding was the business of business and that is what we do as a global ad consulting company.”

Brands - the reason for the thriving success

Mishra asserted that the brands the agency partnered with actually helped them grow. “We did something which was transformative making our business bigger and efficient. There was more value created because we anchored inside and outside the brand. When partners came to us they don’t come to us because we are the world’s leading brand consultant, they came to us for our innovation.”

He added, “At a media event conducted by us, the audience raised a question: Why aren’t there any Indian brands on the top 100 brands list? We too were curious and surprised as to why there wasn’t a single Indian brand listed. Mahindra was instrumental in bringing about this change,” Mishra explained. 

He contended that there was a need and desire to see an Indian brand on that list. “When Interbrand launched in India our purpose was to navigate the brand's journey. We quickly found a company Mahindra who was ready to partner with us. It was the only serious brand from the Indian market which made the global brand ambition a real ambition. We have been activating the business of Mahindra towards a global journey.” 

Talking about their relationship with Godrej, Mishra shared, “We have been associated with Godrej for the longest time. Before Godrej, the market had not seen what strong master branding is.”

Relationship with Jio 

Jio was the biggest branding exercise the market has seen, he commented. “Initially, we faced a lot of challenges for branding. It took us three years and as I recall the launch was being postponed. This led to a number of partners wanting to work with the brand. Finally, after two years, the legendary Jio campaign was born with the help of our Zurich office. What we achieved through the brand was the value association of Reliance. We led the campaign as a futuristic digital life solution. We didn’t see it as a telecom brand because it was much more than that. It was a brand about the future and a digital way of living.”

One thing that has remained constant over the years he remarked is brand consulting. “Brand consulting is not an ongoing relationship but we had almost everybody that we started working with still partnered with us. They found ways to work with us after a campaign was over. The satisfying factor is that we have built relationships and we have done that because we tried to bring about a difference through the brand. That is what gets appreciated and our partners really deserve our gratitude today,” Mishra concluded.

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