India is the most important market in overseas business for OPPO: Will Yang, Brand Director, OPPO

At the launch of the "red" edition of OPPO F3 this Diwali, we had a quick conversation with Will Yang, Brand Director, OPPO, about how they are looking at India as a market

e4m by Ronald Menezes
Updated: Sep 27, 2017 8:12 AM

Chinese smartphone brand OPPO recently unveiled the new Diwali Edition of OPPO F3 “Red”. OPPO happens to be one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in India. If we look at the numbers, the OPPO F3 Selfie Expert topped the chart by capturing 24.2% of the sales among top sellers. Also, OPPO is one of the few brands with 100% domestic manufacturing, keeping it far ahead of its rivals.We had a quick conversation with Will Yang, Brand Director, OPPO, in Mumbai on Tuesday. Excerpts:

Why has OPPO decided on a new brand positioning?We first launched the Selfie Expert F1 initiative campaigns and till now, in all the products since then, we found that users love the service and Nielsen can support our claim of being the leading selfie expert. Based on the feedback from customers, the first brand that comes to their mind for a selfie camera is OPPO. I think since we have been claiming ourselves as selfie experts for two years, now is the right time to give an uplift to OPPO.

Why is India such an important market for OPPO?There is no doubt that India’s economic growth is like a rising star. Also, this is a very youth centric country compared to any other country in the world. As a young fashion brand, OPPO wants to position itself into this target audience starting from 18 years. I think India is the most important market in overseas business for OPPO growth and this will be our long term plan.

Has the tagline “Selfie Expert” helped you make a mark in the minds of the audience?
Of course, yes! We had internal discussions and I think this brand position is quite different and distinguished. We set up this market in India with this concept in the consumers' mind and we want to maintain this position and maybe even upgrade it a little bit based on the status we have.

How is OPPO performing in other global markets, especially China?To be honest, I don’t have the detailed numbers from the Chinese market but I think if we are talking about brand awareness or brand preference we (Indian market) almost catch up with Chinese market. Despite OPPO being in the Chinese market for almost 7 or 8 years, we have caught up with the Chinese market in almost just three years. So I think it is quite an obvious achievement for India and I hope we will continue to invest in India. So the sales are no longer talking just about sales any more, but what we focus on is definitely the product and the most important three elements for us is the selfie camera, battery and design. We think if we focus on the product, sales is not a problem eventually.

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