India is amongst the world’s top 10 best-performing markets for Bacardi: Anmol Gill

Anmol Gill, Head of Customer Marketing, Bacardi gives us insights into the brand's consumer connect initiative held globally on Founder’s Day every year

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Updated: Feb 19, 2020 2:36 PM


Anmol Gill Bacardi

Bacardi India celebrated its Back to the Bar initiative in a lavish setting in Delhi on 13th February. As is tradition, globally Bacardi primos (team members) from the senior-most member to the juniors will go back to the bar and serve patrons drinks and cocktails to celebrate the journey of Bacardi. They’ll also hear feedback on the drinks and beverages directly. This cherished practice was begun by founder Facundo Bacardi and is an integral part of the organisation. Last year, more than 7000 employees took to the cocktail shaker at 1000+ bars across the globe.

During the celebration, Anmol Gill, Head of Customer Marketing, Bacardi had an interaction with exchange4media on the consumer connect initiative held globally on Founder’s Day every year.

Gill said, ”We have completed 22 years in the Indian market. India is an important market for us. It is amongst the world’s top 10 best-performing markets”.  

Speaking about the 'Back to the Bar' initiative which is being carried out since the last two years and how does this help to engage with the community, Gill said, ”Bacardi, as a company, is a bouquet of iconic brands. We have got Bacardi white spirit, Dewars, William Lawsons, Bombay Sapphire and other iconic brands that are in the portfolio. Bacardi has the natural way of telling people that they own these brands. The second best are the industry experts. For us, it also works because as a community is a garden, we all come out together. At the end of the day, we sell iconic brands”.

Bacardi India is at the forefront of the digital marketing wave. It is among the very few players in the industry, who envisaged the unprecedented opportunity with the evolution of more dynamic mediums like digital, on-ground experiences and creative campaigns driven through pop-culture influences and content co-creation. Bacardi has explored almost every unique and trending format that exists — web series, music platforms, reality shows, festival culture to name a few. 

Telling us about how Bacardi engages with the consumer outside the specific target audience that attends these events, Gill said, “For the consumption audience, we have different touchpoints, different kinds of programs that are sell programs that are inbuilt in our company".

Being in the game for a long time in the country. Bacardi has gone through a lot of changes in their marketing strategies. Anmol explained that Bacardi’s strategy has always been to be at consumers heart. We do not write on trends alone, we see what the consumer wants.

The brand channelizes most of its spends on influencer-marketing and digital storytelling. Gill said that branded content is Bacardi’s primary way of reaching out to the consumers.

Gill concluded the interaction by saying that there will be a lot of innovations coming from the house of Bacardi.

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